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The blatant Truth about Scott Walker

Please note: My answer is NOT about party vs. party politics at all.  I firmly believe that both parties are but two heads of the same deadly snake, so far as the Nation and Her Citizens are concerned. I despise and am disgusted by both parties equally for their blatant corporate fascist stances.  The ONLY difference I see between the two major parties is that the Democrats are just a little “better” with the quality of their sheep costumes.

That Walker is a Consummate Politician (that’s one of the worst possible epithets in my book as it involves the consistent use of “convenient” lies and omissions) on the order of Chris Christie.

Edit after reading other Answers:  Guys, I’m seeing a lot of unsupported assertions here, and lots of assertions of talking points; could we PLEASE have some Facts to back up those talking point assertions?

Here’s how that done:

Did North Carolina’s Unemployment Really Fall Below 10%? (Brief Study on Labor Force Participation)
Based on this model, the July average labor participation rate in North  Carolina (2000 to 2007) was 72.5%. For July 2010, the BLS reported  participation at 67.9%, the lowest participation rate in more than a  decade.

This is a significant (conveniently claimed) difference from the applicable average, meaning that the corresponding unemployment rate (15.7%) is  significantly higher than published (9.9%).

Lessons to be taken:
From PolitFact.Com:
Gov. Scott Walker says he turned $3.6 billion deficit into a $500 million surplus
Results: About 1/2 true with a note that he “conveniently” (my word) skewed the actual numbers by 50% for his claim…(Consummate Politician)

I find it EXTREMELY interesting to note that his website refers to ALL legislation he sponsored by it’s (convenient) political title and there is (most carefully) NO mention anywhere of the actual text of the law; or ANY neutral analysis of what it’s effects are upon ordinary Citizens…. So let us GO THERE:

The Voter’s Self Defense System
Scott Walker – Voting Records
July 22, 2013                                             AB 82                                            Prohibits the Unauthorized Transfer of Food Stamps                                            Signed – Executive
Here’s what it does:
It makes it a felony to do ANYthing with food stamps (SNAP) other than buy “approved” food.  INCLUDING using those benefits to by bottled drinks with a refund on the bottle!  So it further criminalizes poverty.

July 5, 2013                                             SB 206                                            Requires an Ultrasound Prior to an Abortion                                            Signed – Executive
Mandates the legally “approved” medical RAPE of a patient seeking an abortion.

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    May 31, 2013                                             AB 85                                            Amends Milwaukee County Board Regulations                                           
Signed – Executive
Reduces the term of office for Milwaukee County Supervisors from 4 years to 2 years, beginning in 2016 (Sec. 3).  REMOVES power from the locally elected Board.
Prohibits the annual salary and benefits paid to a Milwaukee County  Supervisor from exceeding the annual per capita income of Milwaukee  County (Sec. 4). (VERY interesting in light of what the Legislature has done with THEIR salaries!) CUTS the Board Salaries. Thus reducing the likely hood that ordinary Citizens will be able to afford to take such a position.
Requires a binding referendum to be presented to Milwaukee County  voters during the April 2014 election to decide whether to reduce  supervisors’ pay to $24,051 (Sec. 41).
Limits the annual budget of the Milwaukee County Board to 0.4  percent of the total tax levy for that year to which the budget applies  (Sec. 23). Again.. takes MORE power from the locally elected board, and discourages Citizens from doing this work.

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    May 17, 2013                                             AB 15                                            Authorizes Work-Share Programs                                            Signed – Executive
Takes the State closer to a “Right to Work” State without actually passing the legislation to do so directly.  Will have the effect of BUSTING unions.

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    March 14, 2013                                             SB 2                                            Limits the Secretary of State’s Role in Legislation                                           
Signed – Executive
Repeals the requirement that the secretary of state provide notice  of published acts to the legislative reference bureau following its date  of publication (Sec. 1). MEANS: NO more notice to the Citizens is required when a fiat law (like SB 206) is passed!!!
Defines “date of publication” as the day after a bill has been  enacted, whereas existing law defined it as the day designated by the  secretary of state (Sec. 3).

