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On dealing with police.

If an officer tells you that you’re “not being detained” your next words are “Am I free to go?”

If the cop says yes your next words are: “Thank you officer, Goodbye.”

If they say anything other than “Goodbye” then you ARE being detained and are “under arrest” because they have arrested your movement going about your own life… and they just lied to you.

This disengenuous threat of arrest when you are already factually arrested is just one of the many psychological control tactics (gaslighting) which cops are trained in. It sets up (as designed to) a catch 22 where “technically” you’re not under arrest and so they don’t have to honor your Miranda demands for an attorney, or your refusal to answer questions, because if you stay you’ve mythically, and magically, “volunteered” to talk with them.

That claim IS Bullshit and it’s rank psychological manipulation. Here’s the proof that it’s bullshit from none other than Cornell University of Law:



An arrest is using legal authority to deprive a person of his or her freedom of movement.

If YOU don’t get to decide when you’re leaving then you ARE being detained (aka: arrested, per the above legal definition)

Synonyms for “arrest”

Words mean things. Those meanings aren’t fungible.

Greg Klebanoff’s answer to What is something police do not want the public to know?

The bottom line here is that you’re not looking to avoid arrest, you’re looking to force them to clearly and unambiguously identify (in a legally verifiable way) the REAL situation so that your 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment Rights can’t be conveniently evaded.

Kris Rosvold’s answer to Which Amendment in the Bill of Rights is the most commonly abused?

This cop’s statement here is also a huge logical fallacy called the Argument from Ambiguity:

Both conditions cannot possibly be true. And the truth is that they have stopped you from going about your business, so you are now either Arrested or Detained. It’s either A or B. The trick here is they’re trying to get you to play along with the false belief that if you give them what they want (information which may well incriminate you even if it appears not to) they’ll let you go.

It’s this level of bullshit. Kris Rosvold’s answer to Have you ever literally face-palmed in court?

Any cop telling you that you’re not detained or under arrest and then saying that you’ll be arrested if you leave has:

  1. Either placed you under defacto arrest/
  2. Or is bluffing in order to attempt to force you to surrender your Right of free movement and surrender your absolute Right to not talk to them.

Either way your reaction needs to be the same: “I don’t wish to answer your questions without my attorney present, and I’m done talking to you at this time; since you tell me that I’m not under arrest or detention I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

Then leave.

If they arrest you, or tell you that you’re being detained, then your legal situation is legally unambiguous and you can proceed accordingly:

Kris Rosvold’s answer to If you know you are doing something illegal and a cop stops you, what should be your first words to the officer?

If they allow you to walk/drive away then your legal situation is legally unambiguous and you go about your business.

Oh.. And no. I never, ever, agree to any searches no matter what the excuse is. They can FORCE a search upon me because they have guns, but I won’t ever agree to it because I don’t waive my rights for anyone.

Why? Cops, especially “good” cops, never admit it but the simple fact is that cops WILL lie all over themselves to CYA for empirically bad cops.

‘That didn’t happen’: Why father-son witnesses to Laquan McDonald shooting took on the Chicago police – Los Angeles Times

Enough. When I’m dealing with a cop I have zero ways to tell what sort they are; so the only way I can protect my self from the bad cops is to not talk to cops and not agree to ANY search.

Critical Notes:

If you are black or POC the rules about what and how are entirely different from what this white boy grew up with. That said, cops are becoming ever more fascist and whites are beginning to see some of the effects of that process. As may be, the largest driver I see in the difference between how whites and blacks get treated is perceived wealth mixed with systemic racism. By this I mean that an obviously wealthy person will get treated better, and often much better, than a non-wealthy person of the same race.. In most areas. There are still many areas of the US where white cops seem to take a black person being wealthy as a personal affront and treat such folks accordingly.

Harvard Professor Jailed; Officer Is Accused of Bias

Whether you’re white or POC, DO NOT go all Sovereign Citizen Idiot on a traffic stop. The reason for this is that in a traffic stop once that bubble gum machine lights up behind you, you HAVE been arrested in every legal sense. It’s fine to not answer questions other than the mechanics of providing your license, registration and insurance. But make no mistake: During a traffic stop you are, legally, under arrest for the investigation of a traffic infraction or a crime.

That case is dealt with here:

Kris Rosvold’s answer to If the cops create a roadblock and are searching every car (usually happens at late hours), is it advisable to refuse a search even though you have nothing to hide?

And here:

Kris Rosvold’s answer to If you know you are doing something illegal and a cop stops you, what should be your first words to the officer?

The raw and uncomfortable truth about school shootings and guns in society.

I am absolutely very concerned about school (or any other sort) shootings and I absolutely think that it’s a critical problem which we as a society must address.

Here’s my problem with the current rhetoric around these events:

I’m an Engineer and on the Aspie spectrum so I am incapable of operating based on emotion. I NEED Facts. I need measurable, verifiable, cold, hard, unforgiving Facts in order to construct a solution which might actually work, and those same facts say quite clearly that everything we’ve done so far has done nothing or has actually made the problem worse.

Ponder everything we’ve done to “control” this problem.

