Here’s why I #FeelTheBern


My hope is that this will make you mad enough to go looking for Facts to dispute me with, thus causing very hard Questions to be asked of the 3rd Way DNC and DWS.

By way of background I’m a Navy Veteran (USN ET3 PMTC Pt. Mugu & NAVALEX 1979 to 1983) who’s been watching politicians and their bribers for over 35 years now. I started out republican (small r and the party of Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt.. or so I thought). I bailed to the democrats when Reagan started his grand Orwellian lies of Trickle Down “Economics”, and then bailed to Independent/DINO when the Democratic Party Brass decided to do the 3rd “last amnesty ever”.

Here’s my problems with @HillaryClinton… and this speaks to the entire utterly rigged political processes in Our Nation on BOTH “sides” of the aisle.
More on that facet here:

Bribed Congresscritters: We Citizens ARE coming for you all. You have a choice now: Either get to work for US, our nation & our Constitution, instead of servicing your corporate fascist bribers at Our expense, or get out now.

This is no polite “request”. This is an “invitation” to your Come to Jesus meeting. For those who don’t know what that phrase means it’s “Either see The error of your wicked ways, or you’ll meet your maker.”

Let me clarify here that my objections to SOS Clinton are NOT partisan in any way because I also believe that Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld committed Treason against Our Nation and Our Constitution, as well as conspiring to commit felony Torture in an illegal war. They ALL belong in prison for serving and assisting the Enemies of Our Constitution (along with 468/535 Congresscritters). What follows should be taken as an indictment of ALL bribed Congresscritters and Public Officials of BOTH major parties.

My objections to HillaryClinton also have nothing to do with sexisim. I’ve voted For Jill Stein, and supported the #RunWarrenRun campaign. My objections are simple: I will be voting against her Votes and Actions, and more importantly against her Corporate Bribers who drive those votes and actions. The TL;DR here is that Ms. Clinton’s Actions speak so loudly that I can’t even begin to hear her Words!

Standing Challenge to Hillary fans: I’m an Indie & you want my vote so… SHOW ME 1 (one) place where her Vote has actually helped Citizens over her corporate fascist bribers.

1) Bring FACTS & Cites to support your claims. Lack of cites = dismissal as I’m not doing your homework for you.

2) Leave the rhetoric (Especially “any dem is better than…” bullshit, etc) and claims of wasted votes at home. Those are only suitable for fertilizing my garden and I’ve had plenty of horse shit tossed at me already.
Further: A shit Sando offered by a 3rdWay “Democrat” is exactly 0% “better” than a shit Sando offered by a Republican!
Sorry, but shit = Shit and I’m no longer having any on my sandwiches.

3) You’re asking me for my vote. Show me something I can vote for without barfing.
IF Party division scares you, and you can’t come up with the Facts I’m demanding, I’d suggest you get to work for Bernie Sanders; because I’m not budging without facts to support such a critical decision.

4) Her VOTE & verified ACTIONS only. See #2 for dissertation on shit Sando of “Her noble words.”
She’s a F’ing politician Fer gawd sake. Words = <0. Actions are everything.

5) The fact is that our votes are cosigning & asking for more policies from any politician we vote for and, more importantly, the policies of their bribers!
I will no longer use my vote to cosign & ask for more of the same old shit.

Check out @BerniesHomie's Tweet:

If TPP (which Hillary supports unequivocally) passes, and it likely will barring a Million Man March replete with tar and feathers in D.C., THAT illegal law by fiat, combined with "Patriot" (which she also supports), along with the Obama application of FISA Star Chambers to Citizens; then our Constitution, and Our Sovereign Right/ability to impose laws upon corporations in order to insure the safety of Our Citizens and Our Nation, is effectively dead.
Hillary has been an active, even integral, life long, part of that corporate-bribery-driven process to gut our Constitution and the Rule of Law upon which it rests.

This One Thing Alone is plenty enough for me to vote against her; just as I voted against Obama the last go around after supporting him in '08. However that's far from the only issue I have with this Bribed Public Official!

Add to all of this:
Her vote against equal pay when she first became a Senator
Her vote to pass DOMA (an Act of Treason against Our Constitution which violated her legally binding Oath to protect Our Constitution)

Her votes to pass:
The removal of Glass Stegal
Her assistance to Di Fi in making the USPS "appear bankrupt" by requiring that they 100% pre fund projected retirement obligations before the employee was even hired
Her support for continuing the Shrub "reform" ban on Medicare negotiating drug costs…

Note that ALL of this can be easily verified at or by a simple Google search. Don't take my word. Look it up for yourself. Get informed! THEN vote.

