On the ridiculous DNC “debate” schedule.

I’m sick of ONLY hearing from wholly owned subsidiaries of the Corporate Fascist bribers of OUR Public Officials.
I note, in support of my assertion that the entire GOP, and HRC received the vast majority of their money FROM THE exact SAME SOURCES:
Big Banks,
Big Insurance,
Health “care”,
Big Oil,
“Defense,” and
As a direct result of this Corporate Fascist Bribery of Our Public Officials, these officials consistently service their bribers at Our expense with:
Endless illegal wars.
Prohibition on Medicare negotiating drug and durable medical equipment costs
Declaring “legal” the International Game of Three Card Monte which all multinational corporations play with profits and non wage compensation in order to evade ALL legitimate taxation
Discounts on “investment income” taxes,
Direct protection from legitimate prosecution under RICO (Bankers and Wall St).
“Exclusions” from the Sherman Act  (Healthcare, K Street and Pharma)
“Exclusions” from the Clayton Act  (Wall St. and Investment Banking)

ENOUGH! We The People want Truth and the only candidate telling the bald Truth is @BernieSanders
Expand your debates to include ALL candidates and allow them ALL to challenge each other in public.
These failures and refusals to honestly govern are why I’ve quit donations to both major parties and will ONLY donate to specific individuals who consistently support Citizens and Citizens Rights over corporations “rights.”

I make that determination by ignoring words, looking to the Actions (votes) and asking loudly:
Who F’ing Profits From This?!