Followup on the DAPL Protests and fascist “Lesser” Evil Democrats

Kris Rosvold’s answer to What is the most bizarre lawsuit you know that ever happened in the US?

Well guess what just hit the real news?

TransCanadas’ Keystone pipeline just leaked 97,000 barrels of oil all over OUR land and water table. That’s barrels folks. That’s 5.34 MILLION gallons of toxic crude oil at 55 gallons per barrel dumped all over our land and our water table.

Heres Jimmy to tell y’all all about it including Barak Obama and the fucking fascist corporatist Dempublicans ignoring the Constitution they swore to protect by allowing the use of National Guard troops to enforce the theft from the Indians by DAPL.

Some “lesser” evil eh?!

The 7th Amendment is QUITE clear: “In suits at common law where the value in controversy shall exceed $20 the Right To Trial by jury shall be preserved..”

The First Amendment is quite clear as well. Obama and the Republicrats ignored ALL of them and said “let it play out” as people with reams of legitimate objections were beaten and gassed by oil company (read: Democrat “donors” aka owners) thugs aided by the National Guard.

Lesser evil? Nope. Fuck you. Burn the bitch to the ground!

Fascist fucking Shitweasels.

In case y’all are wondering these pix are what the “Party of the working man” actually DID to working men when we were demanding an end to Wars For Profit and a progressive candidate in ’68 Chicago. Heres some more:

Here’s the FULL back story on the DAPL Protests:

Sept. 15 2017

While the McDonald’s coffee case is pretty bizarre I think this case is even stranger.

Energy Transfer Strikes Back, Sues Green Groups Behind DAPL Protests

Here’s the setup:

  • A large oil transport company sets up to install a pipeline (which ALL have a long history of leaking and polluting land and water) across a river above a town

  • The (mostly white) residents of the town protest and the planned river crossing gets moved south to unceded Indian Treaty Lands
  • Mainstream Media COMPLETELY ignores all of this (especially the shift in route) and uses this graphic when the protest becomes large enough that they can’t ignore it:

  • Meanwhile the reality looks more like this:

  • The Indian Tribe demands the same consideration & protection the town was shown; along with the legally mandated Assessment of Impacts on their burial lands and legally mandated Environmental Impact Reports on the river crossing
  • The pipeline company, DAPL, tells them to piss off, manages to evade a legally mandated Environmental Impact Review and the legally required review of Impact on Antiquities by the Army Corps of Engineers, and proceeds to fraudulently use Eminent Domain to steal the land they need, in direct violation of the 7th Amendment
  • The pipeline company then begins building the pipeline without ANY legally based approval for their river crossing, based upon a bribed POTUS and his administration signing off on it.

  • The Tribe begins peaceful protests at the construction sites and DAPL hires mercenaries to silence them while lying in the media to claim that the protesters are damaging their property (which property BTW is illegally destroying sacred lands of the Tribe and will destroy their water source)

More to come… 4/10/18 update..

This is EXACTLY what the tribes who were beaten and gassed for protesting the fascist corporatist theft of their land were cincerned about: 97,000 barrels dumped on OUR LANDS by TransCanada. That’s barrels people! As in 55 gallons per barrel or 5.34 MILLION GALLONS splattered all over our land and left for US to clean up.

FUCK YOU Barak Obama for ignoring the Constitution you swore to protect and “letting it play out”.

Fuck you, you fascist corporatist punk! Fuck the Democratic Party Brass too.