Yea, thanks Hillary! No thanks. A vote for her is a vote for corporate fascisim and oligarchy. She truly is nothing but a GOP operative dressed in blue and I can NOT in good conscience cast such a vote. This "choice" between HRC and the GOP is exactly like ordering a Reuben at a deli and being offered a "choice" between a Shit Sando on rye with thousand or a Shit Sando on white with mayo. I'm not accepting either, nor am I willing to pay for either. I'll go elsewhere and eat. Fuck it.

If Hillary wins I'll most likely seek a way out of this nation, and I'll almost certainly become one of the 45% no show voters.

It's not a "single issue" here  (which is offensively dismissive) it's the preponderance of evidence shown by her actions (votes) which clearly show me that she's NOT working for Citizens, Constitution, or Nation.

THESE are the reasons I'm voting @BernieSanders even/especially if I have to write him in.

All of this, combined with the fact that I'm seeing folks who are now part of that 45% get interested again by Bernies' blatant Truth telling is huge.

We saw a taste of this in 2008, and it utterly confounded the pundits.

The way I figure it is that this is my “I’m F’ing Over It ALL vote.” I’ve got little else to lose, and by standing firm with my single voice and vote to call out the liars I just might gift that courage of conviction to a few others. #FeelTheBern of blatant TRUTH #BernBabyBern or Burn Baby Burn!
If enough folks do this (as We did in ’08) We can confound the pundits, corporate fascist bribers, and the political “handlers” provided by the corporate bribers, again. That’s an entirely Good Thing in my estimation.

If you’ve tolerated my maundering thus far, kudos & thanks to you for your patience!
I just got Woke to #RedistributeThePain and #NoJusticeNoPeace which are the final stages of the Reverend Kings’ plan to bring his people out of the last vestiges of slavery.
It’s basically a two fold plan to allow We The People to unite Our voices in a demand for Justice; in policing of communities, in government, and in economic justice.

Here’s my background on this:
In 1968 we lived in Knoxville TN which was the only home I’d known. Both my folks were progressive Democrats, and were positively ignited by the visions of a sane society offered by JFK and Reverend King.
I was going to a Head Start preschool and saw my black friends treated like shit by the white kids. I also caught some shit as I wasn’t willing to put up with, what seemed nonsensical to 6 yo me, assholery towards kids I liked. That tore my heart.

A bit after going through this apparent insanity of seeing friends abused by other kids for no good reason; my folks took me to the Masonic Temple to hear Rev. King speak. Suddenly 6 yo me heard the Truth about what was going on. I can still hear his voice booming over the crowd, and I still get tears in my eyes for the Truth he offered me.

This was a Formative Experience for the man I became. Sadly, as with many experiences of young children, that distinct memory was lost in the mists of time & the business of living life. I still retained the flavor of it in Who I Am but the details were gone.

Long story short, a new unmet friend on twitter (@TinaInkathaMuha) showed me this and talked a bit about it.
There I found a text of that speech by Rev. King and long about the fourth line into it the full memory of that great Event woke and came flooding back to me. I’m still crying for sheer gratitude to have that back.
Thanks Tina! Forever, Thanks!!

Now, here’s where it gets fun for me. We, ALL of Us non wealthy folks are being enslaved by corporate fascists in full collusion with what is, after all, OUR government. Big O little g.

Folks, We OWN the S.O.B. not the other way around as they’d have us believe. It’s high time we ALL woke the fuck UP to re-remember this fact. Over the last 40 years I’ve watched the middle class be stuffed into a dumpster and the poor & brown be stuffed into a burn barrel. I’ve protested, ranted, raved, used Math, Law, Logic, and Reason, to try and fight that process because I KNEW in my heart there Was A Way for Us; even though I couldn’t seem to find it. (Remember that speech.. I didn’t until tonight)

So, now I know! With the good Doctors’ words and voice back in my heart I can see it.
We, United and collectively OWN Our government; how do We enforce it on those who would be the enforcers?

