My @Quora post: Reality check for Both major parties: Fuck You and your bribers!

I’m not impressed with the hypothetical choice between Kanye and trump (no respect, no caps), just as I’m not impressed by the entire field of corporatists “offered” for my selection by both major parties.

Considering the vote history (Don’t take my word… look for yourself at of both the DNCs and the RNCs presidential candidates in servicing their corporate bribers at Our expense, it appears that this election is precisely that level of “choice” between a shit sandwich on rye with thousand and a shit sandwich plain on white.

Kanye seems a bit more sane than the donald, but I see little in either of them, or indeed, the entire establishment field from either major party, to recommend my vote. Were it a forced choice I’d have to vote for Kanye as he’s closest to having been an ordinary Citizen and is the more sane of the two.

Fortunately for me it isn’t such a forced “choice” because I won’t buy the “wasted vote” meme which has been used over the last 40 years to insure that I have little valid option but to vote for corporatism at my expense. Put simply: In our politics a “choice” between A or B with no “Screw both of you” option isn’t actually a choice at all. This is because in such a situation BOTH “choices” can be (and are) rigged to service whatever the power structure wants.
I’ve looked closely at the vote histories and corporate bribers (oh, sorry SCOTUS “donors”) of all the major party candidates. I’ve tracked the money at and, and I’ve asked the one critical Question for each of the votes by these wannabe candidates: “Who F’ing Profits From This?!” In the case of the real election the Democratic Party Brass anointed Hillary over 8 years ago for this, and the Republican Party Brass anointed Jeb at about the same time. The only meaningful difference between the two is on issues which do NOT affect the corporate profits of their bribers. So… as one fraudulent, unprosecuted, banker said: ” I’d be perfectly happy with either Jeb or Hillary. This endorsement, in and of itself is ample reason for me to Vote against both of them. I want a candidate who serves Citizens FIRST, not corporate fascist bribers. The reason I reject that meme of the wasted vote is two fold. I’ve been screwed over by BOTH parties, and that meme is ONLY effective if We Citizens agree to it. If We disagree, say by registering fellow citizens of all stripes, educating them to look behind the curtain at the little man pulling levers, and demanding that the vote their conscience based on the actions and history of candidates with an eye to who profits, that meme loses all its power. That’s what happened in ’08, and I suspect (hope) will happen in ’16.

Since we do have one candidate who is telling the blatant Truth to Citizens and to power, and who is taking actions to Serve Citizens vs. Corporations, that’s where my vote will be. Even (especially) if I have to write him in.
This little guy:

I honestly don’t care what your politics are, all I ask is that you look hard at any candidate you’re considering voting for; ignore their words, (they’re politicos fer gawds sake!) look hard at their bribers, look hard at their actions and ask this one, little, radical, Question: “Who F’ing Profits From This?!”

If the answer to that radical little question is not “Citizens” vote against them.
I’m not voting “least shitty sandwich” this year (which is precisely opposite what the DNC, RNC, and their donors, insist I must do), I’m voting for the sandwich with zero shit.

I want a Reuben, hold the shit! Screw BOTH parties; and their “donors.”

4 thoughts on “My @Quora post: Reality check for Both major parties: Fuck You and your bribers!

  1. Rae (@pacificarising)

    Order one of those for me will you? I, too, am tired of the steady diet of slick, glossy, spoon fed bullshit they shove down our throats every election cycle. I’m hungry for some real change. That’s why I’ll be casting my vote for Bernie Sanders, and like you, plan to write him in if necessary.

    Let’s hope it won’t be.

    Radical sounds tasty.

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    1. fixerguy Post author

      Fact is this IS a Revolution. The sole question remains will it be a Political one, or one of Blood & ashes.


      1. Rae (@pacificarising)

        That’s been a question I’ve been pondering for some time now. I thought the political revolution would come when we elected President Obama. We all know how that’s turned out. Then when the Occupy movement started, I thought ‘maybe’. All I know is Bernie is our best (and possibly last) shot at a real democracy again. Maybe some fricking transparency? Another like him will probably never come again. At least not in our lifetime.


      2. fixerguy Post author

        Obama could have but got bought by banksters during the election. Instead of pissing them off with legitimate RICO charges, he tossed Citizens under the bus and destroyed ~25% of the coalition he’d built.
        Then he did it again by gutting the Public Option out of PPACA, thus dumping another ~20% or so of his supporters. I was in the first dump & consider his actions to protect the bankster frauds over Citizens & Constitution actionable Treason against Our Nation under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.


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