Is “normal” bread good for you?

My @Quora answer to Is it true that the normal bread that we consume is not a healthy option for a dieter?
What are we calling “normal” here?

Grocery store balloon bread loaded with chemicals like flavorings, salt, dough conditioners, colorings, anti bacterials, anti molding agents and goodness knows what else? (would you like a side of the endocrine disruptors BPH, and Glyphos with that bread, Maam?) Made using ground grains which were chemically (N.P.K.) grown in dirt stripped of all its vital nutrients by massive doses of chemicals that kill soil bacteria and then stripped of their bran and germ so they keep without refrigeration longer than 30 days?   I’d hardly call that bread, and I certainly wouldn’t call it food.
Real bread made of ground whole grains which require a modicum of care, and that they be used quickly after grinding to prevent rancidity, with no chemicals, and some freaking flavor and texture. (Chewing is a privilege folks… really!)

If were talking about the former the answer is an unqualified, resounding “No!” Frankly it’s not good for anyone… hell even bacteria and cockroaches are smart enough to not eat it.  It’s even worse for those trying to lose weight because of those endocrine disruptors mucking about with your metabolism in ways we don’t quite understand the full implications of… (mainly because our regulators are “most carefully and with great concern” not looking).

If we’re talking about the latter, the answer is a qualified “Yes.”

Whole grains without a bunch of chemicals and added fats or sugars are a relatively low caloric density food which fills our bellies, and if eaten slowly will trigger our “satisfaction” messengers.

Look, all these “diets” are bullshit. Some very few work, many “work” temporarily, and lots are actually harmful to human health over the long term.

Here’s my simple truth about losing weight and eating:
Slow the F#€k down!!
A meal should not ever be a 10 min. “Grab it and stuff it in your pie hole while texting” ordeal. This simply doesn’t give your body enough time to recognize when you’ve eaten enough, for two reasons: It takes a bit of time for the food to get from your pie hole into your stomach. It also takes a bit of time for your endocrine system to “see” the food in your stomach and send out a “tank full” message.  The rough total time for these events to occur is about 15 to 20 min. from the time you stuff it in your face. (yes, there are several studies over the past 40 years now, and no I’m not going to look them up for you. And… Grandma knew her stuff). If you’re bolting your food in 10 min. your body doesn’t even have a chance to tell you that you’re full, before it’s too damned late.
STOP and Pay Attention: Put down the phone. Put down the pad, put down the paper, turn off the TV, and the computer too. Savor your food. Chew it like you’re making love to it with your teeth and tongue. This matters for several reasons… You get to actually taste your food, which causes your body to make enzymes which start the digestive process. There is a joy to being hedonistic about chewing and being leisurely about feeding yourself  (ask anyone who has dentures!). It will cause you to naturally eliminate foods which aren’t actually good for you simply because you actually tasted them and weren’t distracted in to not noticing that cold fast food fries taste like really rancid oil more than anything else.
This Tasting your food will… naturally and without any strain… cause you to migrate away from foods which aren’t actually good for you. If for no other reason than the simple fact that things which aren’t good for you taste worse the longer you chew them.
Change what you “grab” for:  If you’re craving sweets your body is telling you “I want vitamins (usually B Complex).” Grab an apple, a bannana, or any fruit. If you’re craving oils your body is telling you “I want essential oils and antioxidants.” Grab a fist full of mixed roasted nuts.  If you’re craving sour… it’s vitamin C. Grab an orange. Salt is “I want trace minerals.” get a bit of unrefined sea salt (multicolor works best for me).
Dump it!  Pop and juice are either mostly empty calories with a lot of the good stuff removed by processing, or they’re a absolute witches brew of chemicals which messes with your body’s sensors and confuses the hell out of them, or both. In small doses (6 oz or so), once in a great while (once a day max), as a treat, they’re fine. Drink water, or tea or coffee. These won’t mess with your body’s sensors nearly as much. (Yes… caffeine I know. That’s why Water is first)
Limit all sugar, eliminate refined sugar and refined salt. These mess with your sensors and trick your body into thinking it’s getting what it needs. All the stuff our taste buds have evolved to associate with these two flavors has been stripped out by the refining process. So when you eat them your sensors are saying “that’s what I need” while your biological processes aren’t getting any of what they need. This is why refined sugar and salt might “satisfy” briefly but the craving reoccures, in fairly short order.
Get cynical about your food and where you buy it. “You are what you eat” is a literal truism. Know that, and know that almost any multinational corporation cares far more about how much of your hard earned money they can get you to hand over, than they do about whether the stuff is actually good for you in the long run. With relatively rare exceptions multinational corporations do not care one little bit whether you live or die so long as it doesn’t affect their profits too much. Doubt me? Good. Consider the Ford Pinto, then the exploding Ford Pick Up just 15 years later, and now… Jeep has another exploding car of their own (so they can save an extra $83 at the expense of See, back when driving drunk actually was “no big deal” many folks got around by walking or by horse.  If your walking around and are too drunk to make around turn, you simply tip over. No harm, no foul, and we might even get a good laugh out of it. If you’re on a horse or in a landau, again no big deal… the horse isn’t drunk, and probably knows the way home to boot… if you fall off there’s no problem except the unending ridicule from friends and neighbors; the horse might even laugh at ya! life… it’s called “an acceptable risk”!) Since they don’t give a rat’s ass, you get to educate yourself…
Stop, Wait, ASK! When you first notice “hunger” pangs… are you really hungry? No… I know it sounds “crazy” but seriously, hunger and thirst are very similar sensations. Drink a glass (6 to 8 oz.) of plain water (not pop or juice because those can give you a false negative). Wait 5 to 8 min. and ask again, am I actually hungry (do I need food) or was I just thirsty? Often it’s the latter. If it’s the former go back to #1.