My primary purpose here is to Learn and Teach what I’ve learned over these 54 years on this ball of dirt. Help with that is appreciated.
I am point-blank, on the Aspie Spectrum, and I often work on a “smart” phone.
Among other things, I’m an:
Aikidoka, Chef, Wood Splitter, Patternista, Lover, Husband, Navy Veteran, Equipment Technician, Electronics Technician, Refrigeration Engineer, and a blatant Truth teller.

I still take my Navy Oath (sworn on a copy of the Constitution) to protect Our Constitution as seriously as I did that first day in AFEES.

You’ll notice that my writing “style” (if it can be called that) is “odd” at best. I am utterly point blank and I’m driven by Fact, Reason, and Logic because I’m on the Aspie Spectrum .

I’ve had a Navy Warrant Officer call me “A Regulation Radical Constitutionalist son of a bitch!” while wearing a slight smile.
He was, and is correct in that assessment. My self given moniker is Asshole Man, and I have the utterly uncanny ability to see the patterns over time in the most “delicate” subjects and speak about them in blunt language.

I’ve been a member of the Republican party from 1979 to 1981 when I walked away after having shredded Trickle Down ” Economics ” using Fact, Logic, Math and Reason, and being told by the Party to either “toe the party line or get out.” I have zero time or tolerance for zealots of any sort, so I left with a double #1 salute.

I was as also a member of the Democratic Party from 1982 to 1986 when I shredded their second “Amnesty” lie using the same tools. They also told me to “toe the mark or get out.” I’ve been independent ever since and haven’t given a single tin dime to either Party since. I have supported individual candidates on both “sides” but I recognize that neither Party has been working for Citizens since before I was elegible to vote.

If you agree with my positions that’s fine, if you disagree or want to dispute my positions that’s fine too… However comma, If you are disputing my assertions bring your own verifiable Facts and the supporting citations (because I will). If you don’t, or just assert the “party” line, with out unbiased Fact included, you will (most likely) get shot down. If you repeatedly assert the “party line” sans Fact (and supporting links, please, so your assertions and the basis of those assertions can be analyzed) I will block you, I’m not interested in rhetorical “debate” (the shouting of unsupported “party line” assertions across the gulf).

I am distinctly ANTI- Democratic Party and ANTI-Republican Party because I believe (and can prove) that BOTH parties are just the flip-sides of the same corporation-bribed coin playing their Good Cop/Bad Cop Gaslighting on us all.

If you are a member of either of those parties, please don’t take my rants personally. They’re generally targeted at the party brass, which I see as a distinctly different thing than the Citizens they are supposed to represent.

If you read my posts as rude, please don’t take it personally. It’s the Aspie (I call him “Asshole Man”) in me. Unless I TELL you that it’s personal, it’s not.

In many ways (Human Rights, The US Constitution, Citizen Rights vs. government “Rights”, Personal… not corporate.. Property Rights) I am radically liberal. In other ways (Gun Control and “rights” for illegal aliens) I am extremely conservative. In financial matters for the Nation I am OLD SCHOOL conservative. (Aka: Not one stinking dime of public money for multinational corporations, or the wealthy). I am firmly with the Trust Busters of the ’30s and 40’s on this and think we should have used the RICO Act on the bankers and ratings agencies who created the bust in ’08 for fun and profit. I also think Bush and Obama belong in prison for their flat refusal to use the RICO Act there.

I regard the US Constitution as one of the most radically progressive documents to ever be used for the forming of a Nation and the protection of Her Citizens. I also believe that a LARGE part of the problems this Nation faces are directly due to the refusal by a bribed and treasonous Congress to Honor the Constitution which they each swore to Protect as their first job! I strongly recommend prosecuting Congresscritters under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment every single time they attempt to gut the Constitution which they swore to protect. My Single exception (because it has some truly serious built in stops) in this is the Amendment Process. If you think I’m mad at the government, you are correct. If you think I hate my Nation, your are dead wrong. I do and will continue to call out the LIES and Subterfuges of the government and I will continue to call members of My government to a Higher Standard than they are used to, or would like to comply with.

Some of the Resources I use (and highly recommend):
ALEC Exposed
The Voter’s Self Defense System
Public Citizen Home Page
Indymac Boys Get Sweetheart Deal
It’s the Inequality, Stupid | Mother Jones
BOMBSHELL: New Study Destroys Theory That Tax Cuts Spur Growth

Federal Tax Charts
Peter van Uhm: Why I chose a gun
Moyers & Company | BillMoyers.com
Report: The Big Money in Tax Breaks Continues
▶ Wealth Inequality in America – YouTube
A Giant Statistical Round-Up of the Income Inequality Crisis in 16 Charts – Derek Thompson – The Atlantic
Tax Evaders
Project Censored — The News that Didn’t Make the News and Why
The Political Compass – US Presidential Election 2012
Who Owns Congress? A Campaign Cash Seating Chart | Mother Jones
U.S. Congress Campaign Contributions and Voting Database | MapLight – Money and Politics
FindLaw Scotus guncontrol 1939

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    1. fixerguy Post author

      I’m ok. Just dealing with life. The wife’s car blew up on the way home from visiting mom in CA and were facing a $5500 bill to get it fixed with no good options to pay for it.

      Otherwise we’re ok.


      1. fixerguy Post author

        If you know folks who might be interested in helping out with the car repairs..

        We’ll survive, but it’s going to be ugly for a good while.


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