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    March 11, 2013                                             SB 1                                            Amends Wisconsin’s Iron-Ore Mining Regulations                                           
Signed – Executive  Not too terrible, but limits the time between completed application and granting of permit to 420 days regardless of whether or not the EIR is completed (which can take years to perform and challenge). Has the effect of limiting Citizen challenges to an E.I.R. by setting a hard time limit for appeals.

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    April 6, 2012                                             SB 386                                            Removes Voter Registration at High Schools                                            Signed – Executive  Makes it MORE difficult for Citizens (especially poor Citizens) to REGISTER TO VOTE!!!

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    April 5, 2012                                             SB 202                                            Repeals Punitive Damages for Workplace Discrimination                                            Signed – Executive  Seriously??!!? Do I NEED to say more?

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    April 5, 2012                                             SB 237                                            Amending Sexual Education Guidelines                                            Signed – Executive  ENSHRINES theistic beliefs in Secular Law in direct and intentional violation of the 1st. Amendment to the US Constitution AND the Wisconsin Constitution!… OMFG are you KIDDING ME?!
Repeals provisions that require medically accurate information  regarding the following topics to be included in the local human growth  and development curriculum when age-appropriate (Secs. 10, 11 & 13):
Puberty, pregnancy, parenting, body image, and gender stereotypes;
Skills needed to make “responsible decisions” about sexuality and sexual behavior; and
The health benefits, side effects, and proper use of contraceptives  and barrier methods approved for use by the federal Food and Drug  Administration.
Requires instruction regarding abstaining from sexual activity to  portray abstinence as the “only reliable” method of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, whereas existing law requires it  to be portrayed as the “most reliable” method (Sec. 12).
Requires a local human growth and development curriculum to include  instruction in “parental responsibility and the socioeconomic benefits  of marriage for adults and their children” (Sec. 24).
Repeals the requirement that notice be given to parents or guardians  if the local school board elects to not provide instruction in human  growth and development (Secs. 30 & 31).
Prohibits a volunteer health care provider from providing  instruction in human growth and development, whereas existing law  authorizes the instruction as long as the material taught meets  curriculum requirements (Sec. 34).  

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    April 5, 2012                                             SB 92                                            Prohibits Abortion Coverage through Healthcare Insurance Exchanges                                            Signed – Executive
AGAIN with the First Amendment VIOLATIONS!!!?

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    March 9, 2012                                             AB 450                                            Relating to Training for Unemployment Recipients                                            Vetoed – Executive Screws over the unemployed by vetoing a training bill.

Assembly Bill 450 establishes a pilot program to permit unemployment insurance beneficiaries to participate in specialized occupational training and receive a stipend to help offset the costs of participating in the training. This program will not only assist unemployment insurance beneficiaries in finding employment sooner, but businesses with skilled worker vacancies can train individuals to meet specific needs.

I’ll let you go through the rest of them yourselves…

Line Item Veto                                                                                                                                                                    Feb. 29, 2012                                             SB 368                                            Amends Wetland Development Regulations                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Dec. 8, 2011                                             SB 95                                            Evaluating Teacher Performance Using Standardized Test Scores                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Dec. 8, 2011                                             SB 12                                            Limits Attorney Fees in Consumer Cases                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Nov. 23, 2011                                             SB 45                                            Administration of Medications to Students                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Nov. 18, 2011                                             SB 116                                            Relating to Overseas Absentee Voting                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Nov. 18, 2011                                             SB 23                                            Amends Tax Enforcement System                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Aug. 9, 2011                                             SB 148                                            Legislative Redistricting                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Aug. 9, 2011                                             SB 149                                            Congressional Redistricting                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    July 8, 2011                                             SB 93                                            Weapons Law Amendments                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    June 26, 2011                                             AB 40                                            2011-2013 Biennium Budget                                            Vetoed – Executive

Line Item Veto                                                                                                                                                                    May 25, 2011                                             AB 7                                            Voter Identification Requirements                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    May 24, 2011                                             SB 13                                            Repealing Regulations for Telecommunications Services                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    March 11, 2011                                             AB 11                                            Collective Bargaining Rights for Public Employees                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Feb. 9, 2011                                             SB 6                                            Relating to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation                                            Vetoed – Executive

