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Sanity Around Weapons

Why couldn’t the pro gun camp and the anti gun camp sit down and hash out a plan that finds a livable compromise?

*Sigh* Here we go again! *Tightens Belt* *Slips lock on Asshole Man’s cage*

TL;DR Because no one in politics or in big business wants us to have any real discussion across Party Lines.

There’s several reasons…

  1. We’ve BEEN there and DONE that. The Brady Bill, the false flag “Assault” Weapons Bans. Etc, etc, ad nauseaum. Every last one of these attacks guns as the exclusive “problem” when the core problem is that we have millions of folks who are literally, pathologically, fucking delusional, and we have ZERO effective treatment options for them which can be mandated, short of warehousing them, completely untreated, in a criminal, for profit prison. (This is thanks to Reagan and every POTUS since!)
  2. Our ENTIRE mainstream “news” media is, and has been Gaslighting us all for decades by focusing entirely on “Scary Gunz!!” and carefully refusing to talk about Fact #1 at any length.
  3. Because of this Gaslighting by MSM and by BOTH sets of Politicians, our conversation has been effectively limited to just 2 non-viable options: A) Ban all guns B) Pry them out of my cold dead hand.
  4. Neither of these “options” even addresses the real problem of mental illness v guns. That’s intentional. Now ask: “Who Profits from this shit?!”
  5. There is currently ZERO way for a legitimate gun owner who’s selling a weapon to reasonably and easily tell if a prospective buyer is Competent to own weapons (ie: Trained, able to secure those weapons, Not mentally ill, not legally incompetent, etc) without involving the Federal Government… which government seems to want to be able to track ownership of guns.
  6. Legislators do not want to address the complete lack of effective mental health treatment because that would be expensive for the insurance mafia (whom they’re bribed by) and the gun lobby (who ALSO bribe politicians) is afraid it might cut gun sales.
  7. Worse, Any effective solution would end this intentionally limited 2 option “debate” amongst Citizens of the Left and Right being used by them to distract us ALL from the fact that NEITHER PARTY actually works for Citizens. Or the Constitution. Or the Nation.
  8. “2″ Partys, 1 Hog Trough.

  • There is a way which will work by setting up a State level licensure program which doesn’t track ownership of weapons but does track Training, and Legal Competence to use or own a weapon. Sanity around weapons
  • No one in power will support this, and the media won’t even talk about similar proposals for the reasons enumerated above and below. Lets see what else MSM won’t talk about at any length.. Project Censored – The News that Didn’t Make the News and Why

Who profits from this shit?!

  • Politicians get a handy dandy stalking horse to distract Us from the fact that they’re NOT working for Us. At all. On any level.

  • The Gun Lobby gets to report increased sales to their owners as conservatives buy more guns and ammunition so that if a grab does come they’ll still have some options.
  • The Democratic Party gets to look and sound “pretty” to their constituents because they get to LOUDLY advocate for limits on Constitutionally Protected gun ownership, but ONLY when they’re in no position to actually DO ANYTHING.
  • Note carefully the Democrats’ dead silence on Patriot, PPACA, +$4 Trillion in Wars for Profit, the Bankers Bailout Fraud, the Bankers systemic reverse derivatives fraud which CAUSED the ’08 global meltdown, NAFTA, TISA, Gun Control, Cops murdering Citizens, the false flag drug war, Banksters stealing homes with the Rocket Docket and forged documents, RICO for banksters, etc during the entire 9 months that Obama had a veto proof majority of Democrats in both houses of Congress. Yea… those fuckers.
  • The Republicans get to look “pretty” to their constituents by advocating gun ownership, using Tax cuts to benefit only the wealthy while Gaslighting us that a Main St business paying 40% = Multinational Corporations paying 12.6%… etc.GAO: U.S. corporations pay average effective tax rate of 12.6%

  • The Federal Firearms Licensees profit because more and more the ONLY way the vast majority of gun owners can be sure they’re not selling to a criminal or a nutter is to “broker” the deal through an FFL… for a fee or a % of the sale.
  • The State and Federal government profit because they don’t have to pay for mental health facilities and can simply imprison non-compliant people
  • The private for profit prison companies profit because they get to sell the labor of prisoners at a massive profit while paying lessentially than slave wages if they pay antrying at all. 21st-Century Slaves: How Corporations Exploit Prison Labor
  • The medical mafia and big Pharma profit because all the liberal fear of “gunz” sell LOTS of antidepressant pills Psychiatric Drugs Are False Prophets With Big Profits