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Negging Young Voters

Great article on how NOT to talk at the folks you want to vote!

First Draft

Another day, another round of “young people are so stupid, hah hah, why don’t they listen to us they are so stupid!” on the Internets.

And it’s not that certain generations do or don’t vote. This isn’t about numbers. After I politely suggested on Twitter that assuming they don’t vote is a bad way to open your argument, I got half a dozen ‘splainers all WELL ACTUALLY up in my mentions, citing various studies that show that this, that or the other group we are currently referring to as “millennials” does not vote in numbers comparable to their noble forbearers.

Which wasn’t my point.

This is my point: If you are trying to convince someone to do something they don’t do and you want them to do, DON’T START THE CONVERSATION BY CALLING THEM DUMB.

How hard is this? I get frustrated every year with the “young voters” conversation not…

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The Facts: Why HC is a hard FAIL 4 Progressives

These two videos describe perfectly the bus tossing of all Citizens & especially POC, by The Clinton Dynasty and the 3rdWay DNC/DLC/”New” Democrats for the profits of their corporate fascist bribers.
First off Harry Bellafonte says eloquently what I’ve been thinking since ~1984 when I walked away from the Democratic Party to become and Independent  (aka Thinking) Voter.

Next Hillary Clinton’s lies… on video, in her own words.

Now excuse me while I go off the reservation for a bit.
Here’s my bottom line in Facts:
1) We, now, are seeing a thing which hasn’t been seen since FDR. This phenomenon is two fold.

2) There is a massive shift in who voters identify with.
Today we have, for the first time EVER Independent voters at 43%⤴, Democratic Voters are at 31%⤵, and Republican Voters are at 25%⤵. (Pew Research numbers)

3) The simple Fact is that Citizens are walking away from BOTH parties at an alarming rate because both parties are screwing us to service their bribers, and have been screwing Us for over 30 years now.

4) These Indie voters, once Republicans and Democrats, are flocking to Bernie Sanders, from BOTH parties, because he has a History of Actions unlike any candidate we’ve seen since before I could vote.

The simple Facts are that both Hillary and Trump are unelectable.
See… Hillary has perhaps 50% of the 31% of Dem voters… or 15.5% of the general voting population
Trump is in even worse shape with 50% of the 25% or 12.5%

Remember those Indies at 43%?
If even half of them show up to vote in the Nov. Elections BOTH sets of Party Brass LOSE!
IF more than half of those folks show up to vote for Bernie then both parties lose by double digits.

So there’s that. Now, here’s why Bernie is generating enthusiasm which fills 30,000 seat sports domes while the other two pull 1/2 to 1/5 the crowds… Bernie has a History of Acting to serve Us Citizens no matter who it pisses off. Even better his words and morals MATCH his actions. Consistently. Over the ~30 years he’s held elected office.

Did you get that? He has a HISTORY of making sure that his Actions match his Words. That matters when a candidate asks me to cosign them (and their donors) with MY vote.

To put a finer point on it Hillary’s actions speak so loudly that I can’t even hear her words.

Bernie also supports almost everything sane Citizens want and very few things we don’t want.
Some of these are:
Equal pay without regard to race or sex.
Black Lives Matter.
The 14th Amendment above the 2nd Amendment.
Universal health care without the Insurance Mafia skimming 40% to 60% of OUR dollars.
Universal Education, without a house worth of debt, through college.
Unconditional Veteran support.
Income & Wealth inequality.
Making corporate fascists pay their share of our infrastructure costs.
That NO child should starve in the wealthiest nation on earth.
That for profit prisons are WRONG.
Ending the false flag War on Drugs (aka War on Poor folk).

I’d be happy to have your support for him, but all I ask is that you simply look at his policies to ask #WhoProfits, as I do with every candidate.

The other thing I ask is that you recognize that when you vote for ANY candidate YOU ARE cosigning thier policies, history of Actions, AND the policies of those who bribed

Obama is a prime example of why This Matters: He got bought during ’07 by banksters & health insurance thugz. What was his first act as POTUS?  To cosign the Bush #2Big2Fail lies despite the fact that Citizens across the nation were demanding he & Holder #RICOtheBastards.

So… before you vote ask loudly #WhoProfits as you #FollowtheMoney.

Hint: DNC or GOP the answer to that Question is NOT Citizens, Nation, or Our Constitution!

NOW go vote. Video your caucus and take pictures of the official tally sheets. Then Tweet those out as Evidence so they can’t “lose” your vote.  Also don’t leave the Caucus  before the other folks do. This game IS rigged for a Clinton Dynasty Coronation and there are now accusations of “recounts” being held after Bernie supporters have left.

FULL reply to Daily Kos edict

Final comment on a Kos article banning attacks on Clinton just now:
So Obama proves (by his actions in backing the campaign of a “Democrat” who bus tosses Citizens & Constitution for corporate profits) that he’s the exact same sort of 3rdWay “Democrat” (aka GOP) corporate fascist that Hillary is and has always been.
This Kos demand basically translates from Newspeak to yet another demand that I “Just STFU and comply with the Coronation of Our #FlipFlopQueen”.

Oh, FYI Kos: Don’t bother replying. I’ve disabled all notifications here and added Kos to my spam email filters.

If you want to talk about this (not rant at me, but honestly talk) you can find me at @fixer_guy
Hint: Leave all the logical fallacies at home and bring cited Facts because I will pull receipts with those #DamnedFacts.

I won’t apologize for posting this, though I will say I’m truly sorry that the Truth Hurts you.