Line Item Veto                                                                                                                                                                    Feb. 7, 2011                                             SB 10                                            Wetland Regulations                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Feb. 4, 2011                                             AB 7                                            Small Business Tax Credit                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Jan. 31, 2011                                             AB 3                                            Tax Incentives for Job Creation                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Jan. 27, 2011                                             SB 1                                            Tort Law Amendments                                            Signed – Executive

Sign                                                                                                                                                                    Jan. 24, 2011                                             SB 2                                            Tax Benefits for Health Savings Accounts                                            Signed – Executive

While he has done some, small,  good for the State, the bulk of the good he’s done has been for large and multinational corporations, as is true for any consummate Politician these days.

Is there any real difference betwixt the Major Parties?

There’s a reason I’m voting for Bernie Sanders in the next election and will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton or Biden. That reason is that this Navy Veteran has been blatantly lied to for over 35 years by BOTH major political parties and their propoganda arm of main stream media. Also, Bernie is the ONLY candidate in this race who’s NOT owned outright by corporate bribers. I’m done and over it. 2008 was the last campaign that I voted for any major party candidate. The above brings us to the following question and my answer for those who care.

Is there really any difference between the two major parties?

I see the answer to this as necessarily being in two parts because it looks to me, after 35 years of watching, like there is far more in common across party lines amongst ordinary Citizens than either “side” actually has in common with the Party Brass of “their” Party.

Part One:
From a Citizen’s point of view, I honestly can’t see any meaningful difference between the two sets of Party Brass in how they vote (act) on laws or in who those laws benefit.

I’m also incredibly cynical about any claims made by any politician… I have over three decades of good cause for that mistrust.

Here’s what I do differently when I think about who I’m voting for:

I reflexively refuse to take politicians at their word. If a politician tells me that “the grass is green” I’m going to go outside and have a look at my lawn and my neighbors’ lawns.
If a politician claims to “support” something I’m headed straight for a Google search and then to that politicians’ Vote Record on bills which address that issue at sites like or . I’ll also look up who is donating to them at and then go see what and has to say about it all. Often I find that if there’s something hinky in the law there’s a multinational corporation or the Koch Bros behind it.  The Monsanto Protection Act is a prime example of this. In 2008/11 Monsanto “contributed” ~$180,000 to Senator Roy Blunt. Then their lawyers “helped” him write 2012 HR 933 SECT 735 which directed the Secretary of Agriculture to issue, on request, to any farmer, a “waiver” to override any state law, local law, or court decision which prohibited the growing of GMOs. Note carefully that this power by fiat is a direct contravention of the Separation of Power demanded by our Constitution. Also, since no Amendment was Ratified to make it legal, this act of passage is also (per Section 3 of the 14th Amendment) insurrection or rebellion against the United States Constitution by Bribed Public Officials. All of which means that 18 USC 201 for Bribery of Public Officials applies as well. These Facts and Laws were most carefully ignored by Congress and Obama in passing and signing into law this treason against Our Constitution.

Here’s the problem from a Citizen’s perspective:

Politicians, their advisors, and their corporate bribers actively study and use techniques like False Conflation, Evasion, Obfuscation, Lying By Statistics, and plain old Bald Faced Lies to to “shift” public policy and opinion in favor of their corporate and wealthy bribers.
Virtually our entire mainstream “news” media  (> 85%) is owned by just 5 multinational corporations which purposely silence or “spin” stories which might expose this pattern of deceit and obfuscation for what it is.

These “news” outlets purposely show protesters like Occupy in the worst possible light.

As an example:
I watched this utterly scurrilous brand of “reporting” happen during the early days of one protest movement. I’d call it lying, but I’ll let you look it over and come to your own conclusion.

