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Open Letter to The Pen & #UniteBlue

Dear Folks at The Pen,
While I respect, & appreciate your hard work in removing Citizens United from law, I have an issue with your demands that we Progressives #UniteBlue and just accept the Clinton Coronation which is being rammed down our throats by the DNC, their bribers, and their MSM lap dogs.

Now; to defuse any claims that I’m a Republican I offer some History:
I’m a 54 yo male, feminist, Navy Veteran, progressive, who’s been a member of both parties. Both parties are screwing Citizens for corporate profit and have been since before I could vote. All of the stuff I talk about here I’ve watched happen & I’ve protested it.

In 1968 we lived in Knoxville TN which was the only home I’d known. Both my folks were progressive Democrats, and were positively ignited by the visions of a sane society offered by JFK and Reverend King.
I was going to a Head Start preschool and saw my black friends treated like shit by the white kids. I also caught some shit as I wasn’t willing to put up with, what seemed nonsensical to 6 yo me, assholery towards kids I liked. That tore my heart.

A bit after going through this apparent insanity of seeing friends abused by other kids for no good reason; my folks took me to the Masonic Temple to hear Rev. King speak. Suddenly 6 yo me heard the Truth about what was going on. I can still hear his voice booming over the crowd, and I still get tears in my eyes for the Truth he offered me.

This was a Formative Experience for the man I became. Sadly, as with many experiences of young children, that distinct memory was lost in the mists of time & the business of living life. I still retained the flavor of it in Who I Am but the details were gone. They’re back with a vengeance now.

Sorry but No! You’re using Straw Man and False Conflation logical fallacies in an attempt to silence legitimate Calling Out of folks who are claiming to serve Citizens while they line their own pockets at Our expense. Having a +35 yr memory from watching the criminal actions of the GOP and the Clinton dynasty and using that memory in Calling Out the #DamnedFacts is NOT rancor. It’s called Speaking Truth to Power; and the Clinton’s are nothing if not a powerful dynasty.

I’m never going to “just stfu and go along w the Clinton Coronation” because that thinking (and your demands for it) is EXACTLY what allows the GOP & DNC to bus toss Citizens for their bribers’ corporate profits by offering us a fake “choice” between a shit sandwich on rye with thousand and a shit sandwich on white with mayo.

ALL the establishment candidates offer Citizens the same end results: Pretty bread & sauces covering up the dog shit inside.
Here’s how it’s being done:

As just a few examples (With those #DamnedFacts cited):
1) BOTH the GOP & Hillary are pro war and actually CREATE the false need for wars by “nation building” (CIA/NSA overthrow of legitimately elected progressive governments), betrayal of Citizens of other nations & selling military weapons to KNOWN terrorists.
Here’s #WhichHillary at work:
I’ll note here that I’m a Veteran and I firmly believe that the only honest way to thank me & honor my service is to not create ANY more veterans! This being the case, I can not & shall not vote for candidates who voted for every war placed in front of them as the GOP and Hillary both do.
Here’s the only folks served by this long standing pattern:

The 25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profiteers

Read closely and note the links to both the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

I get that on occasion war is the only effective option, but it should always be the tool of absolute last resort and never a first response.

2) The GOP, Obama & Hillary are ALL pro TPP which is an act of treason against Our Constitution & Our Citizens by bribed Congresscritters. Hillary & Obama helped write this POS “Trade” Treaty with the “assistance” of their corporate lobbyists in much the same way that Senator Roy Blunt, Monsanto & ALEC “wrote & introduced” The Monsanto Protection Act in 2012 HR 933 Sect 735
For details on that read Section 3 of the 14th Amendment and the ISDR provisions in TPP which GUT our ability to legally protect Citizens from corporate predators.
Hillary, corporate fascists, and the GOP shoulder to shoulder hard at work:
The results of their fomenting insurrection against Our Constitution and Sovereign Rule of Law which Our Constitution rests upon:
Here’s why I call it treason


