We Have A Deadly Serious Problem To Confront!

How much fresh consumable water is left on earth and how long will it be until it runs out?

We honestly don’t know how much potable water we have or how long it will last us.. and I’m willing to bet big cash money that the situation, world wide, is far far worse than we’re being told. It may even be one or more orders of magnitude (10x? 100x? We don’t know) worse than we’re being told, for several reasons.

Untold cities across America have higher rates of lead poisoning than Flint

What we DO know is that corporations are actively poisoning what potable water we do have in ways which we may not be able to do anything about effectively.

One group of these these corporations keep dumping oil near our waterways, in our waterways, and on top of our aquifers. Because of that, and because our Shitweasel government flatly refuses to stop them, we may well run out of usable water completely… and much sooner than anyone realizes.

The Controversial Keystone Pipeline Just Leaked 800,000 Liters Of Oil

The latest reports I’ve seen are saying over 9,600 Bbls… which translates to 528,000 gallons injected into the soil both above and below the break, yet they only cleaned up the oil above the break (aka: replaced topsoil) and all the oils in our soil below the break are still there… percolating further down with each heavy rainfall.

TransCanada – Amherst incident

Now.. Note carefully that this is an underground pipe at almost 3 feet in diameter operating at 1,380 PSI. For perspective on the forces pushing that oil out of the break in the pipeline.. Your typical car tire operates at between 30 and 40 PSI and your typical air hose operates at 100 psi.

Here’s more perspective:

Used 6,000 Gallon Diesel Fuel Storage Tank | eBay

This is “just” a 6,000 gallon tank. See that ladder? It’s about 2 feet wide. Imagine someone dumping the oil from almost 100 of these in your back yard.

These fuckers may well have just irreparably poisoned the nearby aquifer and we won’t be able to prove it or do anything about it until after plants, stock, and people start coming up sick and dying. By that time the water in the aquifer will be poison and anyone drawing water from that aquifer will be, well and truly, deeply FUCKED.

This is precisely what the protests against the DAPL were about.

Kris Rosvold’s answer to What is the most bizarre lawsuit you know that ever happened in the US?

And y’all actually wonder why folks are nutting up in mass shootings when they discover shit like this being willingly cosigned by our utterly bribed fascist government?! Seriously.