The various “news” media also flat refuse to report most of the stories which can’t be spun; like these:
Here’s just one example of that blatantly “convenient” “reporting”:
October 1, 2014

Corporate Media Sources on Syrian Crisis Tied to Defense and Intelligence Industries
The debate of whether or not America should militarily intervene in Syria was widely covered by corporate American news outlets for several weeks in August and September 2013. This public discourse took place in major news outlets including CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg, and the Washington Post. However, as a reported by the Public Accountability Initiative, individuals who perhaps should not have been speaking on these delicate issues dominated the corporate media’s coverage of the debate.
The interviewed guests on news broadcasts and authors of newspaper articles regarding military intervention in Syria were presented to the American public as diplomats, generals, and experts with unbiased credibility on the issue. However, the majority of these sources were connected to contracting, investment, or consulting firms with a primary focus on defense and intelligence. These ties were left out of the reporting, despite being clear conflicts of interest due to the personal benefits these sources might derive from US military intervention.
The report made a few key points. It identified twenty-two commentators who spoke on military intervention in Syria, all of whom were linked to defense and intelligence contractors, or investment firms. These twenty-two contractors made a total of 111 appearances in newspapers and broadcasts, though only thirteen reports disclosed these links. Some of these “experts” would receive direct financial gain from military intervention, while others had clients who would benefit financially from intervention. Not surprisingly, the majority of the commentators overwhelmingly supported military action in Syria and identified it as an issue of US national security.
By filling the dialogue with individuals holding personal and financial interests in military intervention in Syria, corporate news outlets corrupted public debate over military intervention in the Syria conflict. The corporate media’s failure to disclose such vital information to the American people calls into question its duties. The press has an obligation to truthfully inform the public. They ought to be held accountable for giving individuals with such sizable conflicts of interest the platform to speak on such momentous matters.
Gin Armstrong, Whitney Yax, and Kevin Connor, “Conflicts of Interest in the Syria Debate,” Public Accountability Initiative, October 11, 2013,
“The Military Industrial Pundits”,Democracy Now!, October 18, 2013,
Student Researchers: Grace Quinn and Anne Connelly (DePauw University)

Faculty Evaluators: Kevin Howley and Jeff McCall (DePauw University)

All in all it seems to me that virtually all of the “issues” identified by politicians and the utterly crooked fashion they’re “reported upon” (or not) all seems very carefully designed to divide Citizens and keep Us so annoyed with each other that We don’t notice, or react appropriately, to the Fact that “our” corporate bribed and owned Congresscritters are actually working against Us, Our Nation, and Our Constitution with the end result that oligarchy and corporate fascisim has replaced our Representative Democratic Republic.

Oh… for those who don’t understand what corporate fascisim is; it’s the use of purchased “law” to protect wealthy corporations from Citizens and competition… like this:

Text version:
All of these dynamics are things that are called out by onlytwo candidates: Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein.
I see no other valid choice, as a sane Citizen, but to vote MY interests instead of the interests of Hillary, Trump, or Biden and their corporate bribers.

Part Two:
With all of that said I do see a dramatic difference between conservative and liberal Citizens/Voters.

The conservative folks tend to be much more fearful of change and much less open to new experiences which they don’t have a reference point for. They also seem to be much more credulous (no insult intended) about claims made under the guise of an “authority,” whether that be a religious authority, someone with a degree, or a governmental one (like cops). I’ll note here that recent events have shown liberals to enforce even more credulous. 

Conservatives also tend to be much more willing to defend the status quo simply because it is the status quo.

I suspect that these differences are mostly sociological in nature because when we look at the distribution of liberal and conservative Citizens we find that the conservative folks tend to be in much more land locked areas which are further away from international ports of entry and college towns; both of which bring massive exposure to new ideas and different ways of doing things.

My suspicion here is that the simple exposure to new ideas is what makes the difference.

On Black Lives Matter

A bit of detail is in order here before I get going because whether we like it or not our history shapes who we are.
My first political affiliation was with what I though was the party of my grandfather,  the Republican party of Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt. In 1979 I was quite clear about the party I was joining, and it’s values; sadly the party brass wasn’t. In 1981 I challenged Reagan’s grand Orwellian lies of Trickle Down “Economics” to the party brass making extensive use of Fact, Logic, History, and Math. I also called out the corporate fascist practice of selling government  $40 hammers for $400. I was told in no uncertain terms that, while I might be correct in my assessments, this WAS the path We were taking and that I could either toe the party line and shut up; or get out. I, um… don’t do well with accepting claims of “Because we can” as any sort of valid answer to criticism and demands for redress.  The Party Brass, in an effort at silencing me called my Navy CO, who after a brief discussion with me called me a “Radical, Regulation, Constitutionalist, Son of a bitch” with a slight smile on his face.

