Yes, I’m an asshole. I also have those Damned Facts

What are some politically incorrect and controversial opinions you hold?

I have a whole herd of actively anti-PC opinions and attitudes

Let’s go for a ride!

  1. It is NOT my responsibility to tolerate the misbehavior of other people’s larva. Sorry. No. Your kid? Your problem. Of your kid starts kicking it’s landing in your arms no matter how fucking “important” your phone call is.
  2. There’s not a damned thing wrong with punching a bully as hard as you can. Sorry. In Real Life there ARE a subset of folks who understand one thing, and one thing only: Superior Force combined with the will to use it. The Danes know this. Why I chose a gun
  3. Speaking of guns… the entire mainstream “news” media controlled “discussion” of our problem with mass murders is a distraction from the REAL issues we need to address in order to end that shit. We, as a nation will never stop these mass murders so long as we allow our government to dump our poorest Fellow Citizens on their asses in our gutters to starve or not as luck dictates. Non-desperate people NEVER EVER randomly murder other people. I’m sorry the Facts hurt. Truly. 0 snark.
  4. Speaking of dumping people on their asses in gutters… Im a Navy Veteran and Tennessee Cracker and god damnit you idiots QUIT FUCKING MURDERING MY FELLOW CITIZENS! Black Lives Matter. Full stop.
  5. The Shitweasles who wrote and voted to pass, or renew, the Orwellian named fascist lie called the USA Patriot Act committed a High Crime referred to in the 14th Amendment as “Insurrection and Rebellion against the US Constitution” and they all belong in prison for abrogating their Oath to protect our Constitution. Obama’s TRUE legacy
  6. If this nations electorate had half a brain and 1/4 of a historical memory BOTH Clinton and Trump would have been laughed out of the election. For the Record A Ringing Indictment Of Hillary Clinton Why Hillary Can’t Win
  7. Bush and Cheney should have been removed from Office with pitchforks because they flat LIED us into going along with wasting $4 Trillion of OUR nation’s wealth in their wars for profit; which both their families profited from. Directly in Cheneys case, and indirectly in the Bush dynasty. The 25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profiteers THIS is why we can’t have nice things like real healthcare which doesn’t cost 40% to 60% more than ANY other 1st world nation.
  8. Obama, as pretty as his words were, is a corporate fascist who fully and freely cosigned the Bush bankster bailout and the fascist Patriot Act. You cosign your predecessors policy means you NOW OWN THAT FUCKING POLICY TOO. 0 Excuses here. He had a full 9 months of a super majority to kill these IF he were so inclined. He didn’t… see the link on #3.
  9. The 2016 election was a massive game of Three Card Monte designed specifically to prevent anyone outside the D “vs” R duopoly from gaining any traction.

  1. Here’s how the scam was run

  1. We don’t have 2 major partys. We have one Party with two faces, a public “liberal” face (Democrat Brass) and a private corporate fascist face (Republican Brass). The reason this is do, is that there’s but one hog trough which BOTH sets of Party Brass gorge at. The root cause of this was SCOTUS gutting the 1973 Congressional Campaign Finance Reform Act

  1. It’s about 49 years past time for EVERYONE of any party to start ignoring the Newspeak words of both sets of Party Brass, start looking hard at their actions, and asking them “Who Profits from your ACTIONS bitch?!”
  2. That question may well need to be asked with freshly sharpened pitchforks in hand if we’re to start seeing any actual change beyond mere appeasement.
  3. Yes. I’m an asshole. I claim it, proudly, and I assert that we need far more Assholes asking those hard, ugly, questions of known liars.