Damned Facts On Our Gun Debates

There’s a Question I was asked to answer on Quora:

Here’s the link: https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-ratio-of-guns-to-people-in-the-USA-and-in-other-countries-around-the-world/answer/Kris-Rosvold-1?share=728593e6&srid=X0qr

What’s the ratio of guns to people in the USA and in other countries around the world?

Let’s clarify here a bit so as to side-step any Lying By Statistics (which just happens to be something our mainstream “news” media is absolutely EXPERT with)…

Are we asking how many guns per capita, or are we asking what percentage of US families own guns? These are two completely different questions and they each have completely different implications for the answer.

If it’s the former Question of “How many guns per capita are owned by people in the USA” then Alix Lane’s answer is correct. There’s a whole shit ton of them relative to other nations ratios. While this information has some utility in the background of the discussion on what we should do about mass shootings, it’s also a bit misleading. I’m sure this isn’t intentional, but it’s still misleading.

Let’s look at something which is a bit more indicative of gun ownership patterns in the US…

Lets look at the ratio of families who own guns as it changes OVER TIME. More specifically; let’s look at the percentage of families who own/ed guns during the same time period where the frequency and severity of these mass shootings increased to become a national problem which needs to be dealt with…


Do y’all see what I’m seeing here?

Yup… that’s right folks! From my childhood in the 1960s when these mass shootings were practically non existent and the percentage of US families who owned guns was above 47%, until 2014 when we decided we need to “Do Something about the every other month mass shootings” there was a DROP in the percentage of families owning guns of 16% which left the percentage of families who owned guns at around 31%.

Now, knowing this fact… which I lived by the way.. can we honestly say that guns are the problem? Or is it just possible that our government dumping desperate folks on their asses might be more of a proximate cause here?

Does anyone recall Ronnie Ray Gun closing the mental hospitals rather than making ANY attempt to reform their horrendous abuses?

I do.

Does anyone recall the Clintons helping by shifting the responsibility for our federal welfare programs to the States and then progressively leaving the reimbursement funding for that unfunded mandate to stagnate into uselessness.. or the Republican Shitweasles actually cutting those payments do they could fund tax breaks for their corporate fascist bribers?

I do.

And… isn’t it “odd” that our ENTIRE mainstream ”news” media just flat refuses to talk about any of this history as being a part of the problem, much less talk about it as a Root Cause? Oh, sure… they’re perfectly happy to point the finger at the individuals shooting up schools and concerts as nutters, but have you honestly EVER seen even one of these SOBS talk about why these folks are hopeless, or how our “Health Care” system flat dumps them on their asses to starve or not, as luck allows? Nope.

I know what I think. I’ll let you ponder these facts a bit and ask yourself some really hard, ugly, questions about who profited from this shit which BOTH sets of Party Brass caused at our expense.

Hint: They ain’t, none of em D or R, working for Us.

Corruption is Legal in America

Haven’t been for well over 40 years now.