Open reply to Bernie Sanders

7/18/16 7AM

The following is in response to an email from the Sanders campaign asking me to support Hillary Clinton in the coming General Election. Ain’t happening.

​Dear Bernie & Crew, 

I offer my apologies that I can not and shall not follow you in supporting the corporate fascist “Lesser” Evil that is Hillary Clinton, our Nixon in Pantsuits.

Effective last week I ReRegistered Green Party and if Bernie isn’t available as a candidate I shall vote straight Green Party.

Here’s the problem; with politicians I watch thier actions and the effects of those actions on ordinary Citizens like myself. I’ve watched Hillary over 25 years now (I’m 54, soon to be 55) and in that time I’ve, quite literally watched her DO EVERYTHING which you and the DNC are warning me to fear from Trump.

Those actions include:

Selling, full throat, the Nixon facist, racist, War on Drugs

Using that false flag, unconstitutional, drug war as an excuse to imprison tens of millions of Citizens and destroy thier lives for a “crime” which quite literally harms no one but the drug user. I’d also note that virtually ALL of the violence around drugs is directly caused by the illegality of them because that draws gangs into the drug business just as happened with the 18th Amendment .

She Supported the fraudulent listing of Marijuana as a Class 1 Narcotic claiming it has zero medicinal uses, while in 1987 our FDA obtained a PATENT on the medical uses of Marijuana

She helped kill a fraudulent corporate fascist rewrite of our bankruptcy laws as FLOTUS, then after “earning” some $158,000 in bribes as a Senator, she promptly reversed course to sell it in full

I watched her, as our SOS, fight to maintain a slave wage of $0.22 per hour in Haiti in order to service her garment industry bribers

I watched her take massive “donations” from the Oil industry and then sell Fracking in the US and the world over

I watched her take bribed from the Medical Mafia and try to create a “national health plan” which is strikingly similar to the fraud of PPACA in that there was ZERO Public Option and the Insurance Mafia would have been the gatekeepers for such care as people were able to wrest from them.

I watched her support, and ultimately pass an exemption from the Sherman Act for those Insurance Mafia & Medical Mafia  Dons known as the Certificate of Need laws which effectively murdered competition in the medical industry and in the insurance industry

I’ve watched her push our nation into false flag, fraudulent, wars for profit at OUR expense over 8 times now and at a projected cost in today’s dollars of over $8 TRILLION by 2026

I watched her and Obama help multinational corporations write an absolutely treasonous “Trade” Agreement which will gut the Rule of Law and our Nation’s sovereign RIGHT to protect Our citizens from corporate malfeasance

I’ve watched her and her DNC cronies use fucking white out on legally cast ballots in elections paid for with State Tax Dollars.

I’ve watched her engineer “firewall failures” to gain access to your supporters and thier wallets, then have the Party blame you for those “failures”

This last is why I call her #NixonInPantsuits because this fraud was, in every sense, an EXACT replica of Nixons crimes in Watergate with the single exception that they were done digitally rather than with a physical break in.

I’m sorry, I can not, and shall not ever vote for another corporate fascist oligarch of either party.

Not only no, but HELL FUCKING NO! 

My view on it is this: It’s the responsibility if the Party to put forth a candidate who’s electable.

The Democrats HAD THAT CANDIDATE in you and they blatantly rigged the election to force you out for a corporate fascist who will continue to lie and service thier bribers at MY expense.

Given all of these #DamnedFacts I flat refuse to vote for a #NixonInPantsuits though it may mean that Trump wins.  The way I see it is this: The Democrats abdicated thier Duty to me and my nation to obey thier corporate masters. Thus if Trump wins then that is THIER FAULT AND NOT MINE.

Furthermore I suspect that Trump (a +22 year Democrat & long time whale donor to the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund) is a Stalking Horse with the express, designed, intent of making this psychopathic corporate fascist seem to be the only “sane” option in these elections.

Yes, he’s nuts but he’s also an accomplished show man with the experience and hubris to pull off such a ploy.

Last but not least, this nation and her Citizens will have thier revolution against corporate fascist oligarchy which the Clintons have so effectively forced upon Us. The only question remaining is “Will that Revolution be a peaceful, political, one; or will blood run in the streets along with the tar & feathers?”

I strongly suspect that if Trump gets elected he’ll either refuse to serve, or his hubris will get him impeached by the Republicans before his second year is out.

I have zero fear of him because of what I’ve watched Hillary Clinton DO as FLOTUS, as a Senator, and as SOS.

In closing, I hereby request that you continue your candidacy through the Democratic Convention, using EVERY weapon at your disposal, including lawsuits for electoral fraud against the DNC, and should they fail to come to thier senses take Jill Stein up on her Offer to join the Green Party as a candidate with them. Our Revolution joining the Green Party would also make them into a viable challenger to both utterly corrupt “major” parties. Those is a Good Thing in my view.

The simple fact is that either may work because the Super delegates prime job is to protect the party and they got a taste of the #Demexit this week. I’m fairly sure they’re choking on it. I would encourage you to talk frankly with Super Delegates about the very real possibility of the Democratic Party dying off as an effective party.

