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On “Good” Cops and #ThugzWitBadgz

Can American policemen really shoot a person at will? by Kris Rosvold

So I got this Question asked today…

I don’t think my answer was quite what they were looking for…

#Newspeak unpacked with a vengeance:

Thugs With Badges

So this “happened” a few days ago in Salt Lake City, Utah…

Four cops assaulted, battered, and then falsely arrested a Nurse who, in compliance with established Law and agreements between the Hospital and the police department, refused to draw blood evidence for them from an unconscious auto accident victim who was not under arrest, nor even a legitimate suspect in the accident.

I’ve said all the following repeatedly here, on twitter as @Fixer_Guy and on Quora; but I’ve said it all piecemeal. It’s time to get comprehensive with Facts. There are no sane excuses for these fascists when they murder My Fellow Citizens in inner city (POC) neighborhoods, and there are also no excuses which any sane person will accept now. The only thing any sane person could consider even marginally “redeeming” in what these evil cops did; is that they didn’t flat murder this woman or beat her to a pulp as they would have done if she’d been black. I personally consider that to be a further indictment of them under 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242 but I’ll leave that bit alone for now because I’m talking strictly Actions vs. Duty here and I’m trying to get my fellow whites to see the designed systematic problem with cops being given the power they have.

Every time I take police, as an institution, to task for this level of fascist crap, I get reams of “excuses” as follows:

  1. These #ThugzWitBadgz are an “aberration” in policing.
  2. Most cops are Good Cops.
  3. They’re just doing their job.
  4. She should have complied and sorted it out in court.

My response to these logical fallacies as “arguments” in defense of policing as it currently exists in the USA are as follows:

  1. There is no “aberration” here because we see this across our nation, across decades; and even in cases where there’s video evidence of the cop violating the laws they swore an Oath to uphold, there’s almost NEVER any serious repercussions on the criminal cops. This IS systematic and by design because in most cases the District Attorney will refuse to prosecute, but even when there’s blatant video evidence 96% of the time Thugs With Badges do not get convicted
  2. The simple FACT is that not ONE of the other 3 “Good Cops” present took a single step to shut this fascist pig down while witnessing his blatant violation of long established Law, Department Policy, and Department Agreements with the Hospital. Passive silence in such situations is explicit support for what he’s doing. There are, in real life, ZERO “Good Cops” in the room because actual Good Cops would have acted to uphold their Oaths to enforce the Law and Constitution by stopping him from violating that Law. They didn’t. In point of fact they helped him violate Law and Department Policy (noted by the administrator on the phone with the nurse in the video) by aiding in his false, felonious arrest of the nurse. In short, every cop present supported this fascist and abrogated their Oaths either by supporting his criminal actions with their criminal actions, or by supporting his actions with a criminal refusal to act in support of the Law they swore to uphold. You can make all the excuses you like here and they won’t wash with sane folks. When you stand silent in the face of Evil, you ARE Evil. No excuses. You 3 “Good Cops” are utter #Shitweasels who violated your Oaths to Uphold The Law and Our US Constitution because you either stood silent, or worse you helped, as another Cop went full CRIMINAL.
  3. Their Job, as defined by EVERY police department hiring ad I’ve ever seen, publicly stated Department mottos, and their Utah Oath Of Office as Police Officers, is to UPHOLD THE US CONSTITUTION, THE LAW, and by extension to PROTECT CITIZENS FROM THE LAWLESS. In the Police Department Oaths & Policy that I’ve seen, there’s zero “exceptions” for “It’s OK if a fellow officer is the criminal.” Part of that Police Oath Of Office usually includes an Oath to defend and uphold the US Constitution. In the particular issue for this situation the courts have ruled repeatedly that a WARRANT is REQUIRED in order for police to mandate any blood draw for testing. The “implied consent” lie most states use to evade this mandate is, quite simply, AGAINST THE LAW. So, no! None of these “Good Cops” were “doing their job” on any level. In point of Fact and Law they each are negligent and criminal in their refusal to do their actual duty and should be banned from police departments nationally after a few years in prison.
  4. The simple fact, which we saw in 1930 Germany, is that fascists, especially those protected by false (un-Constitutional) laws simply do not care about courts and will (have in real life) continue their criminal behavior until they are physically stopped by Citizens.

Sorry folks, there’s zero legitimate excuses here (or when #ThugzWitBadgz murder my unarmed Fellow Citizens because they’re black), and if you’re trying to claim there are any I’ll ask you to take your magical thinking elsewhere… BECAUSE YOU ARE NEXT!

Welcome to ChrystalNacht. It’s here & now. It time to stand T F UP people.