3) Hillary, the GOP, and Obama ALL cosigned the Bush administration lies of #2Big2Fail. Obama even went so far in treason as to legally protect the criminal frauds who wreck our economy for profit by offering them “deals” which amount to the following scenario:
Citizens rob bank of $5M
Citizens get “fined” $5k and KEEP the stolen money
Citizens get NO jail time, but are legally protected from any further State & Local AG prosecutions by our Constitutional prohibition on Double Jeopardy.
Here’s just one of Obama’s “deals” with his bribers:

4) The chair of the DNC recently admitted, on video, on national TV, that the entire purpose to having Super Delegates is to “Protect main stream party candidates (oligarchs) from challenges by grass roots candidates.” The technical term for this is Voter Suppression.
Here’s @DWStweets hard at work:

5) As a direct result of corporate lobbying (supported by BOTH parties) we have laws which are written to specifically protect corporations poisoning Citizens like the DARK Act, the Monsanto Protection Act, and EPA regulations exempting fracking companies from having to disclose what highly toxic chemicals they’re injecting into our water tables. Here’s how they’re doing it:
Tools for tracking more of this crap:

6) NEITHER party effectively called out Justices Thomas or Scalia on their DIRECT cash conflicts of interest with lobbyists (Note that Thomas’s wife is a lobbyist before reading the Law below) and the Koch Bros in the Citizens United case. An effective challenge would have been impeachment & criminal charges under RICO and or specifically sections 201 and 208.
Neither party ACTED to impeach these “Justices” for acting to protect their blatant conflicts of interest. This is not coincidence.

7) Obama has COMPLETELY, and very conveniently, ignored laws which, IF enforced agressively, would almost instantly end our national sham of Black Citizens being murdered by #ThugzWitBadgz with zero repercussions. The enforcement of these laws is as simple as an Executive Order to his @DeptOfJustice and @FBI.
Here’s the laws for #ThugzWitBadgz
Here’s the Law for their protectors (like @RahmEmanuel who Hillary supports btw):
Here’s the whole Chapter
If #BlackLivesMatter really wants to end that shit they’ll take this info into the community, TEACH it to the Fams & crowd fund prosecutions of those bastards. Use their own weapons against them!

8) Using my fact based tests below it’s quite clear to me that the 3rdWay lies Bill & Hillary Clinton sold us are simply #Newspeak to obfuscate the fact that:
“New Democrats” = 3rdWay = Neo-lib = Neo-con = GOP = Nucking futts 1950s corporate fascists
Here’s a bit of History on that:

The bottom line here is this: Both Parties are, quite gleefully, engaged in screwing over Citizens, Nation and Our Constitution to protect the profit of their corporate fascist bribers. Because of this FACT, I’m done with BOTH parties and will only vote based upon one set of dead simple, common sense, principals:
A) Use tools to research a candidates’ actions (fuck their words, they’re politicians Fer gawd sake)

B) Look hard at where their money comes from & the corporations those folks profit from

C) Ask aloud #WhoProfits from this?!

D) If the Answer to C isn’t “Citizens, Nation and Our Constitution” Vote Them OUT!

There is only one candidate out of all the “choices” offered from both parties who passes this simple test (I’ve looked at great length).

Here’s where it gets really interesting:
We now are seeing a phenomenon which we’ve not seen since FDR. It is that rank & file Citizens from BOTH parties, and Independent swing voters  are rejecting the corporate entitlement paradigm and are going #UnitePurple to challenge it.
At the last Bernie Sanders event I attended we had:
Indies, Democrats, Republicans, Kids, old folks, Black, Hispanic, White, East Indian, American Indian, etc; from all backgrounds, professions, and income levels. This is not, Not, NOT, an issue of Democrat vs. Republican as those Party Oligarchs on both sides try to paint it; it IS a Citizen’s  Revolution challenging those oligarchs who bribe BOTH of our parties in order to maintain their bought bribed Status Quo. All of these folks IME are Principle Centered rather than being Party Centered. We are truly the Party of Show Me, don’t tell me. We are #UnitePurple and we’re armed with #DamnedFacts and a determination that the issues faced by all our fellow people matter far more than any corporate “right”
Congress either needs to work for Us or they don’t work at all.

