We Have A Deadly Serious Problem To Confront!

How much fresh consumable water is left on earth and how long will it be until it runs out?

We honestly don’t know how much potable water we have or how long it will last us.. and I’m willing to bet big cash money that the situation, world wide, is far far worse than we’re being told. It may even be one or more orders of magnitude (10x? 100x? We don’t know) worse than we’re being told, for several reasons.

Untold cities across America have higher rates of lead poisoning than Flint

What we DO know is that corporations are actively poisoning what potable water we do have in ways which we may not be able to do anything about effectively.

One group of these these corporations keep dumping oil near our waterways, in our waterways, and on top of our aquifers. Because of that, and because our Shitweasel government flatly refuses to stop them, we may well run out of usable water completely… and much sooner than anyone realizes.

The Controversial Keystone Pipeline Just Leaked 800,000 Liters Of Oil

The latest reports I’ve seen are saying over 9,600 Bbls… which translates to 528,000 gallons injected into the soil both above and below the break, yet they only cleaned up the oil above the break (aka: replaced topsoil) and all the oils in our soil below the break are still there… percolating further down with each heavy rainfall.

TransCanada – Amherst incident

Now.. Note carefully that this is an underground pipe at almost 3 feet in diameter operating at 1,380 PSI. For perspective on the forces pushing that oil out of the break in the pipeline.. Your typical car tire operates at between 30 and 40 PSI and your typical air hose operates at 100 psi.

Here’s more perspective:

Used 6,000 Gallon Diesel Fuel Storage Tank | eBay

This is “just” a 6,000 gallon tank. See that ladder? It’s about 2 feet wide. Imagine someone dumping the oil from almost 100 of these in your back yard.

These fuckers may well have just irreparably poisoned the nearby aquifer and we won’t be able to prove it or do anything about it until after plants, stock, and people start coming up sick and dying. By that time the water in the aquifer will be poison and anyone drawing water from that aquifer will be, well and truly, deeply FUCKED.

This is precisely what the protests against the DAPL were about.

Kris Rosvold’s answer to What is the most bizarre lawsuit you know that ever happened in the US?

And y’all actually wonder why folks are nutting up in mass shootings when they discover shit like this being willingly cosigned by our utterly bribed fascist government?! Seriously.

Followup on the DAPL Protests and fascist “Lesser” Evil Democrats

Kris Rosvold’s answer to What is the most bizarre lawsuit you know that ever happened in the US?

Well guess what just hit the real news?

TransCanadas’ Keystone pipeline just leaked 97,000 barrels of oil all over OUR land and water table. That’s barrels folks. That’s 5.34 MILLION gallons of toxic crude oil at 55 gallons per barrel dumped all over our land and our water table.

Heres Jimmy to tell y’all all about it including Barak Obama and the fucking fascist corporatist Dempublicans ignoring the Constitution they swore to protect by allowing the use of National Guard troops to enforce the theft from the Indians by DAPL.


Some “lesser” evil eh?!

The 7th Amendment is QUITE clear: “In suits at common law where the value in controversy shall exceed $20 the Right To Trial by jury shall be preserved..”

The First Amendment is quite clear as well. Obama and the Republicrats ignored ALL of them and said “let it play out” as people with reams of legitimate objections were beaten and gassed by oil company (read: Democrat “donors” aka owners) thugs aided by the National Guard.

Lesser evil? Nope. Fuck you. Burn the bitch to the ground!

Fascist fucking Shitweasels.

In case y’all are wondering these pix are what the “Party of the working man” actually DID to working men when we were demanding an end to Wars For Profit and a progressive candidate in ’68 Chicago. Heres some more:

Here’s the FULL back story on the DAPL Protests:

Sept. 15 2017

While the McDonald’s coffee case is pretty bizarre I think this case is even stranger.

