On opposition to the Iran deal: Big Picture.

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We need to either get big money out of politics or change the Public Official metrics back to one where getting caught being Bribed has a far higher cost than any potential profits.
There was a time when we, as a nation used tar and feathers for the latter half of the equation. Not a bad idea, but I’m not sure it would fly today.
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The problem with the Iran Accord on Nuclear Weapons isn’t one of what the legislators (or Citizens) actually think of the deal. Even Schumer, who’s a bit of a hawk, supported it until very recently. The problem is that these corporate fascists:
which encompass everything from weapons to health care and banking, derive massive unfettered profits from wars.

So… why did Schumer change his mind? Money. Someone  (very quietly so as not to get caught violating 18 USC 201 https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/201) made it clear to him that his support for this deal would result in his campaign receipts going to “the other guy” starting now if he didn’t “change his mind.”  So, he did what any pragmatist would do and “changed” his mind to protect his livelihood.

Back to those war profiteers: So they get these profits and then use those a portion of those profits to bribe Our Public Officials for more of the same.
Like this:

​Didja catch that? The Pharma industry, due to the Shrub Medicare “Reform” Act (and Obama leaving it intact in PPACA) got an ROI of 77,000% Woo F’ing Whoo! All I’d need would be 2 years of that and I’d never have to work again.

​In 1973 our then SCOTUS recognized this pattern and installed a negative feedback loop to limit such Bribery of Public Officials by limiting EVERY entity, Citizens and corporations alike, to $2500 per year which was 10% of the median income for private Citizens. They did this on the legitimate theory that our Constitution says Our Government is supposed to serve Citizens and Nation and that this 10% of median income was the most any reasonable person earning a median income would give to support political issues and candidates.

Since then, this reasonable limit, imposed across the board, has been progressively weakened by lawsuits from… corporations and the wealthy who WANT to be able to own legislators… Until Citizens United and McCutcheson, which removed the last vestiges of these 1973 limitations through an end run around the Constitution to declare that corporations = Citizens and money = speech.

Those SCOTUS decisions gave us this:

Here’s a print version for those who dislike YouTube:

So… now we know why Citizens are being ignored on this and so many other critical (to Us) issues. Congresscritters seem to like the arrangements, corporations and the wealthy certainly like them a lot (after all they purchased them, and had judges installed to support them).  What’s the answer for Citizens who get stuck paying for it all?

Be a smart voter. Know the game going on and ignore the words of ANY politician because those words are, almost exclusively designed by professional, highly paid, handlers, to protect politicians wallets.
Go to sites like ProPublica.org, PublicCitizen.org, MapLight.org, POGO.ORG and OpenSecrets.org to find our how the politician ACTED (voted) and who profited from that. This will tell you precisely who or what that politician is actually servicing.
Register and VOTE! Every election, every issue.
Organize and band together to speak up regardless of “Party” lines. I don’t much care what your politics are. If you’re an ordinary Citizen, the simple reality is that you have far more in common with the “other” working stiffs across the aisle, than either of you have in common with some yahoo who gets $50 k to half a million for an hour speech! This MSM planted idea that we are “different” because: Party Lines is utter bullshit because we ALL have to worry about work, food, mortgage or rent, car payment, kids to college,… We’re not that F’ing different. Get the Party rhetoric out of the way and there’s far more common ground than not. Look for that common ground.
Look up http://movetoamend.nationbuilder.com/petition this is a National movement to state clearly in an amendment that corporations are NOT Citizens on any level and that money does not equal any form of protected speech. Join up and help move it forward while watching out for Congress to coopt that process to subvert it into a service for their bribers.
Take a look at Bernie Sanders. He’s an ardent Constitutionalist who, like myself, believes that the as written words of Our Constitution mean precisely what they say, and that government is legally bound by it to work exclusively for Citizens, and Nation. Yes, he’s a democratic socialist but that just means he supports EVERYONE helping to pay for the things we can’t provide effectively on a smaller scale. Things like Roads, Libraries, Schools, medical care, Fire and Police services, social welfare so the poor don’t F’ing riot…. His positions won’t satisfy everyone, but he’s consistently done what his Oath demands: Protect Our Constitution from ALL enemies foreign and domestic. The Fact that both parties dismiss him in spite of the Fact that he’s pulling bigger crowds than all other candidates combined should be a good hint that the bribers behind both parties would be highly upset if he won. That one thing is enough for me to say “Come hell or high water I’m voting for Bernie.” Neither party is working for Us, and I see no valid reason to continue playing with them. So I’m playing a different game: Serve ordinary Citizens or fuck off.
Recap: You may believe that abortion or gay marriage is wrong, and I may believe that these are issues best left to the individual involved, but recognize that these, on a national, political, level are distractions (stalking horses https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalking_horse) used to distract Citizens from noticing that virtually all of these Congresscritters are not working for us. (468/535 Voted for the last “Patriot” Act reauthorizations)  Why a Stalking horse? These are very real issues for us ordinary Citizens, but the wealthy and the corporations don’t give a rats ass about them because they don’t affect corporate profits either way.
Know THAT one Fact and you’re free from the Party rhetoric bullshit and can see through the lies… of both parties.