So… to the subject at hand:
I’ve been pondering this subject since the interruption of a Bernie Sanders rally last Saturday by two ladies who are part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

My initial, momentary, gut reaction was one of wondering why they’d choose to take over a rally for a candidate who so obviously supports Citizens over the oligarchy we’ve all been conned and forced into through lies, evasions, and blatant obfuscation.

Then, 2 min. later, I started Thinking (as I’m wont to do) and discussing it on twitter with a few incredibly smart folks. (@docrocktex26 being one of the primaries) Twitters utility here is very limited, but I find the 140 Character limit handy for the distillation of ideas to their intoxicating core.

Here’s that distillation… my applies for taking so long.

Facts in Evidence:
If you’re black there’s a 1/3 chance that you’ll go to jail by 18. If you’re white there’s a 1/20 chance. The ratios are even more extreme for murder by cop. That Fact is Just. Flat. Evil; and whether you’re white, or black, Christian, or not, standing silent in the face of evil IS an overt act of evil in and of itself.
THIS is why I support BLM.
This is why Bernie (my only valid candidate in this race of bribed corporate fascist liars) should have thanked the gals who interrupted his rally to call that out, at the time (he did thank them on that Sunday at another rally). It’s also why I thank them for calling out our societal Intentional Cognitive Dissonance.
Here’s the test I use whenever I run across a sticky moral issue.
It’s difficult because we humans are exceptionally good at creating convenient evasions for ourselves to support our world view. It’s also terribly inconvenient (which any effective moral test should be) when done honestly.
“Would I be ok with this treatment if I, or someone I love, were subjected to it?”
My answer to this harsh test, indeed the answer of any sane person, in response to the issues re-re-re-raised by Black Lives Matter, is a resounding “Hell fucking NO! I’m not ok on any level with this murderous treatment of My Fellow Citizens by cops.”

This shit of cops murdering, ruthlessly assaulting, and intimidating Citizens with blyth disregard for Our as amended Constitution (says People and Citizens not “my group only”) needs to stop now, and for good.
Not knowing can be partially excused, Refusal to See won’t, and shouldn’t be excused. These People who are being murdered and abused in our name are F’ing CITIZENS with ALL the Rights that entails. It’s about damned time we, All of Us Citizens, white black, Christian and atheist, joined together to see to it that their Rights as Citizens  (which we whites take for granted) are Honored.
If you can’t see the Fact that the Rights of Our Fellow Citizens (ALL of them) must be defended against oligarchs I pity you. You’re in for a rude shock. Revolution IS here and now. The sole Question which remains to be answered is: “Will it be a peaceful political Revolution or will it be one of blood, death, and destruction?”
I, being reasonably sane, choose the former. I will NOT stand silent in the face of Evil. Our gods won’t forgive us that blind hubris, and neither shall I.

Now, on the obfuscation of All Lives Matter. Yes, they do… however comma whites are not being subjected to murder by cop except in some exceedingly rare circumstances. So, as any kind of “answer” to shouts of Black Lives Matter the whole All Lives Matter is complete and utter bullshit. It’s also a blatant obfuscation or evasion of looking at the very real problems in how Our society deals with race and the intentionally unequal treatment of whites and blacks. Knock off this bullshit, evasion, and minimization of Black Lives Matter. For one moment, apply that simple, elegant, terribly inconvenient, test honestly. “How would I feel if I, or someone I loved, were subjected to the treatment which blacks in Our society have to live with daily?”

If your answer to this one simple, incredibly harsh, Question is anything other than “HELL F’ING NO!” I’ve got a straight jacket waiting for you.

Interrupting Bernie: Exposing the White Supremacy of the American Left

I’ve been saying much the same. The Fact is that our entire political system is designed so that the oppressed and poor do NOT get heard. In Mt Twitter discussion I’ve noted that the big reason corporate media ignores and skews murder by cop is that racism is jus one if several Stalking Horses used to see the oligarchy to whites in the name of “safety”. Other stalking horses are anti gay and anti abortion issues. They’re ALL Stalking Horses which use an issue We care,about to divide Us artificially so that We don’t notice and react appropriately to the Fact that almost none of Our Bribed Public Officials are working for Citizens.

