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7/22/16  06:41

Got an email today from The Nation magazine asking that I “help fix the Democratic Party” by asking that they eliminate Super Delegates. My first thought was “I just CAN’T even…” then I stepped back and decided that a response was necessary. Even if they don’t read it, there are things which need saying aloud & in Public.

I’ve no reason to believe that the Democratic Party Brass will ever listen to me as I’m not wealthy enough to buy a voice there. What follows still needs to be said. They wouldn’t listen in ’84 when I refused to shut up debunking the DLC/3rdWay  lies they were selling with the Bandwagon Fallacy. They in all likelihood won’t listen now almost 35 years later. Yet the following still needs to be said.

Out. Loud.

So, it took me about an hour & here it is FWIW:

Dear Katrina,

We’ve spoken back and forth over the years, most recently on Quora when we were there.

I appreciate those conversations more than you can know.

I love most of your writing, and I thank you for using your magazine for accurately calling out many of the inequities in Our Nation.

That said I find these pleas to “help fix the Democratic Party” a bit disengenuious because of the actions of the Party, and thier 40 year history of policies servicing thier corporate bribers at the expense of Citizens.

After this election and the treason we’ve seen by DNC during it, which was capped off by thier using whiteout on Sanders ballots in San Diego county; the DNC is dead to me

Whiteout to Win Election Fraud

This one act by the  Party faithful, in and of itself, is serious enough that it SHOULD,  objectively, by the acual words and intent of Our Laws, put everyone who knew about it & did nothing in prison for 10 years or so. Sadly for our once great Nation it won’t.

The simple fact here is that the “Democratic” Party is absolutely intent upon ramming an unfit to govern, blatantly criminal, corporate fascist, War Hog, who can’t even beat her own Stalking Horse, down our throats.

(Cites to back these claims in the link Why Hillary can’t win a legit election)

This, in and of itself, is bad enough for me to never support that viper pit of the Democratic Party in future, yet they further compounded thier hubris by doing all of this to force the coronation of a person who can’t even beat her Stalking Horse,  Donald Trump, in a legitimate election.  Meanwhile Bernie Sanders beats Trump by double digits in almost all polling, and the Democratic Party STILL has the hubris to scream “FEAR THE DRUMPH!!” at us, as if we don’t see thier lies or thier treasons

In my life I’ve watched Hillary Clinton, as FLOTUS, as Senator, and as SOS, either DO or support every single thing she warns us to “Fear from Trump”

So no. I won’t be working to “fix” the Democratic Party. I won’t be donating a single penny to them, and if they don’t nominate a candidate who can actually BEAT the Stalking Horse they scream at us to fear, I’ll likely never vote for one of thier recommend candidates again. The Democratic Party is utterly broken. It was intentionally & maliciously wrecked by Bill & Hillary Clinton servicing the naked corporate fascisim of the DLC and 3rdWay corporate “donors” by selling these frauds to Us for thier own profit. Furthermore, as that sales pitch was going on it became Party Policy to drive out, minimize & silence ALL the Progressive voices in the Party. I was one of those voices in ’84.

More on that: Hillary screwed Us selling the DLC lies

Last but not least is they claim that they’re going to lay the blame at MY feet if this pedantic twit Donald Trump wins while they’re actively ignoring & silencing a candidate who can actually BEAT him by double digits, & worse, are backing a candidate who can barely hold even with him in the polls. This is, quite simply, psychopathic on the part of the DNC and Clinton supporters. I’ll say it outright just so we’re clear:

Blaming Progressives for a Trump win, on ANY level, is utterly insane. The ONLY people at fault, if Trump wins, are those who attempted to ram Hillary Clinton down our throats using the logical fallacies of Bandwagon, Ad Hominem, Tu Quoce, Black or White, and Personal Incredulity,  while actively silencing voters for a candidate WHO ACTUALLY THRASHES HIM IN THE POLLS.

The ONLY people at fault, if Trump wins, are those who scream “Lesser Evil” at us while backing a candidate WHO HAS DONE EVERYTHING they scream at us to fear.

