Conservative Citizens v. Liberal Citizens? Or… ?

My @Quora answer to Do all conservatives on Quora eventually get banned?

I find this a funny question because, depending upon the issue we’re talking about, I’ll get called anything from a bleeding heart liberal to a heartless conservative… by both ends of the spectrum. As a Jeffersonian Constitutionalist I just don’t fit well into any pigeon hole,  I operate on the Principles enshrined in Our amended Constitution. Such principles, like any set of moral codes are often inconvenient… as they should be. They are the whetstone against which we sharpen and test our day to day ethics.

Conservatives on Quora don’t get banned for being conservative, we’re just polite and demand the same.  Though I am Asshole Man I got that moniker through unrelenting use of Facts, Logic, and Math rather than through using Logical Fallacies and Ad. Hom. Attacks.

Like Robert Frost I’ve manged to piss off both “sides” of the continum,* and I’ve been called names by “liberals” as well as “conservatives; yet I don’t return that “favor” because it’s beneath me. I simply reply, call out the violations of policy for what they are and, if the behavior continues, I Report it.

*There’s a third side here, which isn’t usually talked about, and that is the side which uses the meme of the “either/or” of “liberal vs. conservative” to divide and distract the Citizens so We don’t notice that Our interests aren’t actually being represented when politicians vote on laws. I talk about it quite a bit… like this:  Kris Rosvold’s answer to Why would you still vote for another Republican or Democrat for Congress or for President despite all of the broken promises and endless abuses by those of the two-party system who are or have been in office?  As of now Senator Bernie Sanders is talking rather loudly about this in his run for Our presidency. That’s um… disturbing the status quo as evidenced by their ignoring him in our “news” media, and now by the “smiling hit man” pieces were starting to see. (All of which I predicted 6 months ago)

Bottom line:
You don’t get to talk to me any more harshly than I talk to myself.

Now… Here’s the funny part: I was a member of the Republican party from 1979 to 1982. I got their debate manual with their recommended tactics. One of the main tactics was Appeals to Authority, another was a form of Ad. Hom Attack combined with “No True Scotsman” (If you disagree with Us, you’re not a “real” American… you’re a Traitor).

They’re still using these memes today… and I still refuse to tolerate them.

Totally aside from that; there are a fairly large number of folks on Quora who identify as conservative and do not use those tactics. I respect these folks deeply and am glad they’re here because their voices offer me perspective and force me to seriously consider/question my beliefs. One of the folks at the top of my list in this is Marc Bodnik… Who I’m not linking because I’m not hunting for approval. If you want to See How It’s Done look up his, or Robert’s Answers.

So… BNBR and bring your citations!