Guns in America


That which can be destroyed by Truth should be!


Can a pro-gun American justify their nation’s gun laws to a Brit who believes that a gun-less society is safer?

Certainly. Listen closely.

I assert that a society where citizens can be poor and still have health care, a livable minimum wage, and a lower level of economic inequality is what makes that society safer because far, far, fewer people nut up and go postal in such societies. Guns are 100% orthogonal to that issue. And the flat refusal to deal with THAT real issue is what causes these shootings.

See, the reality here is that guns, or trucks driven into market crowds, or bombs in Chunnels and on busses are not, Not, NOT, ever, what cause people to feel oppressed.

The reality here is the people who do not feel oppressed, folks who feel their society has some modicum of care for them however small, do not ever “just nut up and start shooting.”

To blame that lack of care on an inanimate object or to assert that eliminating an inanimate object will change that lack of care is absolutely foolish, disengenuious, or both. It’s directly equivalent to banning hatchets because Little Lizzie Bordens mom got 40 whacks.

What causes people to feel oppressed are societies where a single medical event involving an ER can completely bankrupt you, despite the fact that you’re forced to pay an insurance mafia company more than your mortgage for “insurance” which covers fuck all.

The grand Orwellian lie of US Health “Insurance”

Per Capita Healthcare Costs — International Comparison

What causes people to feel oppressed and go postal is when the “progressive” president goes along with the corporatist Republican Brass and murders the pension you paid into for DECADES in order to save one of their bribers a few bucks. The Decline of Unions: President Jimmy Carter, The Union Buster

Opinion | Reagan vs. Patco: The Strike That Busted Unions

House Panel Approves Bill To Cut Postal and Federal Pensions

What causes people to feel so oppressed that they nut up and start randomly shooting others is living in a FUBAR society where if you punch your bully YOU get in trouble for it.

Andrew Gumbel explains what really happened on the day of the Columbine massacre – and why

See.. The bald blatant fact is that these things almost never happened when I was a kid, despite having almost 50% of homes owning guns vs the 31% we have now.

That’s right. At 47% of homes owning guns we had 8 to 10 YEARS between events in 1973.

U.S. Mass Shootings: Statistical Analysis of Frequency and Fatalities

Now at 31% of homes owning guns in 2018, we have these events every 60 days or so.

If the flat lie that guns are causing these events were true, we’d see an increase of homes with guns in line with an increase in frequency of shootings.

Instead we’re seeing the EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE.

But that’s ok…

Just ignore the Facts and keep screaming Gunz R Bad as the 5 corporations who own 95% of our Orwellian Newspeak media tell you to do and “treat” the infection while completely ignoring the shattered bone end sticking from your thigh.

My point here is simple:

Since prior gun bans have done exactly fuck all to reduce the frequency of these events, perhaps we should follow Einstein and try something different. “The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results each time.”

There is zero valid parallel to be drawn between the US and Australia, Canada, England, or the rest of the EU because y’all have several major, core, differences in how your government treats ordinary Citizens.

  1. Y’all have nearly free at the point of delivery health care. The US lets the Insurance mafia bankrupt us over a single medical event, even as we pay them a higher vig than our fucking mortgages.
  2. Y’all have usable mental health care. The US has “Fuck you, die bitches” Some background to the incarceration of the mentally ill in the US prison system Deinstitutionalization – Special Reports
  3. This “Fuck you, die bitches” attitude is prevalent even in our courts and our law enforcement. New Study Shows Even If Cops Commit a Crime on Video, 96% of the Time they Aren’t Prosecuted
  4. It’s also evident in the culture of schools where people who are being beaten and bullied mercilessly get punished for resisting that in any direct way. A shocking number of teens bring weapons to school. Here’s one reason why. School shootings are about more than bullying
  5. Y’all have some form of minimum wage which a person can actually survive on. The US? “Fuck you, die bitches.” 43 states allow tipped employees to be paid less than minimum wage
  6. More on that issue This Is The Hourly Wage It Takes To Afford A 2-Bedroom Apartment
  7. European prisons presume that the inmates are going to be returned to society and treats them accordingly. Not so much in the corporate fascist USA: Maggots in food at Ohio Prison

Is it really so terribly surprising that folks are nutting up?

Let’s address these issues, which might actually do something in real life to stop people from nutting up, before we go for the gaslit screams of “Do Something” with bans which have been proven by experience to have less than zero impact on the core problem.