If you’re upset about Big Brother, you’re absolutely screwed.

Yes. Big Brother in the guise of Book of Faces (and Google, and Twatter, and.. And.. And.. And..) is absolutely listening to your every word and absolutely is tracking your every move, every search, and every website you visit.

No. “Turning off” the location function and the WiFi on your devices does NOT make any difference to whether they track you or not. It’s kind of like the mythical “Close Door” button on shopping mall elevators. It only gives you the appearance of having some control over your situation so you don’t get frustrated and start wrecking shit when you realize just how bad it really is.

I’m very conscientious (to the point of it being an automatic reflex) about leaving my location and WiFi functions on my phone switched Off unless I’m actively using them for my purposes. Yet I periodically (a few times a week) get “notifications” from Google (or Yelp or Facebook when I had them installed..) to Rate a Place or Check In or Location Tag a picture of just taken.. EVEN WITH THOSE LOCATION FUNCTIONS ACTIVELY SWITCHED OFF.

Those elevator “Door Close” buttons don’t have ANY effect on what the elevator is going to do unless one of two conditions exist:

  1. You have a Fire Key and/or a Control Key and that key switch is set to Fire or Control.
  2. The door close timer has timed out.

Welcome to Nineteen Eighty-Four. Yes, it was supposed to be a warning to us and the oligarchy stole it for use as an instruction manual.

How to keep your smart TV from spying on you | ZDNet

Oh… unless you’re an exhibitionist, I really wouldn’t recommend having any of your fun time anywhere within view or hearing of ANY smart device! You’ll be wanking in public. Why y’all think Zuck keeps a post it note over each his computer/device cameras?!

Smartphones, PCs and TVs: the everyday devices targeted by the CIA

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It’s not just websites and corporations either. Governments are also looking at, tracking, and recording every communication you make.

FBI, CIA Use Backdoor Searches To Warrentlessly Spy On Americans’ Communications

Its so insanely extreme that they’re building massive new data centers to record, process, and analyze, everything you do, everyone you talk or write to, and everywhere you go. Since about 2010 or a bit before it’s to the point where any decent lawyer won’t even consider using email for any but the most generic client communications. Privileged communication is always face to face or by snail mail if they’ve half a brain.

Welcome to Utah, the NSA’s desert home for eavesdropping on America

And no.. You’re NOT allowed to use any ^effective^ encryption software either.

Report: NSA Paid RSA $10M to Create ‘Back Door’ in Encryption Software

Sorry, serf.

What’s particularly interesting about this is that I can set my phone to switch the WiFi on or off based on location but I CAN NOT do the same for location.. It would be easy to do by simply making the switch dependant on if a WiFi I’ve approved was in range or not but its not set up that way.

Its also interesting that my old phone (by default) showed me on the home screen whether these are on or off but zero of the new phones are “capable” of that, and instead of being able to switch them on or off from my home screen, I now have to wade through 2 menus to get to the location function switch.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find that my next “NBFU” “Upgrade” phone won’t even give me the option to switch location off.

If that’s the case I may well end up digging out my old milspec Motorola Flip.