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Progressives Reading List

Here’s a great comprehensive reading list from the awesome folks at Citizen Works dot Org Progressive Reading List

The only thing I’d add is a few videos like these

Nick Hanauer completely debunks Trickle Down lies from both Partys 

Malcom X warned us over 50 yrs ago
We, literally, had ZERO valid choices in ’16
DNC Treason and paid seat fillers 

Progressives Bump

Obama’s TRUE legacy

Opposition Member of Irish Parliament tells the truth about Barack Obama and his actions. 

So, I’m fed up either all the public adulation and the psychophants praising Obama to the roof and beyond as if he’s some sort of Ghandi.

Guess I’d better back up and preface here.

In 2008 I worked to get Obama elected because he had a history of acting as a reformer, was a Constitutional Law scholar, and because  I loved the idea of what a black POTUS represented for our nation. I mean, seriously folks, it really is about damned time for us to have a black leader in the White house.

Further, from a strictly pragmatic point of view as a Veteran who still sees his Oath to protect Our Constitution from ALL enemies… who, in theory, who would be better suited and armed to protect Our Constitution from domestic corporate fascists than a Constitutional Law scholar?

This last matters to me because I took an oath to protect our Constitution in ’79 and still take that oath seriously. I also read Law the way most folks read Ludlum novels.

Onward to the harsh reality of his actions…

When Obama took office (with a nice majority of Democrats in Congress) he promptly cosigned both the blatantly unConstitutional EVIL of the so called Patriot Act (more on this later) and Bush’s corporate fascist, #2Big2Fail bank bailout. He even went so far as to order his bankster lap dog Eric Holder to whomp up some excuses and lawyer lies to use against nay sayers, while we Citizens were almost universally demanding that he RICO the bastards as Iceland and Norway were doing at the time. 

This would have been the ideal time for him to ACT in support of his Oath to support and defend our Constitution with a simple Executive Order to his new Heads of the DOJ and the FBI ordering them to pursue these thieving banksters using RICO, as was done in the S&L scandal in the ’80s and in the first bank crash during the ’90s.

Instead he chose to do the exact opposite of what his Oath and our ammended Constitution demanded of him and acted to service those bankster/bribers at our expense, while also cosigning the Patriot Act renewals buried in NDAA. I regard these actions as the single largest treason against Our Constitution since the Confederate States passed the laws which caused Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to be added to Our Constitution as an Amendment. 

Here’s Section 3 of the 14th Amendment:

The language is a bit archaic but is perfectly clear in both intent and legal effect when we diagram out the subject of the sentence:

“No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress [lists other applicable offices] or hold any office [lists all applicable State & Federal offices, including Judicial and Military Commissions] who, having previously taken an Oath as a Member of Congress, [re-lists all the additional covered offices] to support the Constitution* of the United States, shall have engaged in Insurrection or Rebellion against the same*, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof*

(Here “the Constitution of the United States” is the Subject of the sentence and *refers back to “the Constitution of the United States”)

So, what this legally passed and Ratified Amendment says, quite directly and unequivocally, is that a person who has acted (yes, votes ARE Actions in every legal sense… just ask any 1st yr Law student or any Corporate Board Member) in Insurrection or Rebellion against Our Constitution MAY NOT HOLD ANY ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICE, WHETHER STATE, FEDERAL, OR MILITARY COMMISSION.

Now let’s look at the definitions of Insurrection and Rebellion

Here’s the full legal definition from Cornell Law’s Legal Information Institute

Back to the Preamble and we find that the Constitution IS in fact both “the Authority of the United States” (our Nation was CREATED by the Ratification of our Constitution) and it is the Supreme Law of the land in ALL things per Article 6, Paragraph 2 of the Body of the Constitution.

For the Record: This section of the 14th Amendment, and the Oath of Office, are specifically designed to unequivocally establish The Constitution as Our Civil Authority so that actions taken against the Constitution ARE treasonous in nature & in Law. Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is an Amendment (Aka: a change or correction) so it supersedes any and all prior language in the Constitution on the subject it speaks to.

Here’s why the Patriot Act is an action against Our Constitution and a vote to pass it is, in fact, and in Law, an act of treason. 

1) The Constitution REQUIRES that Congress only pass laws which COMPLY with the Constitution

2) The Patriot Act VIOLATES the entire Bill of Rights contained in our, as ammended, Constitution which IS “The supreme Law of the land.”

3) In order to cure that violation either an Amendment MUST be passed and ratified by the States, or the fiat, treasonous “law” which violates the Constitution must be nullified… these are the ONLY LEGITIMATE ways to resolve this conflict because the laws passed by legislation MUST COMPLY with the Constitution to be valid.

4) NO such Amendment was proposed, much less passed or Ratified by 3/4 of the several States

Thus this fiat was done by Congress completely outside of their legal boundaries and they knew it at the time.

