Truth about the LIE of “Love it or leave it.”

My @Quora answer to How common is it for people who are extremely liberal to hate America or at least dislike much o…

Question implies a false conflation that liberals (and or progressives) hate our nation or what it stands for.

I would also note that the implication behind the Question seems to be a passive/aggressive version of: ” ‘Murica, Love it or leave it!”

I, personally, as a Veteran, find this implication to be extremely offensive.

I’ve volunteered to be in the military, despite the fact that I did not want to, because I felt a Duty as a Citizen to roll the dice and put my life on the line for my fellow Citizens and their Rights.

I love my nation, intensly, and feel responsible when My government steps, intentionally, out of bounds with respect to our Articles of incorporation known as the US Constitution.

They’ve been intentionally doing just that for over 100 years now.

What We the People (and there are millions of Us) are doing in protesting that pattern of intentional gross negligence, is exercising Our (many would assert God Given) RIGHT which is enshrined in the Constitution to demand redress from Our government.

We love our nation as we would a dear friend who has scumbed to drug abuse and thievery in support of that drug abuse. We call them back to sanity, and the valid boundaries of the Constitution.
Thus, we love our nation as Adults do, with the flaws, and while calling it to correct those flaws, sooner rather than later.

I unequivocally dispute those who assert that this is unpatriotic, and say to them that it is the approval of the actions of your nation without regard to the harm they cause which is , in point of fact, unpatriotic AND UNLOVING! 


In calling my nation out I am doing the most loving thing I know how to do; calling out the errors, telling the hard truths about them, and highlighting the end to which those errors WILL lead us if uncorrected.

I would also assert that these folks are essentially screaming "My mommy, cracked up or not!" when they make these pedantic statements like "My nation right or wrong", and "Love it or leave it."

I would ask those folks to JOIN US in the effort to pull our nation back to the legal boundaries enforced upon it by Our consent to be governed and by Our Constitution.  Turning a blind eye (as a child does) to the very real, and very dangerous flaws in Our government leads down one path; which leads inexorably to destruction and anarchy!