Nope! You’re NOT allowed to criticize Amazon!

Interesting but unsurprising news here..

I’d shared out a couple of articles which were very, and legitimately, critical of Amazon.

Lo and BEHOLD! As I was going through my notifications yesterday I found something odd and very disturbing.. Apparently Quora has “Vanished” these posts.

There’s two notifications here that “XX Upvoted your share: I Called Out a Counterfeit Item on Amazon and They Banned Me”

Each time I tried to click through I got this “404” notification that Quora “Couldn’t find the page you’re looking for”

Here’s another notification that someone upvoted my share of the article.. Same results.

No Bitches. It’s not that “You can’t find it.” That’s a flat fucking lie.

You “can’t find it” because you fucking DELETED it.

THIS exact corporate fascist shit is why I hate the internet and absolutely refuse to use any cloud storage for anything.. Because it’s completely 100% fungible and information absolutely is being destroyed at the push of a button.

Now the reason I’m flat pissed about this is that I immediately checked my email to see if they thought I’d violated Quora Policy or some such..

Nope. Nada fucking thing in email except their marketing “Your Feed” email. No notice. No “you violated policy.”

Nothing. Just completely and instantly disappeared to somewhere un-findable without single a trace; just like like a Doctors Without Borders “suspect” from Washington during the Obama administration.

The other share which seems to have been subjected to Quora’s version of Bush’s “Extraordinary Rendition” was a shared post of an article talking about Amazon Cloud, their Rekognition API and their deep ties to the Alphabet Agency psychopaths, and how Amazon is selling everything about us, including our faces, to these fascist nut jobs who make that nut job J. Edgar Hoover and his dresses look positively main stream.

Folks are shocked – shocked – that CIA-backed Amazon is selling face-recog tech to US snoops, cops

My comment in sharing the article was “That’s last dime Amazon or any company owned by them will ever see from my pocket.”

Folks. If you’re not absolutely outraged and scared shitless by this stuff then you’re not paying attention.