Now ponder the fact that during the exact same time frame where we added all these “controls” in the modern era (~1970 to Date) the frequency of these shootings has steadily and consistently INCREASED from once a decade to every other month. That’s an increase by a factor of ~130 even as the percentage of folks owning guns DECREASED by ~30%. Any sane person would expect (IF the availability of guns were the actual cause) the two percentages to track together, yet we’re seeing the exact opposite of that in real life.

Why don’t people understand that guns are the cause of mass shootings?

Let me say that again because the #DamnedFacts matter:

These shootings INCREASED by more than a factor of a hundred during the EXACT same time period that the percentage of families owning guns DECREASED by 30 percent.

According to one of the smartest guys to live on this dirt ball; the very definition of insanity lives in those who repeat the same actions but expect a different result each time. The results thus far speak for themselves.

These Facts tell this Engineer that one of two conditions exist:

  1. Reducing the percentage of folks who own guns is either causing, or is part of, the problem. Or.. (More likely)
  2. The percentage of folks who own guns has absolutely nothing to do with what is causing of the problem.

So now what do we do?

An Engineer will look at the OTHER conditions which could feed the problem..

In this case I’d start looking at how stressed individuals react to stressors and how folks with poor coping skills react to those stressors. I’d look at the totality of the lives of the vanishingly small percentage of folks who nut up this way and start asking questions about how I’d feel subjected to those conditions. (Yes, it really sucks that the “simple” “solution” doesn’t actually work! Sorry. Now let us figure out what might work and try that.)

First I’d recognize that it really is a vanishingly small percentage of folks who nut up this way. At MOST it’s a few dozen out of some 324 million people, and that’s spread over a period of almost 3 decades. This isn’t to minimize the deaths they caused, but to recognize that it’s a vanishingly small percentage of our population which is less than (6.17 E-7) or 0.000000617% of people who commit these atrocities. Even if we look at only gun owners we’re still below (1.85 E-6) or 0.00000185% of the population of gun owners.

Here’s where I’d start looking:

I’d look at the planned and designed increase in income and wealth inequality such that where ordinary citizens once owned almost 80% of stocks and now its 50% because we no longer have any cash to spare. Why less than half of Americans are investing in the stock market

I’d look at the imposed rules in their lives and their ability or inability to control the stressors which drive them around the bend.

Why Folks Won’t Work For a Sharecropper’s Wage

I’d look at their life history for things like systemically imposed poverty, being bullied, abusive bosses or spouses and whether their bullies/abusers were ever made to pay any price, and similar factors.

I’d look at whether they were punished for physically defending themselves against a bully or an abuser.. Which idiocy we seem to be doing in schools right now.

A short course in diagnostic logic:

In troubleshooting there’s a principal called “Divide and Conquer” which is the process of identifying the symptoms and then dividing the set of inputs based upon what could or could not cause those symptoms, then you discard those parts which couldn’t be the cause and focus only on those parts which could be the cause.

We know that guns, in and of themselves, are not the cause because we’ve measured the decrease in percentage of folks who own guns over the three decades when the frequency of shootings INCREASED by factor of 130 or so. That means we need to look at OTHER parts of the circuit for the failure point causing the symptoms.

Science and Engineering Principles do not lie. Ever.

Mainstream “News” Media absolutely DOES lie by both Commission and by Omission. Constantly.

Project Censored – The News that Didn’t Make the News and Why

What I find particularly interesting in this discussion is that only two “approved” positions are allowed to be discussed in any length on MSM around this issue:

  1. Guns are bad and you need to think of the CHILDREN!
  2. Paws OFF my guns!

What’s also interesting is that these two positions (which are the ONLY positions allowed to gain any traction on any MSM outlet) are the absolute most extremely polar opposite and divisive positions available.

I believe that is intentional; and given that just 5 multinational corporations own about 95% of all our media outlets outright, via a chain of “Russian Doll” style shell corporations, it would be fairly easy to do.. If it proves to be intentional then its also gaslighting.

Here’s who owns everything in the media today

Chart from article

It’s high time we all step out of this gaslighting, turn OFF those all the fucking idiot boxes, and start asking LOUDLY:

”Who profits from this shit?!”

Hint: It ain’t any ordinary citizens.

Essentially the current rhetoric from media and our government is blaming the ax because Lizzie Borden’s mom got 40 whacks. Let’s address the real problems here so we can find effective solutions!

Reply to “Religion is a personal thing!” apologists

While I absolutely agree that your religion, or lack thereof, should be a personal matter between you and your god (or lack of), theists have repeatedly over the course of history proven that they don’t consider this to be true… even today, and even in a supposedly secular society.

In my 52 years I have been discriminated against because I’m an atheist. I have never gone out proselytizing, yet I’ve been made a target for others doing that.

At various times in my life I’ve been assaulted, denied justice for those assaults, given the “shit duty”, and been forced to drive +30 miles for groceries and gas; all because I didn’t believe in the local version of the “right” church.

The “worst” I’ve ever done is met assault with self defense. For that I was told I’d be damned to eternal hell fire. When it’s verbal I walk away.

I’ve watched fiat laws be repeatedly enacted, denying the Rights of fellow Citizens, on Local, State, and Federal levels.

