On Black Lives Matter

A bit of detail is in order here before I get going because whether we like it or not our history shapes who we are.
My first political affiliation was with what I though was the party of my grandfather,  the Republican party of Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt. In 1979 I was quite clear about the party I was joining, and it’s values; sadly the party brass wasn’t. In 1981 I challenged Reagan’s grand Orwellian lies of Trickle Down “Economics” to the party brass making extensive use of Fact, Logic, History, and Math. I also called out the corporate fascist practice of selling government  $40 hammers for $400. I was told in no uncertain terms that, while I might be correct in my assessments, this WAS the path We were taking and that I could either toe the party line and shut up; or get out. I, um… don’t do well with accepting claims of “Because we can” as any sort of valid answer to criticism and demands for redress.  The Party Brass, in an effort at silencing me called my Navy CO, who after a brief discussion with me called me a “Radical, Regulation, Constitutionalist, Son of a bitch” with a slight smile on his face.

So… to the subject at hand:
I’ve been pondering this subject since the interruption of a Bernie Sanders rally last Saturday by two ladies who are part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

My initial, momentary, gut reaction was one of wondering why they’d choose to take over a rally for a candidate who so obviously supports Citizens over the oligarchy we’ve all been conned and forced into through lies, evasions, and blatant obfuscation.

Then, 2 min. later, I started Thinking (as I’m wont to do) and discussing it on twitter with a few incredibly smart folks. (@docrocktex26 being one of the primaries) Twitters utility here is very limited, but I find the 140 Character limit handy for the distillation of ideas to their intoxicating core.

Here’s that distillation… my applies for taking so long.

Facts in Evidence:
If you’re black there’s a 1/3 chance that you’ll go to jail by 18. If you’re white there’s a 1/20 chance. The ratios are even more extreme for murder by cop. That Fact is Just. Flat. Evil; and whether you’re white, or black, Christian, or not, standing silent in the face of evil IS an overt act of evil in and of itself.
THIS is why I support BLM.
This is why Bernie (my only valid candidate in this race of bribed corporate fascist liars) should have thanked the gals who interrupted his rally to call that out, at the time (he did thank them on that Sunday at another rally). It’s also why I thank them for calling out our societal Intentional Cognitive Dissonance.
Here’s the test I use whenever I run across a sticky moral issue.
It’s difficult because we humans are exceptionally good at creating convenient evasions for ourselves to support our world view. It’s also terribly inconvenient (which any effective moral test should be) when done honestly.
“Would I be ok with this treatment if I, or someone I love, were subjected to it?”
My answer to this harsh test, indeed the answer of any sane person, in response to the issues re-re-re-raised by Black Lives Matter, is a resounding “Hell fucking NO! I’m not ok on any level with this murderous treatment of My Fellow Citizens by cops.”

This shit of cops murdering, ruthlessly assaulting, and intimidating Citizens with blyth disregard for Our as amended Constitution (says People and Citizens not “my group only”) needs to stop now, and for good.
Not knowing can be partially excused, Refusal to See won’t, and shouldn’t be excused. These People who are being murdered and abused in our name are F’ing CITIZENS with ALL the Rights that entails. It’s about damned time we, All of Us Citizens, white black, Christian and atheist, joined together to see to it that their Rights as Citizens  (which we whites take for granted) are Honored.
If you can’t see the Fact that the Rights of Our Fellow Citizens (ALL of them) must be defended against oligarchs I pity you. You’re in for a rude shock. Revolution IS here and now. The sole Question which remains to be answered is: “Will it be a peaceful political Revolution or will it be one of blood, death, and destruction?”
I, being reasonably sane, choose the former. I will NOT stand silent in the face of Evil. Our gods won’t forgive us that blind hubris, and neither shall I.

Now, on the obfuscation of All Lives Matter. Yes, they do… however comma whites are not being subjected to murder by cop except in some exceedingly rare circumstances. So, as any kind of “answer” to shouts of Black Lives Matter the whole All Lives Matter is complete and utter bullshit. It’s also a blatant obfuscation or evasion of looking at the very real problems in how Our society deals with race and the intentionally unequal treatment of whites and blacks. Knock off this bullshit, evasion, and minimization of Black Lives Matter. For one moment, apply that simple, elegant, terribly inconvenient, test honestly. “How would I feel if I, or someone I loved, were subjected to the treatment which blacks in Our society have to live with daily?”

If your answer to this one simple, incredibly harsh, Question is anything other than “HELL F’ING NO!” I’ve got a straight jacket waiting for you.