Was 9/11 the result of a conspiracy?

TL:DR We don’t know and can’t currently prove whether 9/11 and/or some elements of it were a conspiracy or not..

However; on a scientific level the NIST Report to Congress with its 50 some redacted pages is utter bullshit. Given the long historical Record on CIA/OSS thuggery, General Wesly Clark’s 2007 public statements about the 7 planned wars, and the Record on events like Bay of Pigs, Iran Contra , MK ULTRA , Operation Mockingbird , Air America, and Project Northwoods, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out that it was a conspiracy, but only long after the perpetrators are dead or beyond prosecution.

In any case I have zero doubt that elements of “our” government would even hesitate at murdering 3,000 citizens or 30,000. Consider the costs to us of the current #Wars4Profit. Consider the costs to ordinary citizens of Vietnam or Korea or the current war mongers “declaring” the Golan Heights to be “part of Israel” in direct contravention of 6 decades of international law and treaties.

How nuts does one have to be to believe that the Bush administration was behind 9/11?”

Not very. In fact, not at all… These types of False Flag operations have been attempted several times before and the W.T.C. “event” looks and stinks of the exact same murderous hubris advocated by members of our military industrial complex in 1961.


Also consider the book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”

Then consider that virtually the entire nation was demanding the use of RICO against the (now proven intentionally fraudulent) bankers who wrecked our economy for their profit and “our government F’ing bailed them out.

Then consider this: In the recent Cromnybus Bill Citibank rewrote Dodd/Frank to allow continued gambling with derivatives and the reverse derivatives which crashed the entire world economy from 2006 to 2012 using our federally insured deposit money.

Last but not least:
Here’s a whole series of scientists, engineers, fire investigators, high level military, and others who all say that every single “fact” created by Congress and N.I.S.T. out of whole cloth is a complete and utter lie.


None of the “sciencey sounding stuff” quoted in the Congressional Report matches up with actual Physics, or Engineering. The videos, and eyewitness reports, of the towers falling look and sound exactly like descriptions of buildings being intentionally pancaked (demolished) into their own footprint, to the point that several witnesses described it that way… and then in the days following were silenced.


Add to this the supposed “fact” that an aluminum skin and frame 747 supposedly “cut” a large portion of 1 1/2″ thick wall steel columns in W.T.C., and the supposed fact that a 757 at over 20 feet diameter supposedly “folded itself up and vaporized” into a 13 foot wide hole in the Pentagon.
A cruise missile is about 13 ft. In diameter (I’ve seen them both up close and personal)… Occam’s Razor folks…

Nor, does any of the Facts, Evidence, Citizen testimony, or Videos match up with the N.I.S.T. claims… in point of Fact one of the folks who tested the floor mockups to “prove” the pancake theory of the collapses calls those “test results” a lie. Just days later he is fired and the N.I.S.T. story line changes dramatically for a fourth time.

Add to these Facts the Fact that never, in the entire history of the world has any skyscraper, whether struck by a plane or not, “fallen down,” much less actually pancaked into its own foot print without destroying buildings just 100 feet away.


Note the striking similarities between acknowledged demolition and the W.T.C. “falling down”.

If you follow the money, the Bush Family are, and were, large stake holders in Halliburton along with several other arms manufacturing corporations; which corporations were bribers (oops… I mean “campaign contributors”) to the Bush Jr. And Cheney campaigns. Even better, Cheneys’ Halliburton “earned” ++$39 Billion in very “convenient” no bid contracts over the course of the subsequent war and, at least $22 million of those profits were directly due to fraud which a Federal Court buried the evidence of…

If you actually follow the money and ask “Cui Bono?!” Repeatedly, it’s a very short hop to believe something was extremely hinky about the whole situation, and that Bush, Cheney and the Criminals In America had a hand in it.

Now, if after this logic and Fact you still doubt that our government would do such a thing, get and read a copy of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

If you still doubt, consider that from 1968 to 1998 (that we know about) the C.I.A. was the largest expediter and importer of illegal drugs.



If after all that you still have any belief that our government is actually working for Citizens, there is no hope for you. Sorry.