Corporate fascist rant at Quora

Suddenly Quora is absolutely insisting that I “Select at least 10 topics to follow in order to improve my feed”

If I back out of the selection panel then the App shuts down immediately.

Hard Fail!

This pop up has pesterd me 8 times now, and the first thing I noticed is that EVERY ONE of these “Topics” is a marketing topic. .. which I honestly couldn’t give a fart from a rats’ ass during a wind storm about.

Never mind that I’m already following 167 Topics I actually care about.

Folks… I may not be here much longer. I’m on the Aspergers Spectrum and I already have a deep and long standing resentment for the idea that my wallet and my eyeballs belong to corporate fascists who want me to hurry up and buy their shit that I don’t want in order to impress people I honestly DGAFFAARD about.

I also resent the fact that they think this ramming of their wares down my throat is something that I have no legitimate say about. It’s become as extreme as the wannabe religious fascists who are so deeply affronted that I won’t just shut the fuck up and comply with their beliefs.

Look, Quora I get that you need to make money but there’s got to be a better way to do it than ramming advertising down our throats in a way that’s inescapable.

For the Record: When you ram advertising down unwilling throats… especially those attached to Aspie folks, the only thing your advertisers accomplish is to piss us off enough thst I’ll never spend a single penny with those advertisers.

I’m 56 years old, know what I want and need in terms of products and services and IF I need something I will come find your product.

If I haven’t made that determinaton all your doing by force feeding me ads like a Foigras Goose, is pissing me off and driving me away from something I once found great value in.


Get a clue. My money is MINE, my eyeballs are MINE, and only I will initiate any purchases based upon MY assessment of my needs. What your advertisers “need” is so not an issue for me that it falls somewhere below the value of used toilet paper.

DO NOT call us, we’ll call you… IF we need something

1 thought on “Corporate fascist rant at Quora

  1. SparkyRunner

    Nice to find you again ! Still at Gestapo Twitter controlled by Georgie Porgies new Israel CIA. Got my Voters card from Texas but can’t use it unless I return to Texas where George is waiting to give me a party in my Honor ! Oh I just can’t wait to see the chain of BFF.! LOL John#Demexit @twitter using a small iPhone still.


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