I will never vote for Hillary or any GOP candidate, nor will I stfu about any of their blatant crimes against my nation and my Fellow Citizens.
#BernBabyBern or Burn the bitch down!


Here is the letter from The Pen which prompted my response above:
From: The Pen
Sent: Saturday, February 27, 06:37
Subject: The Rancor On The Democratic Side MUST STOP NOW!!!
To: xxxxxx

Dear Friends and Activists,

Never before in the history of this resource have we gotten so much
hate email as in response to our recent plea for civility and
peacemaking amongst the respective supporters of the two Democratic

We are frankly appalled at the level of rancor coming from supporters
of BOTH Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton directed at each other. It
is juvenile. It is self-destructive. It is the sure path to the
biggest debacle in Democratic election history. And it has to STOP .
 . NOW!!!

If anything in this message does not apply to you personally, for
crying out loud don’t take it personally. Only you can know if the
shoe fits.

Our participants are virtually unanimous in their position that the
Citizens United must be overturned. With the demise of Scalia we have
in our hand the power to elect someone who will nominate the Supreme
Court justice who can make that happen in one fell swoop. We can’t
afford the luxury of cheap shots and petty back biting as usual. Do
you really want to trash this opportunity, for a generation, behind
some silly, gratuitous insults of people on the other side of the
Democratic aisle??

We talked to the Clinton people first the other day, so we will talk
to our Sanders people first today. We’ve made no secret of the fact
that, for our own part, we strongly prefer Sanders, as do 82% of our
own participants. But your stupid, childish attacks on Clinton,
making fun of her name and everything else, is like something out of

We guarantee you that not a single Republican voter will hold a
grudge if their first choice is not the nominee. The exact opposite
is true on the Democratic side.

I will never vote for THAT person you write us. And too many Clinton
supporters say exactly the same thing.

For those who are so adverse to Clinton, we’ve got some real bad news
for you. Clinton is absolutely no different from any of the other 99%
of Democratic politicians who accept tons of special interest
contributions, and then betray the interests of the people left and
right, all day and night long, every day of the week, and twice on

And why does this happen?? Because too many you sit on your hands,
you hold your tongues (except apparently when you are yelling at us),
and you roll over for them. And worst of all you sit at home on
election day.

There is no productive point in picking on Clinton. She is saying
some very progressive things now to try to get nominated, thanks
entirely to Sanders by the way. And if she were to be elected it is
on you to hold her to them. And if you do not, shame on YOU . . . not
her. Because the one thing you can take to the bank is that the very
last person who will heed your voice is Donald Trump.

Now . . . as to those who support Clinton, you are equally out of
your minds if you think you can tell the rest of us to go to hell and
not have Trump hand you your heads in a hand basket this November.
And absolutely every word above applies to too many of you in just
the same way.

Here’s what we are going to DO.

As a PEACE gesture, we are going to make a Clinton bumper sticker
available. We’ve already had a fine suggestion, “She’s For Us.”
Anybody who has a problem with this hates democracy. If you don’t
want one, don’t ask for it. But don’t tell anybody else they cannot
have one. And don’t tell us we cannot offer one. Nobody complained
when we did two polls with any other candidate but your first choice
as an option. This is no different.

Here’s the link, both our Bernie and Clinton stickers on one page, in
random order if you don’t mind. Click on the link a couple times and
see. No charge to anyone unless you want to make a contribution. And
let the results fall where they may.

Making Peace Sticker Page:

And if you don’t request one, don’t complain if your candidate does
not come out on top.

And in particular, there is no bumper sticker since the beginning of
political time that of itself is anything more than a slogan. What
makes it real is when YOU demand that a candidate, AFTER being
elected, act true to that slogan.

That is exactly what never happened as to President Obama, which is a
complete explanation of why so many are dissapointed in him now. His
supporters literally betrayed THEMSELVES by not demanding more.

Have we learned anything at all from the last 7 years? Let us all
hope so.

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