Heads up folks get ready for the #GrandioseObfuscatingPlutocrats to raise the “issue” of voter fraud again!

My @Quora answer to Have the efforts towards Voter ID laws backfired? http://www.quora.com/Have-the-efforts-towards-Voter-ID-laws-backfired/answer/Kris-Rosvold-1?srid=X0qr&share=1

I don’t think it’s the efforts to require ID for voters that’s really the problem here.
I also don’t see a problem with requiring that Citizens prove that they’re eligible to vote via a proof of citizenship requirement (which would be covered by my Oregon Drivers license, because my birth certificate is on file there as a requirement for a license).
So long as it’s phased in over several years to allow Citizens the time to get it done, and it’s done at zero cost to the Citizen.  Voting is a Right and a Responsibility of Citizenship, it’s not a “privelage”.

Rather, the real problem is the continuious, completely disengenuious, self serving, entirely convenient “methods” and “timing” the GOP Brass has intentionally used in their very thinly veiled attempt to disenfranchise poor and liberal voters in their districts.

Here’s just a few of the “games” they’ve played that we KNOW about:

Passing State Voter ID laws a just few months before the pending election so that there’s no time to mount a court challenge, or the funding for a challenge until after the “election”. (When Citizens who should be able to vote, always have been able to vote, and suddenly “conveniently” can’t vote because of some conveniently timed rule change, it’s NOT ever a valid election. Yet historically, that so called election “result” will stand… See our president select: Shrub)

Reducing or “conveniently” moving polling stations (due to “costs” of course) so that Citizens without cars (aka po’ folk) can’t get to the polling station easily.

The massive increase of “paperless” electronic “voting” machines which have been caught on video changing the Votes of Citizens.

Reducing the number of days available for early voting and eliminating evening and weekend hours so that folks tied to an inflexible job (aka po’ folk) can’t vote.

Having their corporate bribers send out wrong information about polling places, dates, and registration deadlines, and including an addressed “return” envelope which has a believable but totally WRONG address.

Seriously?! Please tell me someone high up in these companies is GOING TO PRISON for this one!

Someone PLEASE give me ONE legally valid reason (too big to fail is NOT legally, or morally valid) why the US Attorney General hasn’t charged A.L.E.C. and the front company it used for this last under Election Fraud laws and under RICO!!

It’s just more of the exact same intentionally convenient and fraudulent “tactics” historically used by GOP Brass to “fight” anything they, or their corporate bribers, disagree with.

Now, want a bit of Truth about the actual effects of the supposed plethora of voter fraud cases?

Here from The  Brennan Center for Justice:

And here is the Heritage Foundation fellow who kicked off all the “concern” about voter fraud…

Now, about that “prevalent fraud” he’s so “terribly concerned about;” Here’s the REAL, HONEST Numbers:


The reality of “voter fraud” as a (created out of whole cloth) “probkem”:
Between 2000 and 2010, in the USA, there were 649 Million votes cast with 13 (yes, thirteen) cases of in person voter fraud.
So…. 13/649,000,000 = 0.0000002%


That’s just over one case per year.
Or: ONE IN 50 MILLION VOTES! Over a 10 year period.

Dear GOP party brass: See your doctor immediately! There are pills which can help. (The alternative is that the GOP party brass isn’t really, actually, “concerned” about the mythical voter fraud, but are criminally concerned with denying the Right To Vote to anyone who might vote against them, and are using the straw man of “Voter Fraud” as a whipping boy)

To put this “Voter Fraud” number in more perspective:

You are 3 x more likely to be killed in a single year by a meteorite (1:20,000,000) than you are to experience any form of in person voter fraud (1:87,000,000)… Yes, you’re welcome to quote me on this the next time some yahoo starts talking about the “problem” of voter fraud!

Bottom line: Much like Ms. Nancys’ vaunted War on Drugs this (non) “issue” is just one more avenue (aka: con game) being used to actively disenfranchise poor voters.

So… where is the REAL voter fraud?


so… if you need to pee during the 1 to 8 HOUR wait to Vote in poor counties, you could be S.O.L.



And This:


And This:

Here’s what they’re actually trying to combat:


If you’re not absolutely outraged, you are not paying attention.