I’ve watched psychopathic “holy” folks, assault and murder fellow Citizens “in the Holy Name Of God”; and THEN to cap it all off I’ve watched those psychopaths be hidden from prosecution, and actually defended by other “holy” psychopaths!

I’ve watched these psychopaths, and their churches, then be “defended” by the larger Christian community because “they’re only human after all”.

I’ve watched “holy” priests and pastors, and bishops, batter and sexually abuse children (repeatedly) and then be actively hidden from prosecution and defended by their church and congregations…. by the way there is a Legal term for this last… It’s called “Aiding and Abetting a Felon in the Commission of a Felony.” The prison term is generally between 1 year and 1/2 the term for the commission of the actual crime(s). Yet, because of this protection racket very few of the criminals were ever brought to justice, and their victims are STILL trying to get recompense of some sort… 30 years later.

So, yes, it should absolutely be a private matter but theists keep forcing it into the public sphere by their actions, and by their abject, repeated, and intentional, failures to call out the transgressors amongst them!

All of this, and more, I’ve witnessed in just the 52 years I’ve been on this earth. And I haven’t even gotten to History yet.

The Spanish Inquisition
The Crusades
The Salem Witch Trials
The fiat State laws that legislators must belong to the “right” church.
Then there’s these “few hundred items:

So, you tell me: Since we Citizens are so constantly, and continuously, assaulted by the actions like these (and have been since forever) and then those crimes are consistently “defended” or “conveniently ignored” by the religious “holy” folks, what are we reasonably to do? How are we to “act reasonable” in the face of such a long and “distinguished” history of being minimized, assaulted, murdered, and ethnically “cleansed”?
Seriously? How?

I’ve had theists, of several sects, who knew damned good and well that they and their “good news” was neither needed nor wanted walk blithely into my posted and gated property, through a closed and clearly posted gate, to “deliver their good news” every week for six long months until I had them arrested.
This is called… intimidation tactics.
Acting without due care or concern.

“He blithely ignored the law”
“They blithely trespassed”

Bottom line: IF and when theists make it a personal matter, and actively start cleaning up their own messes instead of forcing society to do so with Our courts, I might consider your (blatantly false) implied assertion of “It’s between me and god, leave us alone” to be reasonable. That is… when and if your psychopathic zealots quit trying in a dozen different ways, through fiat law and custom, to RAM Your beliefs down My throat, then and only then shall I consider it a “personal matter”.

So long as I am forced to tolerate Your beliefs as law or custom in My life… you’d best pack several lunches, you’ve got a looong day ahead!

The reality of religion is serf control

Full disclosure: I’m a lifelong atheist (small “a”) because I’ve read the Bible.

While I agree that religion can have some few beneficial effects on a society, I have a slightly different take on the advantages and disadvantages of religion from a human nature perspective because I look at the ACTIONS of an organization and I ask “#WhoProfitsFromThisShit?!”

Unless we’re talking about the smallish subset of humanity who have no internal ethical compass, the answer to that question is rarely “Ordinary people.”

The disadvantages for me are several:

  • Religion promotes magical thinking as a “solution” to moral and ethical problems. That is, it asserts that I am to believe such and so because “God (supposedly) said so.” The glaring problem here is that much of what is claimed as “Gods Holy Word” is actually just the historical musings of powerful old men seeking more power over the serfs.
  • Religion is often greedy in (socially) demanding a 10% tithe from even those who are already at or below subsistence level. (Useful to priests and kings when harvests are bad).
  • It stifles freedom of thought by listing what your morals are to be, and by regarding any independent thought as challenging “The Holy Word of God.”
  • Religion uses LOTS of circular logic and appeals to authority to justify it’s existence.
  • It uses social approbation as a second level tool to insure that compliance.
  • It promotes letting evil folks escape without punishment here and now by asserting that “it’s not your job to punish them” and that they’ll “get theirs” in some mythical afterlife (Very, very useful for the wealthy folks oppressing the serfs).
  • It promotes authoritarianism in requiring compliance to dogma.
  • It sets up a Top Class (priests) who can scare you into compliance when all els fails
  • If the boss tells you to do something and you don’t you might loose your job. Meh… If your God, or one who claims to be it’s representative, tells you to do something and you don’t you “Go to Hell”… forever. Not “Meh” if you believe in such things.
  • It causes folks to live in fear.
  • It causes folks to “just shut up and accept” whatever their priests claim is “what God wants you to do”… no matter how little sense it makes in light of your morals, or your life experience. A prime example of this is found in the calls for forgiveness from within the Catholic Church, for their child molesting priests and those who protected them.
  • It causes folks to physically attack other folks over words and different beliefs.
    It does this by using a “Them vs. Us” mentality.

Now… on the plus side.

  • The simple fact is that there are a fairly large percentage of folks who need the apparent certainty of believing that there’s a god which is watching out for them.
    Religion gives them comfort… However false that comfort appears to me, it has a great value to them.
  • It can promote a sense of community, and of shared goodness.
  • It can be used to help those less fortunate, though in my experience that help usually comes with serious strings attached such as conditions that you comply with their belief system… or at least act like you do.