Reply to “Religion is a personal thing!” apologists

While I absolutely agree that your religion, or lack thereof, should be a personal matter between you and your god (or lack of), theists have repeatedly over the course of history proven that they don’t consider this to be true… even today, and even in a supposedly secular society.

In my 52 years I have been discriminated against because I’m an atheist. I have never gone out proselytizing, yet I’ve been made a target for others doing that.

At various times in my life I’ve been assaulted, denied justice for those assaults, given the “shit duty”, and been forced to drive +30 miles for groceries and gas; all because I didn’t believe in the local version of the “right” church.

The “worst” I’ve ever done is met assault with self defense. For that I was told I’d be damned to eternal hell fire. When it’s verbal I walk away.

I’ve watched fiat laws be repeatedly enacted, denying the Rights of fellow Citizens, on Local, State, and Federal levels.

I’ve watched psychopathic “holy” folks, assault and murder fellow Citizens “in the Holy Name Of God”; and THEN to cap it all off I’ve watched those psychopaths be hidden from prosecution, and actually defended by other “holy” psychopaths!

I’ve watched these psychopaths, and their churches, then be “defended” by the larger Christian community because “they’re only human after all”.

I’ve watched “holy” priests and pastors, and bishops, batter and sexually abuse children (repeatedly) and then be actively hidden from prosecution and defended by their church and congregations…. by the way there is a Legal term for this last… It’s called “Aiding and Abetting a Felon in the Commission of a Felony.” The prison term is generally between 1 year and 1/2 the term for the commission of the actual crime(s). Yet, because of this protection racket very few of the criminals were ever brought to justice, and their victims are STILL trying to get recompense of some sort… 30 years later.

So, yes, it should absolutely be a private matter but theists keep forcing it into the public sphere by their actions, and by their abject, repeated, and intentional, failures to call out the transgressors amongst them!

All of this, and more, I’ve witnessed in just the 52 years I’ve been on this earth. And I haven’t even gotten to History yet.

The Spanish Inquisition
The Crusades
The Salem Witch Trials
The fiat State laws that legislators must belong to the “right” church.
Then there’s these “few hundred items:

So, you tell me: Since we Citizens are so constantly, and continuously, assaulted by the actions like these (and have been since forever) and then those crimes are consistently “defended” or “conveniently ignored” by the religious “holy” folks, what are we reasonably to do? How are we to “act reasonable” in the face of such a long and “distinguished” history of being minimized, assaulted, murdered, and ethnically “cleansed”?
Seriously? How?

I’ve had theists, of several sects, who knew damned good and well that they and their “good news” was neither needed nor wanted walk blithely into my posted and gated property, through a closed and clearly posted gate, to “deliver their good news” every week for six long months until I had them arrested.
This is called… intimidation tactics.
Acting without due care or concern.

“He blithely ignored the law”
“They blithely trespassed”

Bottom line: IF and when theists make it a personal matter, and actively start cleaning up their own messes instead of forcing society to do so with Our courts, I might consider your (blatantly false) implied assertion of “It’s between me and god, leave us alone” to be reasonable. That is… when and if your psychopathic zealots quit trying in a dozen different ways, through fiat law and custom, to RAM Your beliefs down My throat, then and only then shall I consider it a “personal matter”.

So long as I am forced to tolerate Your beliefs as law or custom in My life… you’d best pack several lunches, you’ve got a looong day ahead!