Energy Transfer Strikes Back, Sues Green Groups Behind DAPL Protests

Here’s the setup:

  • A large oil transport company sets up to install a pipeline (which ALL have a long history of leaking and polluting land and water) across a river above a town

  • The (mostly white) residents of the town protest and the planned river crossing gets moved south to unceded Indian Treaty Lands
  • Mainstream Media COMPLETELY ignores all of this (especially the shift in route) and uses this graphic when the protest becomes large enough that they can’t ignore it:

  • Meanwhile the reality looks more like this:

  • The Indian Tribe demands the same consideration & protection the town was shown; along with the legally mandated Assessment of Impacts on their burial lands and legally mandated Environmental Impact Reports on the river crossing
  • The pipeline company, DAPL, tells them to piss off, manages to evade a legally mandated Environmental Impact Review and the legally required review of Impact on Antiquities by the Army Corps of Engineers, and proceeds to fraudulently use Eminent Domain to steal the land they need, in direct violation of the 7th Amendment
  • The pipeline company then begins building the pipeline without ANY legally based approval for their river crossing, based upon a bribed POTUS and his administration signing off on it.

  • The Tribe begins peaceful protests at the construction sites and DAPL hires mercenaries to silence them while lying in the media to claim that the protesters are damaging their property (which property BTW is illegally destroying sacred lands of the Tribe and will destroy their water source)

More to come… 4/10/18 update..

This is EXACTLY what the tribes who were beaten and gassed for protesting the fascist corporatist theft of their land were cincerned about: 97,000 barrels dumped on OUR LANDS by TransCanada. That’s barrels people! As in 55 gallons per barrel or 5.34 MILLION GALLONS splattered all over our land and left for US to clean up.


FUCK YOU Barak Obama for ignoring the Constitution you swore to protect and “letting it play out”.

Fuck you, you fascist corporatist punk! Fuck the Democratic Party Brass too.

QUIT Distracting Us From The REAL issue.

Theres a fair number of posts bashing Trump being distributed across social media. STOP IT.

Look, I get it and I despise Trump as well; but Trump isn’t the problem here, his win is a SYMPTOM of a long history of lying to progressives by the Democrat Party Brass.

If this forum turns into a Trump bash fest instead of a legitimate place to demand hard, action based, reform of the Democrat Party Brass, and their replacement then I’ll be gone. The problem we progressives are trying to address here isn’t “Trump” it’s 50+ years of Dempublicans talking pretty at us and then DOING exactly what the Republican Party Brass would have done.

Trump and his win, while they are a problem, are but a symptom of 5+ decades of the DNC brass either talking pretty or “ordering” progressives to “STFU and comply” every time there’s an election where our votes are needed. Then once the election is over they turn right back around 180° and screw all us just as hard as they can.

Dear DNC,

The real reason your voter turn out is so abysmal that uall couldn’t even beat Trump is: We SEE You Bitches!!

We SEE Y’all gutting out the Public Option from the PPACA at the behest of your insurance mafia bribers before any citizens ever even got to talk about it! The grand Orwellian lie of US Health “Insurance”

We watched Obama cosign the fraudulent Bush/Cheney created banker bailout while citizens of all persuasions and across both partys screamed “RICO The Bastards!!” at the tops of our lungs. Seriously B?! F’ing seriously?!

We SEE You Obama adding 4 wars for profit to the 3 those Shitweasels Shrub and Cheney started. Lizza says Obama has bombed more nations than Bush

We SEE You Obama cosigning the blatantly fascist, constitution gutting of Shrub and Cheney’s Orwellian named Patriot Act treason against our Constitution. Obama’s TRUE legacy

We SAW your Slick Willie cosign the Republican written Sentencing “Reform” act which boosted Nixon’s racist, facist Drug War to heights undreamed of by Republican Brass. The Clintons’ War on Drugs: When Black Lives Didn’t Matter

We SAW Slick Willie, Hillary and her two faces support the blatant religious fascism of DOMA for over 17 years before she flip flopped because we progressives called her out on it. Hillary repudiates DOMA

Who’s zooming who?

