The Truth about multinational corporations.

My @Quora answer to Is Monsanto evil?

Monsanto’s Roundup  (and their suite of other chemical compounds) can’t be considered “evil” simply because the idea of evil is a concept of ill intent against other beings.

Is it a dangerous chemical? Yes.
It’s one of many chemicals used blythly in our food supply, with precisely zero testing, independent of corporate owned boutique “scientists” who claim that it’s safe.

Does it cause autism spectrum disorders? 
We don’t know because, just as in out medical drug industry, every study which does not give the results desired, by the company paying for it, has been ruthlessly suppressed, and attempts have been made to discredit, and destroy the reputations of, the scientists producing those studies if they object to the suppression.

Here’s that “sciencey” process in a T.E.D. Talk:

Is Monsanto evil?
Yes. In the exact same way that these multinational corporations are evil:
Ford (Pinto)
Dow Chemical (silicone breast implants)
Union Carbide (Bophal, India)
Blackwater (exposed out troops to a known poison… hexavalent chromium… and then changed their name to Xe in order to evade any prosecution for this and their other war crimes)
Etc, etc, etc.

By their very design and structure multinational corporations are completely, and intentionally, anti- moral, and they care not one whit about sickening, maiming, or murdering Citizens so long as they “earn” their profits.

Consider G.M.O.s for a moment:
There is not one single independent scientific study showing that G.M.O.s are actually safe for people.  The “studies” which Monsanto and Our “regulators” point to in order to claim “safety” only appear to show that the stuff won’t kill you inside of 3 to 6 months. They (most carefully) make zero examination of the endocrine disruption these chemicals are known to cause. They make zero examination of possible effects of that endocrine disruption on nursing babies… even though we know that these chemicals do show up in mothers milk. They (very carefully and most conveniently) make no examination of the first, second or third trimester effects on fetuses. They make no examination of the effects on cancer. They actively ignore the effects on the human bionome, leaky gut syndrome, crones disease, etc. (Which was starting to come out of Europe until 2009 when these companies started discrediting the independent scientists looking at these issues).

Here’s what we do know:
Two years ago Europe and Japan cut by half their permissible levels of glycophosphate on vegetables (which was already half our permitted levels). One year ago Our “regulators” doubled those levels, with zero time for any public comments. This public comment period is mandatory, yet they called it an “administrative change” to evade that requirement.
Our “regulators,” last year, also approved* a variant of Agent Orange for use in food production, when we know and can prove (from past experience) that this stuff does cause cancers, birth defects, and gut problems.

What makes it even worse is that “our” corporate fascist “news” media never says one single word on any of this except to defend all of it.

Here’s “your” “regulators” hard at work in support of the corporate bribers of Our Congresscritters…

September 30, 2011

Concern is growing over the health impact of growing and eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The World Health Organization has identified allergenicity, antibiotic resistance, gene transfer, outcrossing, GM genes introduced into the wild population, gene stability, susceptibility of non-target organisms (insects) and loss of biodiversity as potential issues of using GM seeds.
Currently, most health studies are done by GM companies themselves, which naturally have a conflict of interest that can lead to biased research or reporting.  Many countries such as Japan, Australia, China and the European Union recognize the possible risks and require mandatory labeling for products made with GMOs. The call for more comprehensive, independent research is growing.
However, the official position of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Department of Agriculture (USDA)  is: There is no difference between GMOs and non-GMOs. These agencies have also proposed to the CODEX Alimentarius Commission (UN Food and Agriculture Organization), that no country should be able to require mandatory GMO labeling on food items. The FDA and USDA say that mandatory labeling of GMOs is “false, misleading, and deceptive, implying there is a difference between GMO and non-GMO ingredients.”  Ultimately, the FDA and USDA want to do away with product labeling standards overall, trusting corporations to maintain necessary health standards.
And it’s across the board, not just in our “food” supply.

So… WE don’t know, and aren’t permitted to know… nor are We even permitted to discuss any of these historically valid concerns openly without being branded “wearers of tin foil hats.”

This state of affairs seems, at best, to be conveniently and intentionally ignorant as well as intentionally disengenuious.