#Demexit is real. Citizens are fed up. Even before #Demexit the party membership has been declining dramatically

In 2011 the Party identification split had the Democrats at 39% of voters. Today that number is down to 27% or less. Republicans have had a similar drop, though not nearly as dramatic. Ask these folks how many voters they lost this past week. How many more WILL bail if Hillary is the named nominee? We know that at least half of your 46% of the 27% Dem voters will not back her. That’s nearly 12% of the entire US electorate… to say nothing of the millions of young folks & first time voters you brought in (who are “conveniently” uncounted thru the lie of “likely Dem Voters” excluding all under 35 and all independent voters from consideration), where Clinton support is even more abysmal. 

Independent voters are now nearly the number of BOTH Parties combined at 45% and rising. This is a powerhouse which you’ve tapped into & woken!

If you join the Greens we WILL, almost all, join you there.

All said and done, I will always thank you for igniting this revolution and serving as our rally point. We will continue with, or without you; but I would much rather have you leading Us with your wisdom and experience in working within the snake pit that is “our” bribed Congress

In closing, you’re welcome to share this letter with anyone,  I will gladly say to them what I’ve said to you here. I’ve no fear in this because I have reams of #DamnedFacts at my disposal.


Kris Rosvold

Ordinary pissed off, fed up Citizen


6 thoughts on “Open reply to Bernie Sanders

  1. Tt

    Sore Loser. Did you honestly think Bernie could win the demo nomin at ion? ?? You frigging dreamers need a lesson and you got one now. I been telling you young folks NOT TO support Bernie for MONTHS now but did you listen???? NO A LESSON LEARNED NOW!


    1. fixerguy Post author

      1) I’m 54
      2) Prove, with citations, where I’m wrong in any of my assessments or assertions
      3) Your logical fallacy is Bandwagon, Ad Hominem, and Tu Quoce… Congrats for a nice use of your #GOPDebateManual!
      4) Got ANY #DamnedFacts, other than the “fear Evil” bullshit I’ve been fed to empower oligarchy by bits & pieces over the last 40 years, showing why I should back Hillary


  2. Gene Jrauss

    I fully understand your desire to remain true to your core positions. But it is also fair for people to evaluate the cumulative effect of others following your lead. The stark reality is that there is no evidence of a massive shift by voters to third party candidates. This fact alone means that to put systemic change into effect one must work to implement change within the existing two major parties and not through a third party. You agree that your action may result in the election of Trump. So it is fair to evaluate the consequences of a Trump election toward reaching your goals versus the consequences of a Clinton election towarrd reaching your goals. Based on that evaluation Trump’s positions and election do greater damage to effectuating your goals. A vote for a 3rd party candidate is a wasted vote that could have made a difference if caat for one of the two major parties


    1. fixerguy Post author

      First off there is irrefutable evidence of voters fleeing both parties in droves. I’ll let you look up the historic numbers 4 yourself. I suggest a Google search for “Party Identification Pew”
      Currently we have Independent voters, as a percentage of the electorate, nearly equal to the entire registration of BOTH major parties combined
      Pew numbers are slightly different because thier most recent poll was, I believe, in 2014.

      I flatly reject any “culpability” for Trump winning because the DNC used an utterly rigged election process to ram a bad candidate down our throats
      That blame is, rightly, owned in full by the Democratic party and thier Super Delegates.

      The simple Fact is that folks who defend, on ANY level, an organization which uses white out on ballots to silence voters (as in San Diego) are the entire problem here

      The Democrats as a party, and everyone who backs Hillary, did this to themselves. That’s not my baby, and I’ll be damned if I feed it.
      Hillary Clintons actions and her brand of oligarchy are exactly what I have fought against since I first voted in 1979.

      Here’s my proof of claim on the white out which, irrespective of any party rules, qualifies as the very definition of #DNCtreason

      I will never, ever, vote for any candidate whose cronies use such tactics, nor will I ever support such a pack of thieves in any measure!

      Last but not least, it is the lie of incremental changes, and the acceptance of that appeasement, which brought us to this point in our so called elections.
      The responsibility for that lies entirely with folks like yourself who promote this “lesser” Evil lie in order to put objectively horrible candidates in office with zero regard for the costs to Us caused by thier actions. The simple Fact here is that almost none of these people are working for Citizens and we’ve got several scientific studies which prove that.


      1. Mpls Prog

        Thank you Fixer Guy. Agree with everything you so nicely laid out. I have voted Dem since 1968 but am changing my registration. One thing that you didn’t point out that refutes Gene is that many of us are waiting until after the Dem convention and/or state primary. The mass exit will happen then.

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      2. fixerguy Post author

        Yup, though there were a great many like myself whose obligations as voters were over on a State Level and did #Demexit after the endorsement. Thus, Super Delegates got a taste of it and I’m sure they’re gagging now.

        I regard that as a Good Thing.
        I also thank those who could stay because the two groups combined means that #DNCtreason has more to fear yet.

        I’m not stupid all sure this wasn’t planned by the campaign to show an Ace to the Super delegates while keeping the rest of the hand private. I have complete confidence in Bernie and his wisdom in dealing with the snake pit.


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