Here’s how:
WE, all the sane folk of this once great Nation join up and use the raw power of a few hundred million people roaring together with One Voice to demand that Our government serve Us.
Specifically: We, all the various and “fractured” interest groups join and unite our voices in one set of unified demands
Cops; ANY sort of cops, per Section 1 of the 14th Amendment, shall NOT EVER murder People.
No Warrant = No Search.
No Due Process = No Penalty on People

We WILL Have Trickle UP Economic Policy which serves the least of us FIRST, and the wealthy last. Or WE will not spend one Fucking dime to support this Consumer Driven Economy and the leeches which feed on it.

We WILL have government which listens to Citizens and serves Citizens before servicing corporations and wealthy.

We WILL have media which tells the Truth and acts as Our Canary in the coal mine to help us watch over Our government to keep it honest & serving Us First

We WILL have Glass Stegal back in Law & enforced as originally written. No loopholes, no bullshit, NO gambling with retail deposits; and no more bailouts ever. Banker screws the pooch? Depositors get bailed out, the bank is gone & Executives & Board go to prisons.

If we can unite and all of us support each the other, we canShall make this happen.
Here’s how we make our point to the Oligarchy: Don’t buy a single New thing that you don’t absolutely have to from Nov. 22 until Jan. 1
No new Cars
No new Clothes
No new Gifts
No new electronics
No new greeting cards or wrapping paper.
No new anything.
Recycled or bought used in a Private sale is fine because it doesn’t feed the beasts which leech off of Us and Our dollars.

Now, imagine what happens if 3 million folks(1%) do this. 30 M? 100 M? What happens if suddenly 9n Nov. 22, 100 M folks just quit spending with the demand of #NoJusticeNoPeace and #FeelTheBern Or Else?

What happens when the wealthy start to feel our pain because just 50 Million of us have decided to hit them in their wallets?

What happens if just 50 Million folks suddenly decide they’re NOT playing with the big banks any more and move everything to Credit Unions?

Now as a gift to you for bearing with me… my favorite line ever from a campaign ad:

Published under CC 2.0

12 thoughts on “Here’s why I #FeelTheBern

  1. Jerry Blast Dorrough

    Via his Common Sense Thomas Paine created a revolution in the collective mind of the Colonists. Paine then closed his argument for Revolution via Four Letters On Interesting Subjects written between May 22 and July 2, 1776. The American Revolutionists rose to “Change The World” from one of wed tyrannical Kingcrafters, Corporatecrafters and Christiancrafters, truly an Axis of Evil. The AmRevos rose to assume an equitable “Station” in life, to “vindicate the moral justice of God against the evils of the Bible” and to birth a Republic based on the core principle “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”, obviously meaning prohibition of religioncraft as an authority over USA Citizens of a multi-faith society. Of course, all thinking citizens knew this meant an obvious separation of church and state which prohibits religioncraft in any form from having any consideration or influence in civil or governmental matters. Of course, citizens would have “free exercise” to practice any religious nonsense they were made to believe from places of “worship” and homes. Twenty-four thousand Revolutionaries failed to live and know they indeed “Changed the World.” Thomas Paine got off the ship from England and assumed leadership by arguing for the rights of Blacks, Indians and Women. Truly one of the bravest principled human beings who ever lived. You fit the principled mold of Paine. Abe Lincoln said that he “never tired reading Paine.” Abe would have been inspired by your penmanship.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jerry Blast Dorrough

    Bear in mind the docu-movie Hacking Democracy proved George W trespassed in the White House for two terms (eight years!). Both Gore and Kerry failed to challenge the apparently fixed elections via a fixed-count of the computerized votes.

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. Scott Rudner

    Wow, great stuff. I spent many of my younger years as minority white guy in majority people of color school district(s) and thus also have seen first hand how the powers that b, including and especially the nypd, in the late 70’s early 80’s when I was growing up.


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    1. fixerguy Post author

      There is an element of truth in what youre saying but given Trump cosigning this gun control it looks far more to me like its being used as a divide and conquer strategy because the US oligarchy of both partys are scared to death that we’ll start talking acriss Party Lines at our kitchen tables.
      This happened before with the Working Mans Party camping out in DC and the Black Panthers uniting with Confederate flag waving conservatives to stand armed guard over the Vietnam War Protesters so cops couldn’t just bust heads and gas people with impunity.
      Bottom line: The actions of both partys show they do NOT want citizens armed in any way. If y’all doubt me here just look at Pelosi and her half dozen armed guards vs her rhetoric on “limiting access” to guns.


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