Governor Snyder and the Poisoning of a City

We Citizens ARE the Nation, this being the case, we regard Gov. Snyder’s refusal to act and his positive actions & orders to cover up the lead poisoning of an entire city as acts of Terrorism and Treason.

A refusal to act IS an action, and Snyder’s flat refusal to act, plus his affirmative actions & his public lies to hide the evidence of his, and his appointees’, crimes is the proximate CAUSE for the 18 months of poisoned water being delivered to over 100k Citizens/Consumers by a “deemed safe” City Water Supply System. Were this henious crime the result of actions by anyone other that a Public Official there would be no question in anyone’s mind that this IS an Act of Terrorism. The motivations matter not. That it was a set of Public Officials matters not. Poisoning a water supply for a city IS an Act of Terrorism by any sane standard.

Claims that his, and his appointees’ refusal to act aren’t criminal are completely disengenuious because we all know that a refusal to act IS a positive choice to support the Status Quo. In this case that Status Quo was the use of a city water supply to deliver a heavily regulated poison (lead) to over a hundred thousand Citizens, in order to save money so that favors to the Governors’ corporate bribers could be delivered in the form of undeserved tax breaks.

That he appointed the emergency manager who ordered this change, and knew full well that the new source is highly corrosive, and approved that change, only compounds his Legal and Moral culpability!

The applicable Laws are quite clear in this matter, here’s the links so you can read it yourself: Because he & his appointees had water poisoned and hid it. Water, delivered & SOLD to Citizens is, in both Fact and in Law, a Consumer Product. Because the population of the city he poisoned is over 50% minorities and he actively lied to them in order to allow the poisoning to proceed.

Also he ordered subordinates and intimidated wittnesses to silence in order to hide evidence of his, and his minions’ crime which brings in RICO charges.
Because all of this was a direct result of the Governors “need” to cut costs so he would have the money to pay for his tax breaks to his corporate fascist bribers.
Because he LIED repeatedly, and publicly to Citizens as well as State and Federal Regulators who were trying to investigate the extent of the problems his actions had caused.

Bottom line: IMO These lying, treasonous, murdering, Bribed Public Officials who caused and hid the poisoning of an entire city for mere corporate profits, either belong in prison for life with ALL their wealth taken for reparation to the Citizens, or they should be put in Stocks in the Public Square and given only their poisoned water to drink. Enough = Enough.
There are ZERO acceptable “excuses” in Law, or in any sane morality, for their knowing and their blatant, long term, refusal to act.