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Corporate fascist rant at Quora

Suddenly Quora is absolutely insisting that I “Select at least 10 topics to follow in order to improve my feed”

If I back out of the selection panel then the App shuts down immediately.

Hard Fail!

This pop up has pesterd me 8 times now, and the first thing I noticed is that EVERY ONE of these “Topics” is a marketing topic. .. which I honestly couldn’t give a fart from a rats’ ass during a wind storm about.

Never mind that I’m already following 167 Topics I actually care about.

Folks… I may not be here much longer. I’m on the Aspergers Spectrum and I already have a deep and long standing resentment for the idea that my wallet and my eyeballs belong to corporate fascists who want me to hurry up and buy their shit that I don’t want in order to impress people I honestly DGAFFAARD about.

I also resent the fact that they think this ramming of their wares down my throat is something that I have no legitimate say about. It’s become as extreme as the wannabe religious fascists who are so deeply affronted that I won’t just shut the fuck up and comply with their beliefs.

Look, Quora I get that you need to make money but there’s got to be a better way to do it than ramming advertising down our throats in a way that’s inescapable.

For the Record: When you ram advertising down unwilling throats… especially those attached to Aspie folks, the only thing your advertisers accomplish is to piss us off enough thst I’ll never spend a single penny with those advertisers.

I’m 56 years old, know what I want and need in terms of products and services and IF I need something I will come find your product.

If I haven’t made that determinaton all your doing by force feeding me ads like a Foigras Goose, is pissing me off and driving me away from something I once found great value in.


Get a clue. My money is MINE, my eyeballs are MINE, and only I will initiate any purchases based upon MY assessment of my needs. What your advertisers “need” is so not an issue for me that it falls somewhere below the value of used toilet paper.

DO NOT call us, we’ll call you… IF we need something

Yes, I’m an asshole. I also have those Damned Facts

What are some politically incorrect and controversial opinions you hold?

I have a whole herd of actively anti-PC opinions and attitudes

Let’s go for a ride!

  1. It is NOT my responsibility to tolerate the misbehavior of other people’s larva. Sorry. No. Your kid? Your problem. Of your kid starts kicking it’s landing in your arms no matter how fucking “important” your phone call is.
  2. There’s not a damned thing wrong with punching a bully as hard as you can. Sorry. In Real Life there ARE a subset of folks who understand one thing, and one thing only: Superior Force combined with the will to use it. The Danes know this. Why I chose a gun
  3. Speaking of guns… the entire mainstream “news” media controlled “discussion” of our problem with mass murders is a distraction from the REAL issues we need to address in order to end that shit. We, as a nation will never stop these mass murders so long as we allow our government to dump our poorest Fellow Citizens on their asses in our gutters to starve or not as luck dictates. Non-desperate people NEVER EVER randomly murder other people. I’m sorry the Facts hurt. Truly. 0 snark.
  4. Speaking of dumping people on their asses in gutters… Im a Navy Veteran and Tennessee Cracker and god damnit you idiots QUIT FUCKING MURDERING MY FELLOW CITIZENS! Black Lives Matter. Full stop.
  5. The Shitweasles who wrote and voted to pass, or renew, the Orwellian named fascist lie called the USA Patriot Act committed a High Crime referred to in the 14th Amendment as “Insurrection and Rebellion against the US Constitution” and they all belong in prison for abrogating their Oath to protect our Constitution. Obama’s TRUE legacy
  6. If this nations electorate had half a brain and 1/4 of a historical memory BOTH Clinton and Trump would have been laughed out of the election. For the Record A Ringing Indictment Of Hillary Clinton Why Hillary Can’t Win
  7. Bush and Cheney should have been removed from Office with pitchforks because they flat LIED us into going along with wasting $4 Trillion of OUR nation’s wealth in their wars for profit; which both their families profited from. Directly in Cheneys case, and indirectly in the Bush dynasty. The 25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profiteers THIS is why we can’t have nice things like real healthcare which doesn’t cost 40% to 60% more than ANY other 1st world nation.
  8. Obama, as pretty as his words were, is a corporate fascist who fully and freely cosigned the Bush bankster bailout and the fascist Patriot Act. You cosign your predecessors policy means you NOW OWN THAT FUCKING POLICY TOO. 0 Excuses here. He had a full 9 months of a super majority to kill these IF he were so inclined. He didn’t… see the link on #3.
  9. The 2016 election was a massive game of Three Card Monte designed specifically to prevent anyone outside the D “vs” R duopoly from gaining any traction.

