Some very good reasons to keep Medicare.

My @Quora answer to What are some legitimate reasons for not ending Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in the Un…

Because the claim that “it costs 60% of our budget” is blatantly false, and the above false claim (LIE) is an obfuscation (lie) because it does NOT account for the massive income offsets generated by Medicare taxes, premiums, Unemployment Insurance premiums, and SSI Taxes being collected. Also this disengenuious claim lumps together SSI, Unemployment, and welfare. This is properly called “lying by statistics”. Worse, the claim ignores the fact that these programs are Mandatory Spending because We The People have pre- paid for them.

S.S.I. and Medicare are funded (yes a little underfunded due to the caps on earnings taxed) by Our contributions to the Social Security Trust Fund and Medicare Taxes… Which funds has been constantly raided in order to make the budget deficit “look less bad” starting over 50 years ago.

Meanwhile back in Reality Land, when we consider the full picture honestly WITH the offset income from designated SSI, Medicare, and Unemployment taxes; the actual out of pocket cost the the government is less than 1/8 the amount these charts, used by the GOP, claim.

The only real “problem” with S.S. is that 30 some years ago “our” bribed and treasonous Congresscritters bowed to their wealthy masters and kept the cap on earnings taxed for this fund.  Without that that cap the fund would be entirely self supporting for at least the next 75 years (according to the C.B.O.).

Now, do you want to talk about the real problem which was created by GOP led Congresscritters in Medicare and Medicaid and the Bush Jr. “Reforms” which specifically prohibits them from even looking at the cost savings available to Us (40% to 80%) from negotiating drug and durable equipment costs, much less actually negotiating those costs based upon what other nations… like the entire F’ing European Union nations and Canada are doing?

Now… do we want to talk about something which will actually help reduce the deficit and the National Debt?

Good! Let’s talk about the now +$158 billion per year (2014), and rising, which our bribed and treasonous Congresscritters give to insanely wealthy multinational corporations in exchange for their bribery.

Here’s a bit more on that:
Kris Rosvold’s answer to Everyone knows that lower taxes boost the economy, so why do politicians always want to raise taxes?

Or let’s talk about the estimated + ten trillion in untaxed profits which have been “hidden” off shore in shell corporations, in order to evade all legitimate taxation by use of a international game of Three Card Monte which Congress created for them in 1989.