Enough already. Yea. Trump is a fuckwit carpet bagger, fraud and a snake oil salesman. SO WHAT? He’s not the reason so many progressives walked away from the Democrat Party in utter dusgust after they sicced the dogs of war at the ’68 convention in Chicago.. He’s NOT the reason so many progressives walked in ’16 after similar shenanigans to silence Bernie and co-opt our votes to support your Party Brass and their corporate briber driven policy.

IS Corruption Legal in America YouTube

#DerGropenFhurer is also NOT the reason so many of us walked away after y’all cosigned Corporate Hillary screwing our sane, congruent of word and actions, candidate in ’16 just like y’all did in ‘68. The Facts: Why HC is a hard FAIL 4 Progressives

Quit using the Good Cop/Bad Cop DISTRACTION of screaming about Trump so’s y’all don’t have to look at the hard ugly Facts about the actions of Democrat Party Brass. I’m NOT buying.

Heres what that screaming about Trump looks like to me:


Yes. Trump is a fuckwit carpet bagger, fraud, and a perfect Shitweasels’ Shitweasel. AND he still beat Hillary. Don’t y’all dare even think about saying #RooshansDidIt either, I’ll flat laugh in your face because the Brits apparently did it TOO, and the Dem brass apparently knew it for over a year, but y’all haven’t seen fit to say fuck all about that. Mhm…

Now, can we PLEASE, for once, have a F’ing serious discussion about why the Democrat Party Brass bounced the most successful and most effective populist candidate since Obama ’08 in favor of Corporate Hillary and her two faces?

“The Problem” here ain’t “Trump” and it never has been. I’ll say it again; Trump is a symptom and The PROBLEM here is that for over 50 years I’ve watched the Democratic Leadership Council, Third Way Democratic Party, and New Democrat *snort* Party Brass blow unicorn smoke up my ass as KY lube for their corporate bribers financial and ethical rape.

On Pissed Off Conservatives and “job stealing immigrants” SMDH

I got this question in my feed today and all I can say is “Be very, very, careful what you ask for because you just might get that blatant unvarnished TRUTH! She’s a bitter bitch too!

Whether people admit it or hide it, isn’t Trump absolutely right that ordinary Americans are now sick of African, Mexican, and Indian immigrants migrating to the USA and stealing jobs from American citizens?

Fair Warning: Be very, very, careful what you ask for because y’all just might get a real answer with cited #DamnedFacts to back it. This is one of those occasions.

I normally don’t answer questions with more than ten answers existing and I never answer questions which already have an Answer Wiki, but this one just screams for a harsh dose of reality from Asshole Man. I’ll try to avoid any Ad Hominem *Slips Lock off cage*

Now, preface: I can’t honestly blame Opie for not seeing the depth and breadth of the cesspool we call DC. So don’t take this personally. I’m seriously pissed too, but I’m pissed at the people who are actually causing the legitimate problem which Opie called out in their Question. ^^Any and ALL outrage you hear from me is not, Not, NOT directed at anyone here, not even Opie.^^ While the front loading on the Question is utter crap, Opie raises a valid question about where all our jobs went. And I’ll give a hint before we take off: The answer ain’t brown folk.


I am a Navy Veteran who has been called a “Radical Regulation Constitutionalist Son Of A Bitch” in a very affectionate tone by my Division Officer (a Lt.JG who came up through the ranks over 10 years). I am a Particular Sort of Asshole and I absolutely revel in it. I’m also on the Aspergers Spectrum which means that where y’all store your name/face recognition charts and your social rules processing is all open memory for me where I store facts and links about the events I’ve lived through. I have an absolutely insane memory which let’s me see patterns of actions across time in a way similar to how you see differences in a primary color wheel.

I am also the grandson of Norwegian immigrant grandparents who opened the first Norwegian Grocery store in Brooklyn, New York; and who built one of the most reliable heavy moving companies (Drayage) in 1940′s New York City. We go back a ways.

Gramps jumped ship in New York in 1931, got sent back in ’32 and returned legally as a Citizen in ‘34, after depositing a $2,000.00 surety bond “to insure the new immigrant doesn’t become a burden upon society”. They bought a brownstone in the Avenues of Brooklyn (between H and I) in the late ’40s and held a mortgage burning block party in 1970.. 8 years early.

I hereby challenge you to find ANY major infrastructure project built before about 1980 which wasn’t built by these immigrants you despise.

Those damned soulless gingers. Thanks and glory be to them.

The Irish who dug the tunnels for New York’s subway system

I challenge you to find any US grown fruits or veggies in your store which weren’t grown or picked by immigrants and the kids or grand kids of immigrants for a few fucking dollars a day (10 to 14 hour days of back break and bleeding fingers).

This damned south Americans who feed us ALL. Thanks guys for feeding us all! You ROCK!

Cesar Chavez: The Life Behind A Legacy Of Farm Labor Rights

I challenge you to find any US built product which wasn’t made for you by immigrants and blacks.

I challenge you to drive on a road not built by immigrants and blacks.

Prison farm – Wikipedia

Slavery and Prison – Understanding the Connections

Do you live in a house or an apartment building? Yea, I fucking DARE you to look at who built that house for your comfort.


Look, it’s time for y’all to pull your damned head out of the Newspeak “news” media echo chamber and look at a few Facts here.

Immigrants did not take, and have not ever taken your jobs. They did all the scut work and the blood, sweat and tears work FOR you so you could live comfortable without having to do it all yourself. Yes, our jobs are gone but it was NOT immigrants who stole them.. bear with me and I’ll get there. You won’t like it though! Fair Warning.

Y’all ever pitched 70 pound bales of hay onto a 4 foot high trailer all damned day long (10 to 14 hours) for a week, in a 90° sweat bath with bleeding fingers and your everything itching like the blazes from the hay dust? I have. The blacks and central American immigrants I worked with earned my deepest respect. Nary a complaint anywhere, just “get it done so we can have a beer with lunch” and far more hump and hustle than I’ve EVER seen from a fellow cracker.

Y’all ever picked and roasted the hops or barley that went into your beer? Naw! Of course y’all haven’t! I have.. in my 50s just a few years ago. Y’all get one guess who was working with me.

Those guys busted ass, and I KNOW how to work.

Talk to me sonny. Tell me all about your “trials and tribulations.” Hell, I’ll even offer you a beer to cry in and a little girls’ pink lace hankie to blot your snot with… and then we’ll have a little talk about who REALLY stole your jobs and shipped them overseas where you can’t get to em.

Fasten your seat belts folks, this bitch is about to fly!

Y’all want to be MAD at someone for stealing your jobs Opie? GOOD, y’all damned well should be absolutely fucking furious. I mean Tar and Feathers Furious too. Be mad. You agree is dead on the money!

But let’s back up a hot second an make sure we’re all aiming our legitimate ire at the right people.

I’ve got a really ugly question for y’all, ya best sit down.

*when you finally see it*

Was it immigrants who bought the Hostess Bakery, gutted the workers pay and retirement packages, and then SHUT THE COMPANY DOWN AND SOLD IT OFF PIECEMEAL TO CHINA WHEN THE WORKERS REFUSED TO PLAY their shitwease “fuck you” games?

:} I don’t think it was immigrants.. but let’s have a peek, shall we sonny?

Union: ‘Bain-style’ killing of Twinkie

Oh OOPS! My bad! It was Myth Fucking Romney and his merry band of Vulture Crapitalists!

That little corporate fascist fuck Romney and his Bain vultures just cost you 18 THOUSAND of “your” jobs in one fell swoop. And that was just in ‘12. What’s that jobs thief been up to since then?! *cues Jeopardy Theme*

Are ya smelling that Gaslighting yet Opie? It’s thick! Check the list of tactics when you watch your Orwellian Newspeak “news” show (I’m talking to libs and cons here).

Am I getting close to theach bone yet? Here’s another slice:

Project Censored – The News that Didn’t Make the News and Why

Ok.. y’all say Myth is a bit too recent and too “partisan” for ya? Let’s back up a bit..

In 1994 Bush the Senior signed a memorandum of agreement on a little law called NAFTA.

Now if you’re a Myth Romney and The Shitweasles fan that acronym stands for North American Free Trade Agreement. I call it Now Americans are Fucked in Tha Ass. Why? Because unlike y’all I’m a natural born and bred cynic and I’ve seen nothing from either set of Party Brass in my 56 years to disabuse me of that, so when ANY politician does anything my very first question is “#WhoProfits from this shit?!”

Y’all get just one guess who REALLY stole your jobs!

Corruption is Legal in America

Here’s the funny thing though.. see Bush couldn’t quite get it through Congress because there were a bunch of “obstructionist” unicorn smoke blowing Dempublican Congresscritters who “couldn’t” sign off on it. SMH. This is where it gets “interesting”..

So… Slick Willie comes along, cosigned this Bush corporate Kakistocracy “trade” treaty and helped the Republicrats to not only ship 750,000 jobs off shore, but they also handed over our sovereign right to consumer protection laws to the tender corporate mercies (Bophol and Union Carbide anyone? ) of an extra-judicial process known as ISDR

NAFTA Cost U.S. 700k Jobs, Report Says

Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS): Extraordinary Corporate Power in “Trade” Deals

This last bit is why the corporate fascist rat fuckers are allowed to sell us possibly contaminated “food” from countries with a HISTORY OF POISONING US AND OUR PETS without telling us.

Where did that chicken come from?

Note the date folks. It was the Obama Administration Dempublican rat fuckers who did this one. #0Excuses on your #LesserEevil lies. Actions Matter! Words don’t.

Now ponder how many of your jobs we tossed in the shitter here, Opie. How much of those Chinese paychecks which WERE being spent here still get to be spent here?

The bottom line here is the Dempublicans and the Republicrats are using our “news” media to set us at each other’s throats with a giant game of Three Card Monte so’s we don’t start sitting across kitchen tables and talking brass tacks about the problems we’re ALL facing and what to do about it.

Are y’all starting to sniff what Opie stepped in yet?


Yea, he didn’t think the cesspool was quite that deep either. But that IS where the Shitweasles of both partys breed.

Peace y’all! Talk amongst yourselves.

I’m out.

Corporate fascist rant at Quora

Suddenly Quora is absolutely insisting that I “Select at least 10 topics to follow in order to improve my feed”

If I back out of the selection panel then the App shuts down immediately.

Hard Fail!

This pop up has pesterd me 8 times now, and the first thing I noticed is that EVERY ONE of these “Topics” is a marketing topic. .. which I honestly couldn’t give a fart from a rats’ ass during a wind storm about.

Never mind that I’m already following 167 Topics I actually care about.

Folks… I may not be here much longer. I’m on the Aspergers Spectrum and I already have a deep and long standing resentment for the idea that my wallet and my eyeballs belong to corporate fascists who want me to hurry up and buy their shit that I don’t want in order to impress people I honestly DGAFFAARD about.

I also resent the fact that they think this ramming of their wares down my throat is something that I have no legitimate say about. It’s become as extreme as the wannabe religious fascists who are so deeply affronted that I won’t just shut the fuck up and comply with their beliefs.

Look, Quora I get that you need to make money but there’s got to be a better way to do it than ramming advertising down our throats in a way that’s inescapable.

For the Record: When you ram advertising down unwilling throats… especially those attached to Aspie folks, the only thing your advertisers accomplish is to piss us off enough thst I’ll never spend a single penny with those advertisers.

I’m 56 years old, know what I want and need in terms of products and services and IF I need something I will come find your product.

If I haven’t made that determinaton all your doing by force feeding me ads like a Foigras Goose, is pissing me off and driving me away from something I once found great value in.


Get a clue. My money is MINE, my eyeballs are MINE, and only I will initiate any purchases based upon MY assessment of my needs. What your advertisers “need” is so not an issue for me that it falls somewhere below the value of used toilet paper.

DO NOT call us, we’ll call you… IF we need something