The truth about policing

Whenever a cop abuses their authority (which.. To be perfectly clear is only LOANED to them by us in our name) to harm a person who’s done nothing wrong there’s several places I place the blame:

  • First and foremost the lions share of the blame goes to the cop who abused their authority and their oath to protect our Constitution.
  • The next largest share of the blame goes to the ostensibly good cops who struck themselves blind and mute in order to protect the false sanctity of the Thin Blue Line, in the exact same way Catholic bishops did to CYA for child molesters in the church.
  • Don’t try to tell me this shit of cops LYING doesn’t happen or that it’s “an aberration.” It isn’t and we both know it. I’m sorry the Truth hurts folks, and standing silent in the face of Evil IS Evil! Zero excuses. If y’all want to point at a mess on my kitchen counter, y’all need to clean your OWN damned house first.
  • Next the balance of the blame goes to the ass hats who decided it was a good idea to train cops to believe that ordinary citizens are The Enemy.
  • The fuck wad cuntmuffins who thought that allowing corporate fascists to profit from human misery was A Okay.
  • I also blame every congresscritter whose ever supported the fascist, racist, false flag, CIA supplied , War on Drugs .
  • (Looking STRAIGHT at you here Hillary)Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton Accepted Almost the Same Amount of Prison Lobbyist Donations

Michael A Woods Jr called this shit out when he blew the whistle on the entire Boston PD as an anonymous Twitter account 4 years ago, and more recently out in the open.

Y’all want my respect? Y’all want my cooperation? EARN IT by standing T.F. Up when you run across these Shitweasels As Michael A Woods Jr did. Y’all know who they are as well as I do. Probably better.

As Answered: When a cop abuses his power and hurts private citizens do you blame the cop or system that trained him?