Reply to a Straw Man on corporations

Reply to the logical fallacy dismissal of “So you think all corporations are bad?!”

Wow, impressive!
Straw Man and False Conflation in one short sentence! Impressive.

Now… the problem is not, and never has been, “corporations” it is unfettered multinational corporations which warp the fabric of space time and politics.

Time for some Economics 90…

Like the estimated $10 Trillion “hidden” off shore with shell corporations in the declared legal (due to corporate bribery of Our Congress) international game of Three Card Monte with their profits so as to evade all legitimate taxation.

We… Our Nation… supposedly has a “deficit problem” when what we really have is a collections problem created by bribed Congresscritters back in the early 1980’s. I know this because I watched it happen and protested against it.

Here’s the money:

Richest Global 1% Hide Trillions in Tax Havens

Here’s how they “hide” it:

Now, these same liars who claim there’s a deficit problem also claim that out corporate tax rates “are far too high because they are the highest in the world at 39% marginal* corporate tax rate.”

*Marginal corporate tax rate = IRL the tax rate that some US corporations pay, but which would get any multinational corporate accountant black balled and possibly charged with gross criminal negligence.

**Effective corporate tax rate = We actually collected that much.

Ergo: The much touted, flouted, and abused marginal* corporate tax rate is an intentional obfuscation and an entirely mythical critter with little to no actual effect on corporate taxes. It’s entire purpose is to make it appear that corporations are paying thier share of the maintenance costs for Our National infrastructure (which they profit so handsomely from using) when nothing could be further from Truth.

Here’s the funny thing about those claims that “the marginal tax rate sky is falling” … they’re utter bullshit, and we can prove it. In 2012 the average effective** corporate tax rate was…


12.6% of gross profit.

These FACTS give us this result:

Four Charts Reveal the Hidden Facts of Tax Day

Here’s another view with payroll taxes and rates in a historical perspective:

Which gives us this result:

Which gives us this: