Why folks won’t work for a share cropper’s wage..

Here’s the facts about why the US “needs” immigrant labor.

TL;DR Truth:

The USA needs immigrant labor because US Citizens are no longer willing to comply with, or even care about, a system which pays them less than sharecropper wages. This problem has been growing worse for 3 generations now and employers can’t find people to actually give a fuck about “paying work” which requires they work 12 hour shifts for wages that qualify them for public assistance.

Fair Warning: Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming

Who profits from this crap?! It’s not ever ordinary citizens be they conservative, progressive, or liberal; yet the progressive folks are the only ones calling it out.

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Hell, they’re even conspiring and lying to screw over the “cheap” ($60k) immigrants they brought over on H1B because they couldn’t bear to spend +$80k on US educated engineers who knew what kind of housing market they’d have to contend with! Shitweasels.

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It’s the Inequality, Stupid

LONGER ANSWER with Fixerguys Common Sense

I call this The Stadium Analogy:

Kris Rosvold’s answer to What is a socialist’s justification for stealing the fruits of my labour and redistributing it to someone else who made different decisions than me, therefore, ended up in a different situation than me?

We US citizens and immigrants live in a corporate fascist oligarchy where we haven’t seen a real raise despite increased skill levels or increased corporate profit percentages in almost 4 decades now.

The REAL question we should be asking is: “Why the E.L.F. should I work for a corporation which is going to pay me a *cough* “wage” which won’t even allow me to live with a modicum of dignity or ever have any hope of being able to retire with any modicum of dignity?”

Now I see lots of folks claiming that we “need” immigrant labor because “Americans are lazy and have lost the will to work.”

The REAL reason “employers are having so much trouble finding qualified workers” is the 4 decade long pattern of shifting ALL the legitimate business expenses of running a business to the shoulders of the employees.. Much as Lyft and Uber do. The problem here I’d that we citizens are being forced to pay the legitimate business costs of maintaining the equipment* which produces the profits (*Us). This us directly akin to a manufacturer buying a milling machine, refusing to do any maintenance or repair (ie: Health care and housing) and then getting mad at the machine when it eventually quits working.

This claim of “Americans aren’t willing to work!” is a carefully crafted form of Gaslighting which is created by the very Shitweasels* who blame us for this fraud by claiming that “You *harrumph* need to get more (insanely expensive) education in order to *cough* earn better wages!


Here’s the REAL problem.. In its entirety (including the part no mass media ever mentions):

“The will to work (for what are essentially slave wages) is gone.”


  • In 1995 I made $12 per hour selling lumber and hardware to contractors. Zero “skills” except a penchant for accuracy and a sunny disposition.
  • In 2014 the BEST offer I got as an experienced (+10 year HVAC/Refrigeration Field Service Engineer holding TWO $8,000 Bachelor’s degrees in Refrigeration Engineering and Electrical Engineering) was $20 per hour on what’s called *cough* “ticket time.” (Which means that if you’re “at work” but not actually billing a customer you don’t get paid at all)
  • Further, in that same time frame the rate at which my skills get billed out to customers has gone from $40/Hr to $120/Hr. That is a 3x increase in profits with ZERO real spending power increase in wages. If my real life spending power matched the increase in billing rates I’d be getting over $60 per hour as an employee. Even if we only look at ratios I’d be getting over $36 an hour now. To START. Instead it’s $20 because “That’s the maximum anyone is willing to pay in the area” AAAND.. Fuck you.

  • This only accounts for inflation. It does not account for the ongoing and ever increasing taxes the middle class pays.
  • So those hard won and expensive degrees and skill got me exactly fuck-all ($0.35 whoopie shit) in real world spending power despite my employer being able to bill me out at over 3x what I earned for them with “no skills”
  • This doesn’t account for the fact that my 1981 Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (with a focus on Control Systems) cost me about $8k to get a $18k/ year job (a cost factor of 0.444) and today would cost me well OVER $30k to get a $28k per year job (at a cost factor of 1.071 or higher)
  • This doesn’t account for the fact that the tax burden on those paltry slave wages has been “shifted” entirely to the folks who can LEAST afford it.

  • It also doesn’t account for the fact that in that same time period of 1995 to 2018 my health “insurance” has gone from $100/ month to over $800/month and the grand Orwellian FRAUD of the deductible (where I pay for EVERYTHING) has gone from $500 to $5000 per year. That’s an 8 to 10x increase with ZERO effective increase in wages. Fuck. You. Sideways. With. A. Bag. And. A. Flag.
  • It doesn’t account for the fact that in the ’80s the Bankster frauds STOLE half of middle America’s savings with the S&L Scandal frauds; in ’96 it was the Dot Com frauds, and in ’06 it as the selling of fraudulently rated REIT’s into our retirement accounts. Secret and Lies of the Bailout This latest series of fraud by bankers and ratings agencies put not one of the fascist fuckers in prison, and the whole series has cost me, directly, over $100,000 cash in invested money stolen by Wall Street.
  • It doesn’t account for the loud screams from cheapskate, greedy, corporations that they “need” to import labor because “they can’t find anyone to work (for less than share croppers got)!!” You hear a lot in the press that companies can’t find enough workers to fill unskilled jobs – why don’t they just raise wages to fill their open positions?
  • It doesn’t account for the fact that the defined pension has been murdered by our government at the behest of their corporate fascist bribers. Then “replaced” with defined contribution frauds which allow banks and Wall Street to steal our money with complete impunity because “market variations.” Bullshit. Y’all know exactly what the fuck is going on and you PLANNED this shit. Fuck off and die. How Wall Street Thieves, Led by Goldman Sachs, Took Down the Global Economy — Their Outsized Influence Must be Stopped
  • None of the above even begins to address the fraudulent fascisim of the War on Drugs or the USA *cough* PATRIOT Act
  • Now this is going to be a shocker for some, but our kids see all of this crap and have watched us survive it. Is it really such a wonderment that a percentage of folks are just nutting up and shooting people? Especially when we consider that the schools are enforcing a “zero tolerance policy” where if you’re being bullied and you retaliate YOU are the one who’s “wrong.”
  • Nor does it address the gaslit history of exactly who got fucked by EVERY gun ban ever passed, and why they’re at this shit again.

Here’s the REAL Question Y’all need to be asking:

Can anyone give me a VALID reason (other than pure unadulterated corporate fascist greed) for this set of facts?

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