  1. Here’s how the scam was run

  1. We don’t have 2 major partys. We have one Party with two faces, a public “liberal” face (Democrat Brass) and a private corporate fascist face (Republican Brass). The reason this is do, is that there’s but one hog trough which BOTH sets of Party Brass gorge at. The root cause of this was SCOTUS gutting the 1973 Congressional Campaign Finance Reform Act

  1. It’s about 49 years past time for EVERYONE of any party to start ignoring the Newspeak words of both sets of Party Brass, start looking hard at their actions, and asking them “Who Profits from your ACTIONS bitch?!”
  2. That question may well need to be asked with freshly sharpened pitchforks in hand if we’re to start seeing any actual change beyond mere appeasement.
  3. Yes. I’m an asshole. I claim it, proudly, and I assert that we need far more Assholes asking those hard, ugly, questions of known liars.

Truth on how to fix our corporate fascist government

While I generally agree with William Redmond’s answer that it isn’t possible to create a bribe proof government, I would also assert that this is only true within the current duopoly framework we have where we’re limited to voting and letter writing as our “options.”

Protest, demonstrably, doesn’t work either. The OWS protests, the KXL Pipeline and the now reauthorized Keystone Pipeline have amply demonstrated that our government doesn’t really give a damn about protest and WILL actively ignore the 7th Amendment, BIA/US Corps of Engineer regulations, and violations of 18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law by oil companies and cops. The Black Lives Matter protests, and the police “responses” of tear gassing, beating, kettling, and arresting journalists and non-participants, just confirm this fact.

Here’s the problem. Whenever this discussion comes up We Citizens are constantly told by the media to blame the massive faceless corporations, which we can do absolutely nothing about because the game is rigged in their favor such that we’re powerless. This is called Newspeak because it completely ignores the core of the problem.

The true core of the problem is that for the Congresscritters bring bribed, the benefits of being bribed clearly out weight the costs of refusing bribes. This is true whether they’re grey haired old dogs or newbies.

I assert that the problem here isn’t the bribery itself, but rather the intentionally inverted cost benefit ratio from the perspective of those betraying Us for those bribes.

The answer isn’t controlling dark money. The answer is for Citizens, of both partys, to get MAD and get active and flip that cost benefit ratio so that it costs them more to betray Us than any potential benefits accruing from taking the bribes.

This is the only thing they can hear over that roaring waterfall of corporate money thundering into their outstretched hands.

See, there’s two ways to break this cycle

  1. Control corporations
  2. Control our legislators

We’ve proven, since SCOTUS overturned the Congressional Campaign Limits of 1973, that trying to control the flow of money at the source doesn’t, and can’t work. So if we want a solution we MUST control the legislators so that it costs them more than they’re willing to pay if they take bribes.

I’m not sure exactly where that line is, but I can guarantee that it falls at something less extreme than masses of outraged Citizens showing up to knock on their doors with freshly sharpened pitchforks. I’ll also guarantee that this line falls at something more extreme than simply writing outraged letters and emails.

I y’all doubt me on this look at the history of what Citizens were DOING right before each major advance we won from our government.

The New Deal was preceded by marches upon DC and encampments of angry and starving Citizens in DC, NYC, and across the nation.

Our very freedom from the despotic rule which birthed our nation came from the same sort of direct, non-negotiating change by outraged Citizens.

The Civil Rights Act was preceded by the same sorts of actions.

So was the end of the false flag Vietnam War. By folks like Fred Hampton who united blue collar crackers and the Black Panthers to provide folks protesting that heinous war some armed protection from the police who were beating, falsely arresting, and tear gassing them for simply demanding redress of wrongs.

Even the creation of the EPA by Nixon was in response to Citizens fed the fuck up and literally ready to fight over chemical companies poisoning our entire world.

Now, yes. Most of these protests were generally peaceful in nature because ordinary folks dislike violence, but violence against the government if the transgressions continued was never off the table.

If we want change, REAL change (instead of the good cop bad cop/divide and conquer act we get from Democratic and Republican Party Brass) then it needs to be clear that nothing is off the table.

Like I said… I don’t know exactly where that critical line between OUR representatives screwing us for bribes and them rejecting those bribes lands.

I do know that a man whose hide is at risk is nearly unbribable. I also know that the voting and letter writing isn’t working.

How do I know this last? Fucking Obama who ran as the great reformer, as his FIRST acts cosigned the Bush administration banker’s bailout instead of telling Justice to enforce RICO. He also cosigned the Orwellian named, utterly fascist, Insurrection* and Rebellion* against our Constitution known as the USA “PATRIOT” Act

Obama’s TRUE legacy

*Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Section 3

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the ^Constitution^ of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection* or rebellion* against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Here’s more of his legacy.. I want you to read each one and then try to tell me that these aren’t classic Republican corporate fascist positions. I dare you.

Obama’s Latest Betrayal in Favor of the Big Banks: TISA

Do you recall him trying to ram TPP down our throats for five fucking years, in exactly the same way Slick Willie did with the Republican written NAFTA? I do.

If we want change here we must take it. No holds barred. Asking won’t get it done because right now they literally don’t give a flying fuck what we think, nor do they need to.