5) On that Article 6 above… here’s the last bit of it which REQUIRES State and Federal Judges to nullify laws which violate the Constitution

Again with the diagramming:

“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof [Aka Subject to the limitations of the Constitution and in compliance with it] and all treaties which are made, or shall be made, 

under the Authority the United States [Aka those treaties which are in compliance with the Constitution] shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the judges of every State shall be bound thereby, any thing in the Constitution or Laws if any State notwithstanding.”

So… to put the cap on these logs and chains of Laws which bind our government, what does “in pursuance thereof” mean?

It means simply, to pursue the stated goals of our Constitution within the limits placed upon Congress & the federal government by the Constitution 

Since the Patriot Act DOES violate, quite directly, the prior limits upon the Federal Government contained in the 10 Amendments known as The Bill of Rights, it is patently illegal

Here’s where it violates Our Constitution

In short, Congress knowingly passed a law which they KNEW was not “in pursuance of the Constitution” and which their support of violated their oath to protect our Constitution because that law violates our as ammended Constitution on every meaningful level.

So, yes the ACTION of voting to pass this law is a direct violation of their Oath to protect Our Constitution and thus is a violation of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment which bars them each, jointly and severally, from serving in ANY government capacity whether elected or appointed.

Lastly, I’ve been getting lots of comments on twitter claiming that this “Patriot Act treason was none of Barak Obama’s doing!!”

The simple FACT is he not only cosigning it willingly in ’11, his signing statement ACTIVELY DEFENDED THIS INSURRECTION AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION.

This treason, from a Constitutional Law Scholar & supposed reformer, is far more alarming than the original signing by Shrub (aka: Bush Jr.) because Obama knew precisely what he was doing to Our Constitution. 

Lastly, if you claim these actions by Obama “aren’t actually treason because Muh Constitution,” please go look up the alternate definitions  (civil & legal) of the word “Insurrection” as used in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment which I’ve cited above.

I’ll wait.

Of Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores and costly “Computer Errors”


 “My favorite day” Said Pooh…

Heads Up    Act 1

Fraud by Lowes. Heads UP my people! If you buy ANY tools at Lowes  ^^check your reciepts before you leave^^  because they’re cramming “warranties” and charging you for them whether you like it or not. I don’t know if it’s done with every tool purchase, or some, or just folks like me who won’t use the “MyLowes” Big Brother Purchase Observation System (or BB POS); but I can unequivocally prove that it IS being done. Yes I do, in fact, have their receipts! (vicious pun intended 😈)

Prelude To A Theft    Act 2

In Hiding

So… about 4 months ago I purchased an $800.00 trailer at the Lowe’s store in Bend, Oregon. All went well, and easily, until we came to the checkout portion of the sale. The cashier (who was completely awesome btw) asked me if I wanted to buy the extended warranty plan. I declined because I firmly believe these “warranties” (which are almost always written as an insurance plan with a stiff deductible) are a scam. So I watched the lady push the “no” button on the keyboard in reply to the sales prompt for the warranty plan… All Good right?

Well, you’d like to think so 

But Nope. When I reviewed the Reciept the ^computer system^ had added the 1 yr “extended warranty” and charged me for it… even though I’d watched the cashier press the “no” button in response to the warranty prompt . (Note here that I’m on the Aspie Spectrum and I “notice” EVERYTHING. I’m also a fair bit anal about money, contracts, and such things so I reflexively read EVERYTHING about any transactions I’m involved in… Sorry; it’s just how my brain is hardwired)

So I stopped her from moving on to the next customer and said that I’d watched her push the “no” button for the warranty and asked why was I being charged extra money for a warranty I’d declined to purchase after I’d watched her select “no” to the warranty sales prompt in the register system? She immediately got a manager, the warranty was canceled & money was refunded along with lots of apologies to me, and lots of blame for the “Computer error by our old, old, register system”.  All good, no harm/no foul, and I got all my money back; Right?

Well, you’d like to think so; and that’s what I thought at the time, but apparently not so much…

Prelude to a Theft   Act 3
In Real Life

So this week (11/02/16 at 14:52 to be precise) I went to the Redmond Oregon Lowe’s store and purchased $258.17 worth of stuff for some home repairs I was doing. Among those items was a narrow crown stapler which I’ll be using to build replacements for our kitchen drawers which are beat to crap particleboard that’s been repaired repeatedly. 

Pretty rough eh?

The cabinets themselves are all 1970s legacy solid wood cases and aren’t realistically replaceable at any sane cost because of the quality of the wood used (north of $10k for a small kitchen) .. So I’m refurbishing them. Here’s some of the ones I’ve already refinished with a satin urethane spar varnish. I’ll never have to do it again.

Much better, and very nearly bullet proof as I used an exterior grade urethane spar varnish.

