Open Letter to Representative Greg Walden

As far as I can tell from your recent email, and vote history, you don’t represent me. Rather you seem to best represent the interests of the NRA and your other bribers.

While I have been both a gun owner and a past NRA member I am neither today.
WE in this nation have a massive problem with children, violent folks, criminals, and other mentally, legally, or emotionally incompetent folks having access to guns of all sorts.

Your blanket assertions do not help Us to address that problem in any way. What’s needed here is a bit of sanity and balancing the rights of sane, competent folks against the safety of our kids. There is no such balance today.
Here is what I would suggest as a starting point.

As to you’re representation of me… I’m seriously disgusted with your support of your corporate fascist bribers at Our expense.

This year I will be looking at your bribers on, your votes at and will likely vote against you.

Thanks for your interest in my vote.