Heres the rest of what I’ve got to say on this edict:

Before we go any further, I fully acknowledge that I’m pissed at a one time progressive forum for going 100% corporate fascist with their recent statement that posts challenging Clinton on her actions will no longer be tolerated.
Here’s what their #Newspeak unpacks to:
“Thou SHALT STFU & comply with the Coronation of Our #FlipFlopQueen Hillary Clinton!”

No. I shan’t. Here’s the problem for me with this demand. I’ve WATCHED The Clinton Dynasty bus toss Citizens, my Nation and Our Constitution in favor of corporate fascist profits  for over 35 years now. I object to that, strenuously, and this objection is totally aside from the oligarch Dynasty aspect of the DNC/GOP planned Clinton Coronation.

I watched her convince Slick Willie to veto the CitiBank written Bankruptcy “Reform” law his last year in office because it removed the ability of Citizens to shed burdensome debts and start over when they got in over their heads through a job loss or medical mafia bills.
THEN after a few hundred thousand in “donations” from banksters she lobbied for it &  voted to pass it during her very first term in Congress.

The Truth About Hillary Clinton and the Bankruptcy “Reform” (Video)

The video is damning.

I’ve watched her give full throated support to a Sentencing “Reform”  law which has imprisoned millions and destroyed black families, under her & Bill’s continuation of the false flag War on Drugs. These two corporate fascists boosted Nixons Drug War far beyond anything even the Republican Patterson Brass dared dream of!

Nixon’s Racist Fascist Drug War

Worse, I watched her do all this while she & Bill knew full well that the CIA was importing the coke which she helped criminalize at Mena, AR and Los Angeles, CA; to be sold to POC as crack in the inner cities via the Iran Contra treason. I find it appalling that any sane person could vote for her knowing this.
Completely aside from the blatant violations of the 14th Amendment in this law; my Fellow Citizens who happen to be black and brown skinned have taken the hardest hit from this institutionalized racism.
Considering the Fact that she sold this “Reform” using dog whistles of “super predators who must be brought to heel” while knowing the Truth; I can reasonably assert that the racism & fascisim inherent in this law was intentional on her & Bill’s part. 
Lets unpack the results of this law and ask aloud “#WhoProfits?!”

Who Profits From The War On Drugs?

The Prison Industrial Complex

Nope, sorry folks, I’ll be damned if I’m going to STFU and go along with asking her to be POTUS.

The simple Fact is that when we vote, be it in a Primary or in National Elections, we ARE cosigning that candidate AND their actions; along with the demands of their bribers, to ask OUR government for more of those policies.

Here’s what I see folks asking for with a vote for Clinton:
She’s a 3rdWay “Democrat”
Now, let’s look a moment at who funds 3rdWay/DLC/New Democrats/ Neo-Liberals and think about #WhoProfits from this.

GOP Donors Funded 3rdWay Democrats

Hint: The Answer to #WhoProfits in regards to Clinton Dynasty actions is not ever Citizens, Constitution or Nation.
The simple truth here is that 3rdWay = New Democrat = Neo-lib = Neo-con = GOP “moderate” = Nucking futts corporate fascists.
NOT cosigning that. Ever. FTW.

She has, in Policy and Actions, if not in words, actively supported Reagan’s lies on Trickle Down “Economics” which have been proven to be completely false over the last 40 years.

Stupidparty Math vs Myth in Minimum Wage

She has bus tossed Citizens throughout her entire career starting with her & Slick Willie’s welfare “reform” in AR and ending most recently with her helping Obama and his corporate bribers negotiate the TPP “Trade” Treaty which allows multinational corporations to sue sovereign nations for “damages” because the nation protects it’s Citizens from corporate predators using laws.

The TPP Facts

I’m NOT cosigning that either.

She’s a Chicken Hawk who “believes” war is the best option to deal with the terrorism SHE helped create by selling arms& regime change to known terrorists in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc. (in exchange for Clinton Foundation “Donations”).

Clinton Foundation Donations & Weapons Deals

She sold our dead and maimed Veterans in Iraq and Iran as a “Business Opportunity” to her corporate bribers, dragging us along for that now $4 TRILLION fraud.
As a Veteran, I find this one particularly offensive & morally reprehensible to the point of being an inexcusable flaw in any candidate.
Let’s unpack that one a bit more by asking #WhoProfits from her support of war.

The 25 Most Vicious War Pofiteers

Hmm… could her support here have anything to do it the FACT that she’s bribed by those corporate fascists above who profit so handsomely from destruction of nations?

Clinton & Obama Regime Change 

Bottom line: I don’t hate Clinton and I don’t even dislike her personally. I’ve never met the woman IRL. I DO, however, utterly despise everything she and her corporate fascist bribers stand for and advocate for.

I’m simply NOT ever going to be cosigning any of that, or Hillary Clinton, with MY vote.

If you wish to blame me for a Trump win, I say to you:

You damned well should have thought of that when you used whiteout on ballots to “win” her nomination over a guy who was beating Trump by double digits.

To attempt blaming any progressive for that idiocy & hubris from the Democratic Party is just asinine.

Furthermore WE FUCKING WARNED YOU ABOUT THE PENDING #DEMEXIT if you screwed us. Repeatedly.

The ONLY people at fault if Trump wins are the DNC Party Brass who screwed the ONE guy actually beating Trump by double digits, while Hillary couldn’t even match her own Stalking Horse in the polls.

Your baby, you can damned well feed it.