The ONLY people at fault, if Trump wins, are those who actively IGNORE the #DamnedFacts on Hillary Clinton’s actions and float logical fallacies… 

See: Your Guide to Logical Fallacies

 as if those kinds of mind fucks were any sort of legitimate “refutation” of the Facts & History of Hillary Clinton’s actions, and the massive costs of her actions, to our once great nation. 

I will continue to read your magazine, but please refrain from emails to me asking that I help “fix” an intentionally wrecked political party which should, by all rights, be tossed into the dust bin of history. 

Yours in blatant Truth,

Kris Rosvold

7 thoughts on “Reply to @TheNation request to help fix the “Democratic” Party 

  1. Donald Kronos

    Every election they try to fool us with the same lies and logical fallacies, changing only the names of the candidates they threaten us with in order to get people to vote for one to keep out the other, with which one depending on factors designed to polarize the people against each other. We so need to fight on behalf of those all too easily deceived people to get them the option on the ballot to vote AGAINST the candidate they’re most terrified of, so that we can start electing more GOOD PUBLIC SERVANTS into office, to replace the puppets of the oligarchy!


    1. fixerguy Post author

      Oh… there’s more
      I came up in the Era of DLC which was later changed to 3rdWay but remained the same people & funders
      Now they’ve renamed again as “New Democrats” but it’s still the same corporate fascist bribers fronted & sold by Slick Willie & #NixonInPantsuits
      These guys…

      And these guys…

      If anyone challenges on this direct them to OpenSecrets.Org to see who’s bribing whom.


  2. Richie_Rich

    This back and forth debate between Republican vs Democrat, Left vs Right, Liberal Progressive vs Conservative, Capitalism vs Socialism, Popular vs Electoral, Federal vs State/Individual Rights, Government vs Corporate ad nauseum is exactly what the Political Party Royalists want us to be doing. Take a look at “corporatism” for example. Corporations wouldn’t be getting “welfare” if they and the politicians weren’t in bed together! Pointing your fingers at Corporate CEOs alone isn’t critical thinking. That corporate welfare comes from the Political Royal Elites in both parties. That’s exactly where this all starts. Too many politicians are “careerists”. Even the ones who go to Washington DC with great intentions get sucked down into the “swamp” of corruption, greed and cronyism. Those of you on the left and the right who religiously vote the Party line falsely believe that your representatives are going to stop corporate welfare. Clinton’s attempts to put herself on the right side of this equation was truly laughable, yet she still received 60 plus million votes. While I do not subscribe to the big government socialist policies of Bernie Sanders, he at least was truly an outsider. Even if he had won the primary and the general election his radical socialist policies would have rightly been opposed by a hostile House and Senate. I could have lived with a Bernie Presidency if not for the fact that he would have nominated the most radical of judges to the SCOTUS. I too, for decades, was fooled by party politics. I was a JFK Democrat who became disillusioned with that party after Jimmy Carter’s disastrous 4 years in the 70s. One of the things I learned early on was that the cost of any product or service is dependent on the supply and quality and the demand for it (P=S/Q + D). Even back then you could see the federal government’s out of control attempts to control and take power over the economy. Jimmy Carter’s setting of gasoline prices caused a massive gasoline shortage and gas lines that wrapped around blocks for miles. The federal government’s involvement in education began in 1979 with the establishment of the Department of Education. The result? The United States has slipped from #1 in the world to #17. The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), implemented in the 70s and other federal economic policies caused the recession that swept Ronald Reagan into power in 1980. In the 1990s further tweaks to the Community Reinvestment Act included federal government arm twisting banks, big and small, to loosen up the lending requirements for home mortgages. The banks had no choice! Lend to those who could not afford it or be heavily fined/punished. To be fair, the banks understood where this was going and created all sorts of designer loans, including interest only loans in order to keep rates extremely low and to reduce their own risk by collecting interest up front. The CRA? Another federal government boondoggle failure that was in fact, inarguably, a factor in the Housing Crash. Also to be fair the blame can be placed at the feet of politicians in both political parties who supported the bipartisan CRA. I began questioning the Republican party in 1992 after Daddy Bush uttered his no new taxes pledge. Bill Clinton was swept into power mostly due to the 3rd party run of Ross Perot (who I supported). I finally came to the realization that both political parties were turning away from America and the Constitution and were focused on this new globalist new world order and worse – regime change throughout the world most specifically in the Arab world. As a Cold War Navy Submariner I was disgusted to see us win that war and then subsequently lose the peace that was there for the taking with a Gorbachev led Russia. Instead, our leaders further expanded NATO eastward threatening Russia. After 9/11 Baby Bush invaded Iraq when it was clear that it was Saudi Arabia who backed the terrorists financially. In 2006 I began my transition to independence! I backed Ron Paul for President in 2008 instead of the globalist war mongering McCain. In 2012, I once again backed and voted for Ron Paul for President instead of the Political Royal Insider Mitt Romney. Since 2008, we have seen the greatest unconstitutional overreach of any President in US History. The bailouts under both Bush and Obama levied massive debt on future generations of Americans. The Affordable Care Act turned out to be a lie with the real intent of an eventual government takeover of the Healthcare industry. Misuse of the military and regime change policies in the middle east continued under Obama, Clinton and Kerry (Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, all remain hotbeds of failed USA policies). Once again, in 2016, I backed Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) for President and also considered Jim Webb (D-VA). After Rand dropped out and faced with a choice between Clinton and Trump, I voted for Donald Trump. I did this for several reasons. First and foremost, Trump is a political party outsider and not accepted within the GOP Royal Elite Club. Secondly, Clinton is likely the most corrupt politician in US history. Additionally, Trump will need no Congressional legislation to secure our borders or to uphold immigration law. I can also expect Trump to nominate a judge to the SCOTUS that will uphold the Constitution, Bill of Rights and State Rights. Today, I am and always will be a non-affiliated independent citizen. I support the end of the political royal ruling class by voting for independent challengers. We need strict term limits and SC justices should be selected by We the People and not coronated by the Political Royal Rulers. Today, our federal government is the #1 employer, borrows and spends too much and has run up over $200 Trillion in long term debt liabilities. Our current national debt stands at $20 Trillion and Obama ran up more debt during his 8 years than all of the Presidents before him combined. Sure, Obama was terrible but so too were 4 of the 5 Presidents before him. I urge those of you who blame corporations for our current state of affairs to seek out the root cause. The root cause, in my opinion, is the corruption of the Political Elite Royal Class. Those of you who hate corporations for not paying a living wage to our workers are hypocrites when you support the trade policies of our government that results in $800 Billion in trade deficits going to communist countries where their workers are paid 25 cents an hour slave wages with no benefits at the expense of our own jobs here in the US. Lastly, — think critically. Walk away from the Political Party System as I have.


    1. fixerguy Post author

      Short bc short on time
      I do NOT back GOP either & see this, evidenced in video, as the core problem
      Fact is both parties are bribed to treason by corporate fascists & a great many of BOTH PARTIES are corporate fascist themselves.
      Witness: Barack Obama’s loud silence on DAPL using Geneva Conventions banned CS Tear gas on protesters


      1. Richie_Rich

        No argument there. Corruption is legalized right in our tax code as well. I think we have quite a bit of common ground. We simply disagree on the where the total blame should lie and how much power over our economy and us the federal government should have. I would like to see a very limited federal government with more power shifted to the people, while at the same time weakening the Political Party elitist system itself. Very strict term limits, a balanced budget amendment, Supreme Court justices voted in by the People, Term limitations on Supreme Court Justices, elimination of the IRS and the federal government Treasury Dept being directly funded by the States. Completely remove all government involvement in marriage altogether. We should need no license to get married. I guess you could call me a Libertarian, but the LP platform is a mess. As far as socialism is concerned, I believe we should have the amount that we can afford. In other words, no generation should have the right to pass on massive debt to future generations.


    2. Liz

      I enjoyed reading your post. Feel the same way you do about so much. Trump already is the best president we’ve ever had in my opinion. He saved us from the globalist..


  3. Richie_Rich

    Corporations vs Government? This is a no brainer. I will always trust tens of thousands of businesses, big and small to provide the goods and services that we need instead of 536 Political Party Ruling Elites in Washington DC who are corrupt. During the debates John Kasich said he was “stoked” over the fact that Communist China was reinvesting some of the trade deficits in his home state of Ohio. Not a single journalist called him out on the fact that China is a dictatorship that keeps its population enslaved, a people with no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, and no say in how they themselves are governed. SHAME.


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