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Governor Snyder and the Poisoning of a City

We Citizens ARE the Nation, this being the case, we regard Gov. Snyder’s refusal to act and his positive actions & orders to cover up the lead poisoning of an entire city as acts of Terrorism and Treason.

A refusal to act IS an action, and Snyder’s flat refusal to act, plus his affirmative actions & his public lies to hide the evidence of his, and his appointees’, crimes is the proximate CAUSE for the 18 months of poisoned water being delivered to over 100k Citizens/Consumers by a “deemed safe” City Water Supply System. Were this henious crime the result of actions by anyone other that a Public Official there would be no question in anyone’s mind that this IS an Act of Terrorism. The motivations matter not. That it was a set of Public Officials matters not. Poisoning a water supply for a city IS an Act of Terrorism by any sane standard.

Claims that his, and his appointees’ refusal to act aren’t criminal are completely disengenuious because we all know that a refusal to act IS a positive choice to support the Status Quo. In this case that Status Quo was the use of a city water supply to deliver a heavily regulated poison (lead) to over a hundred thousand Citizens, in order to save money so that favors to the Governors’ corporate bribers could be delivered in the form of undeserved tax breaks.

That he appointed the emergency manager who ordered this change, and knew full well that the new source is highly corrosive, and approved that change, only compounds his Legal and Moral culpability!

The applicable Laws are quite clear in this matter, here’s the links so you can read it yourself: Because he & his appointees had water poisoned and hid it. Water, delivered & SOLD to Citizens is, in both Fact and in Law, a Consumer Product. Because the population of the city he poisoned is over 50% minorities and he actively lied to them in order to allow the poisoning to proceed.

Also he ordered subordinates and intimidated wittnesses to silence in order to hide evidence of his, and his minions’ crime which brings in RICO charges.
Because all of this was a direct result of the Governors “need” to cut costs so he would have the money to pay for his tax breaks to his corporate fascist bribers.
Because he LIED repeatedly, and publicly to Citizens as well as State and Federal Regulators who were trying to investigate the extent of the problems his actions had caused.

Bottom line: IMO These lying, treasonous, murdering, Bribed Public Officials who caused and hid the poisoning of an entire city for mere corporate profits, either belong in prison for life with ALL their wealth taken for reparation to the Citizens, or they should be put in Stocks in the Public Square and given only their poisoned water to drink. Enough = Enough.
There are ZERO acceptable “excuses” in Law, or in any sane morality, for their knowing and their blatant, long term, refusal to act.

Reply to a Straw Man on corporations

Reply to the logical fallacy dismissal of “So you think all corporations are bad?!”

Wow, impressive!
Straw Man and False Conflation in one short sentence! Impressive.

Now… the problem is not, and never has been, “corporations” it is unfettered multinational corporations which warp the fabric of space time and politics.

Time for some Economics 90…

Like the estimated $10 Trillion “hidden” off shore with shell corporations in the declared legal (due to corporate bribery of Our Congress) international game of Three Card Monte with their profits so as to evade all legitimate taxation.

We… Our Nation… supposedly has a “deficit problem” when what we really have is a collections problem created by bribed Congresscritters back in the early 1980’s. I know this because I watched it happen and protested against it.

Here’s the money:

Richest Global 1% Hide Trillions in Tax Havens

Here’s how they “hide” it:

Now, these same liars who claim there’s a deficit problem also claim that out corporate tax rates “are far too high because they are the highest in the world at 39% marginal* corporate tax rate.”

*Marginal corporate tax rate = IRL the tax rate that some US corporations pay, but which would get any multinational corporate accountant black balled and possibly charged with gross criminal negligence.

**Effective corporate tax rate = We actually collected that much.

Ergo: The much touted, flouted, and abused marginal* corporate tax rate is an intentional obfuscation and an entirely mythical critter with little to no actual effect on corporate taxes. It’s entire purpose is to make it appear that corporations are paying thier share of the maintenance costs for Our National infrastructure (which they profit so handsomely from using) when nothing could be further from Truth.

Here’s the funny thing about those claims that “the marginal tax rate sky is falling” … they’re utter bullshit, and we can prove it. In 2012 the average effective** corporate tax rate was…


12.6% of gross profit.

These FACTS give us this result:

Four Charts Reveal the Hidden Facts of Tax Day

Here’s another view with payroll taxes and rates in a historical perspective:

Which gives us this result:

Which gives us this:

Gun laws and terrorists. A NYT piece well worth reading!