But I digress…

Anatomy Of A Theft    Act 4
So, this cashier guy (also awesome btw) checks me out, asks me do I want the 2 yr $11.97 warranty on the $70 stapler (making it an $82 stapler) and I, being the anal Aspie that I am, say “No thanks, no warranty”

Once again I WATCH him push the “no” button on the registers’ warranty sales prompt and I pay with my debit card… here’s my Reciept

See that little old $11.97 for “2yr RP Tools $50-99.99” at the bottom?

Yup! BINGO! That’s the warranty I’d declined, then stood and WATCHED as the guy pressed the “no” button on! (I wonder if Lowes can put in a “HELL F’ING NO” button…)

Once again I called it out, got the money refunded, and got lots of apologies from him and his manager (the people were awesome it’s the system that’s FUBAR) about their “Glitches in the old, old, almost decrepit, computer system causing the problem” which was nice and would be all good IF I hadn’t had the exact same thing happen at a different Lowes store 30 miles away and four months prior. (Oops… those pesky #DamnedFacts and attentive customers really suck for corporate fascist liars)

Where’s The Beef?!    Act 5

Now, were this a one off, or even were it a repeat at the same store a few weeks later, I might buy their excuses of “its a computer glitch” but this happened twice at TWO DIFFERENT stores 30 miles apart, and separated by more than 4 months?!

Um… Yea, folks I was born; but it wasn’t fucking yesterday. This “Computer Glitch” causing the EXACT SAME problem, which profits the Company, at two different stores, months apart, actually looks to be pretty damned intentional and it’s something which the Sherman Antitrust Act calls The Practice of Cramming which has been unequivocally banned since the late 1970s.

It’s also attempted fraud, and likely a few other criminal charges as well. (Like say insurance fraud since the “warranty” is written as an insurance plan)

The Blatant Truth    Act 6 and Finis

Now, I’m a pretty peaceful guy even though I’ve got over 10 years of aikido, and 4 years of Navy Hand to Hand Combat Training, under my belt. I’ve been in just 1 “fight” over the past 30 years and that was because some idiot in San Francisico thought it was perfectly OK to reach for my wallet without my explicit permission (don’t bother coppers,😂 the Statute of Limitations tolled well over 15 years ago).  I say “fight” because dude reached into my pants pocket for my wallet, without my explicit permission, and pulled back a broken wrist & shattered elbow for his troubles. It lasted under 2 seconds total time & I walked away. He, I suspect, didn’t do much walking for a while as I’d also kicked him in the knee. Hopefully he went into a somewhat safer line of business.

Where I’m going with this is that I don’t take kindly to thieves & abusers, nor do I passively tolerate them even though I’m a radical old school progressive who’s generally very peaceable.

SO… I’m writing this to let others know what’s up in the hopes of giving them the tools to defend themselves.

I’LL also say to Congress, SC(R)OTUS, POTUS, and everyone else on God’s Green Earth, that I will ONLY accept your claims of Corporations being equal or equivalent to People and thus deserving of OUR Human and Constitutional Rights; if and when I can punch Lowes’ teeth down his throat for these attempted muggings. Note that I’m being quite literal here. It’s intentional because if I can’t hurt you, or physically imprison you, for harming me then you’re NOT a person!! Thus corporstions are NOT ever entitled to hold the Rights of being a person… on ANY level.

Be well, Stay Woke, and WATCH YOUR RECIEPTS Ppl! There’s shenanigans afoot.

Fin. Almost

False Advertising   Act 7

Lowes makes great hay of “Honoring Veterans” in their advertising  by “offering Veterans a discount” because we served our Nation. Interestingly enough it’s only CERTAIN Veterans though.. Specifically it’s only those Veterans with a current DOD issued ID card. The rest of us who served honorably but didn’t retire, or weren’t injured In Service enough to get a VA Card, or whose records were damaged by aging microfiche (me), get NOTHING. So I served, honorably, can prove that Service with the “Veteran” marker on my driver’s license (which I had to present my DD214 to obtain), or with a DD214 hard copy, yet I get nothing.

Bottom line here is that you either offer the discount to Veterans, or you don’t.  To advertise that you do, even with your “Restrictions Apply” evasions, is simply a lie & it is false advertising.

Now, I’ve talked to their customer support people on all of this, so none of this is news to them. I got ZERO from those folks but polite evasions, obfuscation, and liberal doses of Corporate Newspeak a la 1984; so here we are.

IF a Lowes Corporate person with some level of authority has any questions for me on any of the above you’re welcome to DM me on twitter @fixer_guy to talk.

Fin.  For reals, this time.

For the Record A Ringing Indictment Of Hillary Clinton 

Hint: Our Progressive objections to Hillary  (aka #NixonInPantsuits #CheneyInPantsuits)  have NOT ever been about Sexisim or Rooshans. It’s always been about her +25 years of History Of Actions in OUR government.;
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