Yup. They’re still gassing our meat.

Restaurants have never used ammonia for washing food to preserve it. Some suppliers still do which is why I refuse to eat pre formed ready to cook burger pattys or chicken nuggets.

What happened was that a major meat processors (notably a McDonald’s supplier called BPI) used to use anhydrous ammonia to sanitize meat trimmings before grinding it into the infamous pink slime shit* and mixing it with our burger meat as a binder for cheap burger patties and chicken nuggets.

*Which was made up with cutting floor trimmings formerly relegated to be dog food at best, or rendered into grease)

Safety of Beef Processing Method Is Questioned

Their theory was that the ammonia would evaporate off after having killed the bad bacteria they were having a problem with (E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and a few others). They were having this problem because their speed of production, and use of floor s crapings, didn’t allow for proper sanitizing and because they are fucking greedy and were trying to sell sub standard meat at the higher prices they got for people food.

“Our” “regulators” signed off on this plan and even exempted them from regular testing.

This practice of sanitizing meat is still used in big slaughter houses to increase shelf life beyond what could be normally expected by flushing the individual packages with ammonia.. Ever notice that ammonia smell on some grocery store meat when you first open the puffy package? Yup. I won’t name names but if you see a store with all the meat package trays puffed up (especially fresh meats) they’ve been preserved with ammonia.

Welcome to the Corporate Fascist States of America where “regulators” obey corporations rather than doing their ONE fucking Job for citizens.

Oh.. If y’all don’t think that’s the definition of fascism, I’ll ask you to look up the words of its creator Mussolini who defined it as the merging of State and Corporate power..

Like this shit: