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Charlottesville and unpacking Newspeak

FAIR WARNING: This is a long read. It’s long because there’s lots to be unpacked here, including the rampant Cognitive Dissonance throughout our society, and History Matters in unpacking it.

A great many folks, on both sides, are going to get mad at me because I’m challenging that mass, societal Cognitive Dissonance. Fine. As you get mad, ask yourself just one really hard Q:

“#WhoProfits from you’re being so pissed with & scared of your “other” that you can’t even talk to them as a fellow human?” Icky question & even ickier implications.

Sorry, but not really sorry.

So I just listened to @saneprogressive in her latest post. While I know many people who are annoyed with Debbi; One of the hallmarks of being a Progressive is that we seek our solutions to the problems we see in society, outside of, and across, the assigned identity boxes which MSM & the 2 Partys’ rhetoric works so hard at keeping us, and all of our discussions, stuffed into.

It’s an hour long vid but all I’m asking is that you listen with an intent to understand (vs. forming a reply to or arguing with) what she’s saying for the first 10 min.

Debbi unpacks MSM & Party Brass Newspeak

*cues Jeopardy Theme*

Now, as background, I’m on the Aspergers Spectrum which makes my takes seem a bit “odd” sometimes. The reason for this “different” take on events is that, because my brain is hardwired differently, I see (notice?) Patterns across Time & Events in a similar, intuitive, way to how “normies” see the obvious differences in primary colors. Part of the “why” for this is that I’ve got an insanely “sticky” memory for events, conversations, & details. I also don’t have many of the emotional filters which allow normies to not “notice” a great many things. It’s no better or worse, just different & useful in its own way.

With Charlottesville I see, on the surface, a dispute which appears to be between ppl who say “Cops killing brown people without cause or trial is ok” vs people who say that’s never ok. (BTW, for any who don’t know me: On this level I’m firmly, even militantly, in the “Quit F’ing Murdering My Fellow Citizens PERIOD” camp)

As I look a bit deeper though I see the “other” side as a group of folks who KNOW how badly they’ve treated POC, and feel they’re being replaced (which they are by simple population shifts) and above all they’re flat scared shitless because they’ve been told by both “sides” of MSM & BOTH sets of Party Brass “FEAR THESE PEOPLE!!” for well over 200 years.

Here’s where the real unpacking gets busy & interesting:

Teodrose asks “Who Profits from this crap?!”

We know, and can empirically prove, with thousands of cited articles, that both MSM & the politicians of both Partys scream this message constantly in both direct & indirect ways. Doubt me? Look hard at the words they carefully chose to describe Dylan Roof (misundersood) vs. the words they used to describe Sandra Bland (prior history of “problems with the Law”).

Here’s where we begin the unpacking, and it’s really ugly.

We can also prove that this Newspeak is intentionally injected into our beliefs, on both sides, by MSM and politicians of BOTH Partys. Let’s look:

Remember Hillary Clinton screaming “Super Predators” in support of a bipartisan bill to “reform” Sentencing Laws so the crack cocaine (used almost exclusively in black, inner city neighborhoods) carried 10x the prison time of the powder cocaine used by whites?

Do you also remember the CIA dumping #IranContra coke in those inner city neighborhoods just a few years prior to their election to President? I do & they damned well knew it TOO, as Hillary screamed for a “fix” of the problem which the CIA CAUSED in its entirety. Do you know that this dumping of coke continued well into the 2000’s?

#WhoProfits from this fear mongering?

The knee-jerk reaction we’ve all been trained into, on both sides, is “racism causes it” but what if we step back from that outrage, however legitimate it is, for half a second to ask ourselves “Who Profits from this messaging?” This is where Kaitlin (@caitoz) was trying to go with her “infamous” article, and it’s where Debbi is going in the video above.

There’s some serious history behind this question which lives in the roots of the 150 year war on drugs, the union movement, the suffrage movement and the civil rights movement, and which history is very carefully ignored by MSM & both political partys.

Here’s one piece of that historical record:

Pig Watch inluded white folks

The Black Panthers and their Pig Watch movement

Did you know these facts? Are you now looking hard at the messaging of both “sides” of MSM to ask em “Who Profits from this crap?

Have you pondered that this Pig Watch movement was insanely effective in ending cops beating down war protesters because it was intentionally built across lines of race and political beliefs?

Now here’s your kick in the ass:

Look at the TIMING of when Pig Watch was built, how completely effective it was in ending cops beating people, and look at it against the timing of MLK and Malcom X being murdered.

Did you know that this company exists?

Demand Protest LLC

Now… before you go there, I know Snopes’ claims it’s all a big fake in respect to paid protestors at Trump rallies, yet I ALSO saw those ads for seat fillers at the DNC Convention, which Snopes “most carefully” does Not mention.


Hint: Racism, while real on its own by virtue of having been taught to ALL with 200 years of churches, “news”, and families, passing down created fear, is ALSO a tool used by oligarchy to keep us divided & hating each other so that we can’t EVER even discuss starting a Pig Watch again.


The Pigs Of War Exposed


Introducing Your Oligarchy

Lastly let me note that this whole fiasco “just happened” to break as the #DNCFraudLawsuit was finally starting to see some attention, other than dismissal, in mainstream media reports

Knowing all of the foregoing #DamnedFacts (please feel free to re read as needed), I’ll ask you one final time: “Who Profits From This set of facts?