Will you vote Democrat “no matter what”?

This very important Question showed up in my Twitter feed from Daily Kos.

Looking at the addenda immediately below the Question, the wording of this question is heavily front loaded (https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/false-cause) but it’s still a valid Question which deserves a much more thoughtful answer than can be offered in 140 charaters.

“Will I vote Democrat regardless of who the party brass appoint as their nominee for POTUS?”
No. My vote is not beholden to any party. I vote based on Facts, Actions of the candidates, and who historically gets served by the candidates. I will look at the current and historical ACTIONS/VOTES of the candidates to determine how I vote. I’ll be damned if I’ll let either party count on my vote “no matter what!” If the Democratic Party doesn’t offer me a candidate who meets those bright line tests then my vote will land elsewhere.
That said, because of their actions and my tests, I’ve consistently voted for @JeffMerkley & @RonWyden in my district in Oregon.  These gents have served the Citizens well, and they pretty consistently fight for serving Citizens over corporations.

By way of background I’ve been a member of both parties and see little to nothing in the actions of the party brass from either party  to recommend an unconditional vote committment.

I’ve been an Independent for over 25 years now because I’ve been abandoned by BOTH sets of Party Brass in pursuit of corporate fascist bribers and their dollars.

This “strategy” which the DNC is espousing/demanding of Us is precisely what allowed the party brass of both parties to run away from serving Citizens.

I care not what any candidate says. The toilet paper I used has more value than those words. I look only at their actions to determine how I’ll vote. By looking at their actions, bribers and votes, and asking aloud “Who profits from this” we can gain an accurate understanding of who the candidates are actually serving.

Here’s some tools for that:






This serf control strategy of “It’s either Us (No matter how FUBAR) or the Evil Ones” which @DWStweets demands is EXACTLY what allowed neolib/neocon (aka: corporate fascists) to steal our parties from Us using Bribery and obfuscation. The fact that We Citizens tolerate it is what allows the shell game of Us vs Them to carry on unabated. It is, in fact us vs them, but it’s not ever been gays, blacks, hispanics, whites, or any other false division point used to aim Our anger at each other by use of False divisions. Our battle is, and always has been Citizens vs. Oligarchs & Fascists, no matter what MSM “News” claims.

For my vote politicians can damned well either Show Me By Their Actions that they serve Citizens over corporations, or they don’t work at all & I will not vote for them. Period.

Check out @Fixer_guy’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Fixer_guy/status/673769034043658241?s=09

I frankly don’t care what either set of party brass claims, the proof living in the results of their actions shows me clearly that the vast majority of BOTH parties are not working for Citizens on any level; but are servicing their corporate bribers at Our expense.

Here’s the proof of my assertions in this:


I flat refuse to cast a vote which endorses that treason against my fellow Citizens and OUR Nation. Sorry, no. Hell No.

If you vote for the party “no matter what” then your actions are telling them that you’re perfectly A Ok with them servicing their bribers at your expense.

Bottom Line:
When you cast your vote you are voting for that candidate, their policies, their past actions, and their BRIBERS’ AGENDA(S) to ask YOUR government for more of those things. If you don’t like what we’ve got now change horses NOW

THIS is why this Veteran can never cast a vote for Hillary Clinton, knowing what I know.

No Fucking More. Either give me a candidate I can vote FOR without the SCUBA gear or I’m shopping elsewhere.

5 thoughts on “Will you vote Democrat “no matter what”?

    1. fixerguy Post author

      Sorry Rick, missed this. I’m not sure there’s a good answer to this problem.
      I’ve faced it almost every election since I first started voting in 1979, and still haven’t come up with a good solution. I’m thinking we either need a multi-party parliamentary system or an enforceable No Confidence voting option. As it sits now with the de facto two party system we have We Citizens are basically screwed in that circumstance.
      The only hope We have, that I see, is to take over one, or both parties by any means necessary. This plays in to why I am so vocal in my refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton. She, with her corporate fascist votes, and pretty words, is the very core of the problem we Citizens face.


      1. CarolMaeWY

        So you will let trump be president instead? Yippee for you! You care nothing about children or the poor or people of color.


      2. fixerguy Post author

        Sorry Carole, Nice try, but no. Are you employed by DNC by any chance?
        Anyway, I don’t play with folks who use logical fallacies to attempt making a “point.” Here’s your Fallacies:

        NOW… if you’d like to have a real discussion instead of trolling me with DNC memes & lies, you’re welcome to bring some FACTS and citations to refute my points.


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