The Bold Lie of Democrat Party Brass “Progressivism”

There is definitely a rift between progressives and moderates of the Democratic Party. I’d hardly call it “burgeoning” though because it’s been aggressively enforced by the moderate* Party Brass since at least 1968. In fact during the 1968 Democratic Party convention the Party Brass actually used soldiers to silence the progressive elements and drive us from the convention floor because we had a large enough contingent to take over and force a real reform candidate upon them.. And because we wouldn’t just Shut The Fuck Up and Comply with their corporatist dreams.

*Moderate Democrat party brass actions look remarkably similar to Republican party brass actions.. Neither of which serve anyone except the insanely wealthy

GOP Donors and K Street Fuel Third Way’s Advice for the Democratic Party

Now I know there are Democrat rank and file folks who will deny this Fact at the very tops of their lungs using all sorts of Tu Quoque and Ad Hominem, but I look at ACTIONS and then I ask “Who fucking profits from this shit!!?” Whether the policy is advanced by a Republican candidate or a “Centrist” Democrat** the answer in real life is never, ever “the citizens.”

** one of the primary features of 3rd Way is the “appeasement” of (more precisely: Compliance with) Republican policy and I’m prepared to prove this with my simple test: “Who fucking profits from this shit”

EACH of these are policies either enacted or continued and enforced by ostensibly Democrat presidents.

  • The utterly fascist and blatantly racist War On Drugs
  • The Bush written NAFTA. Note: The Memorandum of Agreement which Bush 1 signed prior to leaving office had exactly ZERO legal authority to be enforced. That took Slick Willie Clinton Clinton browbeating Congress to pass it and his signing it into law. (I watched him do this shit and left the fraud of the Democratic Party because of it)
  • The Bush written 1995 Welfare “Reform” which turned welfare from a Federally funded and administered mandate into a State unfunded and administered mandate.
  • The Bush written 1995 Sentencing “Reform” act which boosted the repercussions and costs of the Nixon drug war upon black families to heights undreamed of by its Republican progenitor.
  • The Carter Administration with its Union Busting and the resultant handing over of fully earned (but carefully unfunded) retirement benefits to the very corporations who were formerly legally mandated to pay them out. Carter also very carefully ignored this costs on citizens of the Nixon drug war. And a failure to act when one has the power to do so IS an active agreement to comply with the status quo. (Doubt me? Try to tell your boss that continuing a predecessors’ FUBAR policy “isn’t your fault” when it bites the company in the ass.. Good Luck y’all!)
  • The Bush 2 written Bankers Bailout which Obama and Holder rammed down our throats with their Orwellian “Too Big To Fail” lies. Don’t y’all DARE claim “he couldn’t do anything about it!” when he had a full NINE MONTHS of an unassailable Democrat majority in Congress almost out of the gate. See above on who’s responsibility it is when you continue a predecessors FUBAR policy..
  • Oh.. Let’s not forget his cosigning the utterly fascist gutting of our Bill of Rights by Bush 2 either: Obama’s TRUE legacy
  • This shit where a President with Veto Power could have stopped this but decided to hand a legal authority to create an Orwellian agency to the PEOTUS. In 2013 Obama Legalized The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public – Common Sense Evaluation He did it TWICE to; Once in ’12 and again after Trump was PEOTUS. The Nuts and Bolts of the “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act”
  • The simple fact is that, based entirely upon their actions and upon who gets screwed by their actions (ordinary citizens), Democrat Party Brass are nothing more than Republican Party Brass dressed up in blue, cosplaying “progressive” and blowing unicorn smoke up our collective asses.

This “rift” ain’t new and it sure as hell isn’t by “mistake” or “happenstance” either! Democrat 3rd Way Party Brass have been actively building it in order to silence and drive out progressives since the 1968 Chicago Convention.

Why? Just ask “Who Profits from this shit?!”

Here’s exactly what I saw in the 2016 election and its the sort of intentionally divisive gaslighting I fully expect to hear from both sets of Party Brass in ‘20.

Why did I see it this way? Because the scam of Three Card Monte is a thing, both on the streets and in politics.

It’s also a thing in “our” “news” media

Project Censored – The News that Didn’t Make the News and Why

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Is there a burgeoning rift in the Democratic party between the moderates and the progressives?

Oh.. Don’t bother with the name calling. It has no effect on me.

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