Stolen Valor

My @Quora answer to If one sees a homeless person who is pretending to be a veteran to get extra money while begging…

Vet here.

So, you’ve spotted some poor sot wearing military honors that you think he might not be entitled to…
Let him be. Look I despise Stolen Valor as much as the next guy, but the simple fact is that many homeless folks are damaged, mentally and emotionally. There’s no Honor to be had beating up the weakest in our society.

Now, also consider that the true Horrors of war which can get a person a medal can also destroy their mind. So… those honors might just be REAL. (Yes, I’ve seen this)

To put a point on it they’re not in their right minds. These folks should be cared for by society, not harrassed.

Be the adult and let him be. Apply a modicum of compassion to the situation.

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