I firmly believe that part of the current intransigence is because those gun homicides disproportionately affect poor minorities. (Gun suicides disproportionately affect white people.) Indeed, the only time that national figures seem to get fully engaged is in the wake of mass shootings that involve white people, either as shooters or victims.

Indeed, you have to explore the history of gun regulations to fully appreciate its racial dimensions.

Truth about the SCOTUS Judicial Misconduct in Citizens United case

My @Quora answer to How do conservatives view the decision of the Supreme Court case of Citizens United?

On the issue of courts interpreting law as in Citizens United I’m extremely conservative (or almost insanely progressive depending upon how you view the Constitution*).

Now… before I get my shit jumped let me clarify what I mean by “conservative” and clarify that the REAL, historical, meaning of “conservative” has absolutely zero common ground with the #GrandioseObfuscatingPlutocrats of today’s Republican Party Brass. (Note carefully that I’m also drawing a bright red line here between the Party Brass and the rank and file members of said party)

A true conservative is one who, first and foremost, seeks to “Protect Our Constitution from ALL enemies foreign and domestic.” Which is what the legally binding Oath of Office demands of every Public Official and member of the Military. Note that there is zero exceptions here or in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment for politicians, Public Officials, or their corporate fascist bribers.

In theory protection of our Constitution will also protect our Nation as that foundation of Law is specifically designed to do two things:
Strictly limit government power over individual private Citizens  (vs. Corporations)
Allow Citizens a path of legal recourse to reign in unwarranted (unapproved by Citizens via Ratification) government abuses of power. That legal recourse specifically INCLUDES Citizen protests in public spaces per the First Amendment.

Now, with that said I firmly believe that SCOTUS intentionally got this Citizen’s United decision dead wrong. Here’s why:

They did not recuse at least two members who had blatant, personal, profit based, unresolvable conflicts of interest.

They ignored well over 50 years of precedent in using political brinksmanship to overturn all effective limits on corporate campaign contributions.

They ignored the basic principles of fairness which indicate that in order to have an effective “one person, one vote” system; the financial playing field MUST BE REASONABLY LEVEL so that one person’s voice can NOT drown out the voices of thousands of Citizens.

They ignored the intent of our founding fathers to strictly limit the role corporations play in our politics.

They ignored the Fact that giving rights to Corporations simply gives an additional set of Rights to “speak” to only the very wealthy who control these corporations.

They ignored the fact that these rights are already  vested individually and so to not give these right to corporations harms not one single person because those rights already vest with the individual.

They blatantly and intentionally evaded noticing that large “contributions” are, de facto, bribes even when the quid pro quo isn’t explicitly stated. (That is they ignored the velvet covered fist of “We’ll just give our money to your opponents next time.”)

They ignored over 200 years of history which shows us quite clearly that every time corporations are allowed unfettered access to policy-makers the Citizens, Nation, and Constitution suffer greatly. (Each of which the justices ARE LEGALLY sworn to protect).

Heres the kicker, and the trump card: They most carefully ignored the Fact that in the actual words of Our Constitution there is precisely ZERO mention of, or allowance for, corporations and trusts participating in Our politics (which means that such things MUST be left to the States, or the Citizens).

They ignored the fact that the actual words of the Sherman Act, 18 USC 201, RICO, and the Clayton Act explicitly, and strictly, limit such use of corporate Bribery of Our Public Officials.

*Remember that little footnote reference to progressivism? Our Constitution, for the time, and for right now, is one of the most insanely progressive (for the Power of Citizens not the government) documents ever used to create and strictly limit the powers of a government.

The only presidential candidate I’ve seen who supports this view is Bernie Sanders. If you read Our As Amended Constitution carefully and look at his Votes carefully you’ll see the same thing I do. He obstreperously, and agressively defends the actual words of Our Constitution where all the other candidates use obfuscation and evasion to claim, in effect, that the limitations in the Constitution only apply to poor folk.

This is why I say I’m writing in Bernie Sanders for POTUS. I’ve seen and been manipulated with the memes of the wasted vote and keep the other guys out at all costs for 35 years now by BOTH parties; when the Fact is that their votes (actions) show clearly BOTH sets of Party Brass are actively servicing their corporate fascist bribers at Our expense.

Like This:

Here’s the smoking gun on corporate bribery of Our Public Officials  (See 18 US Code 201  . it’s quite specific and blatantly ignored by the Courts, D.O.J., and Congresscritters)

Note that this was written in 2009 and there are new studies showing that the current ROI on “lobbying” (aka: Corporate Fascist Bribery of Our Public Officials) is now north of 74,000% for the Pharma, Insurance, War, and Banker Mafias.