QUIT Distracting Us From The REAL issue.

Theres a fair number of posts bashing Trump being distributed across social media. STOP IT.

Look, I get it and I despise Trump as well; but Trump isn’t the problem here, his win is a SYMPTOM of a long history of lying to progressives by the Democrat Party Brass.

If this forum turns into a Trump bash fest instead of a legitimate place to demand hard, action based, reform of the Democrat Party Brass, and their replacement then I’ll be gone. The problem we progressives are trying to address here isn’t “Trump” it’s 50+ years of Dempublicans talking pretty at us and then DOING exactly what the Republican Party Brass would have done.

Trump and his win, while they are a problem, are but a symptom of 5+ decades of the DNC brass either talking pretty or “ordering” progressives to “STFU and comply” every time there’s an election where our votes are needed. Then once the election is over they turn right back around 180° and screw all us just as hard as they can.

Dear DNC,

The real reason your voter turn out is so abysmal that uall couldn’t even beat Trump is: We SEE You Bitches!!

We SEE Y’all gutting out the Public Option from the PPACA at the behest of your insurance mafia bribers before any citizens ever even got to talk about it! The grand Orwellian lie of US Health “Insurance”

We watched Obama cosign the fraudulent Bush/Cheney created banker bailout while citizens of all persuasions and across both partys screamed “RICO The Bastards!!” at the tops of our lungs. Seriously B?! F’ing seriously?!

We SEE You Obama adding 4 wars for profit to the 3 those Shitweasels Shrub and Cheney started. Lizza says Obama has bombed more nations than Bush

We SEE You Obama cosigning the blatantly fascist, constitution gutting of Shrub and Cheney’s Orwellian named Patriot Act treason against our Constitution. Obama’s TRUE legacy

We SAW your Slick Willie cosign the Republican written Sentencing “Reform” act which boosted Nixon’s racist, facist Drug War to heights undreamed of by Republican Brass. The Clintons’ War on Drugs: When Black Lives Didn’t Matter

We SAW Slick Willie, Hillary and her two faces support the blatant religious fascism of DOMA for over 17 years before she flip flopped because we progressives called her out on it. Hillary repudiates DOMA

Who’s zooming who?

Enough already. Yea. Trump is a fuckwit carpet bagger, fraud and a snake oil salesman. SO WHAT? He’s not the reason so many progressives walked away from the Democrat Party in utter dusgust after they sicced the dogs of war at the ’68 convention in Chicago.. He’s NOT the reason so many progressives walked in ’16 after similar shenanigans to silence Bernie and co-opt our votes to support your Party Brass and their corporate briber driven policy.

IS Corruption Legal in America YouTube

#DerGropenFhurer is also NOT the reason so many of us walked away after y’all cosigned Corporate Hillary screwing our sane, congruent of word and actions, candidate in ’16 just like y’all did in ‘68. The Facts: Why HC is a hard FAIL 4 Progressives

Quit using the Good Cop/Bad Cop DISTRACTION of screaming about Trump so’s y’all don’t have to look at the hard ugly Facts about the actions of Democrat Party Brass. I’m NOT buying.

Heres what that screaming about Trump looks like to me:


Yes. Trump is a fuckwit carpet bagger, fraud, and a perfect Shitweasels’ Shitweasel. AND he still beat Hillary. Don’t y’all dare even think about saying #RooshansDidIt either, I’ll flat laugh in your face because the Brits apparently did it TOO, and the Dem brass apparently knew it for over a year, but y’all haven’t seen fit to say fuck all about that. Mhm…

Now, can we PLEASE, for once, have a F’ing serious discussion about why the Democrat Party Brass bounced the most successful and most effective populist candidate since Obama ’08 in favor of Corporate Hillary and her two faces?

“The Problem” here ain’t “Trump” and it never has been. I’ll say it again; Trump is a symptom and The PROBLEM here is that for over 50 years I’ve watched the Democratic Leadership Council, Third Way Democratic Party, and New Democrat *snort* Party Brass blow unicorn smoke up my ass as KY lube for their corporate bribers financial and ethical rape.