The solution here is to look those stalking horses in the face, recognize them for what they are and the threat they hide, then join in Unity to take them out.

The Truth about multinational corporations.

My @Quora answer to Is Monsanto evil?

Monsanto’s Roundup  (and their suite of other chemical compounds) can’t be considered “evil” simply because the idea of evil is a concept of ill intent against other beings.

Is it a dangerous chemical? Yes.
It’s one of many chemicals used blythly in our food supply, with precisely zero testing, independent of corporate owned boutique “scientists” who claim that it’s safe.

Does it cause autism spectrum disorders? 
We don’t know because, just as in out medical drug industry, every study which does not give the results desired, by the company paying for it, has been ruthlessly suppressed, and attempts have been made to discredit, and destroy the reputations of, the scientists producing those studies if they object to the suppression.

Here’s that “sciencey” process in a T.E.D. Talk:

Is Monsanto evil?
Yes. In the exact same way that these multinational corporations are evil:
Ford (Pinto)
Dow Chemical (silicone breast implants)
Union Carbide (Bophal, India)
Blackwater (exposed out troops to a known poison… hexavalent chromium… and then changed their name to Xe in order to evade any prosecution for this and their other war crimes)
Etc, etc, etc.

By their very design and structure multinational corporations are completely, and intentionally, anti- moral, and they care not one whit about sickening, maiming, or murdering Citizens so long as they “earn” their profits.

Consider G.M.O.s for a moment:
There is not one single independent scientific study showing that G.M.O.s are actually safe for people.  The “studies” which Monsanto and Our “regulators” point to in order to claim “safety” only appear to show that the stuff won’t kill you inside of 3 to 6 months. They (most carefully) make zero examination of the endocrine disruption these chemicals are known to cause. They make zero examination of possible effects of that endocrine disruption on nursing babies… even though we know that these chemicals do show up in mothers milk. They (very carefully and most conveniently) make no examination of the first, second or third trimester effects on fetuses. They make no examination of the effects on cancer. They actively ignore the effects on the human bionome, leaky gut syndrome, crones disease, etc. (Which was starting to come out of Europe until 2009 when these companies started discrediting the independent scientists looking at these issues).

Here’s what we do know:
Two years ago Europe and Japan cut by half their permissible levels of glycophosphate on vegetables (which was already half our permitted levels). One year ago Our “regulators” doubled those levels, with zero time for any public comments. This public comment period is mandatory, yet they called it an “administrative change” to evade that requirement.
Our “regulators,” last year, also approved* a variant of Agent Orange for use in food production, when we know and can prove (from past experience) that this stuff does cause cancers, birth defects, and gut problems.

What makes it even worse is that “our” corporate fascist “news” media never says one single word on any of this except to defend all of it.

Here’s “your” “regulators” hard at work in support of the corporate bribers of Our Congresscritters…

September 30, 2011

Concern is growing over the health impact of growing and eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The World Health Organization has identified allergenicity, antibiotic resistance, gene transfer, outcrossing, GM genes introduced into the wild population, gene stability, susceptibility of non-target organisms (insects) and loss of biodiversity as potential issues of using GM seeds.
Currently, most health studies are done by GM companies themselves, which naturally have a conflict of interest that can lead to biased research or reporting.  Many countries such as Japan, Australia, China and the European Union recognize the possible risks and require mandatory labeling for products made with GMOs. The call for more comprehensive, independent research is growing.
However, the official position of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Department of Agriculture (USDA)  is: There is no difference between GMOs and non-GMOs. These agencies have also proposed to the CODEX Alimentarius Commission (UN Food and Agriculture Organization), that no country should be able to require mandatory GMO labeling on food items. The FDA and USDA say that mandatory labeling of GMOs is “false, misleading, and deceptive, implying there is a difference between GMO and non-GMO ingredients.”  Ultimately, the FDA and USDA want to do away with product labeling standards overall, trusting corporations to maintain necessary health standards.
And it’s across the board, not just in our “food” supply.

So… WE don’t know, and aren’t permitted to know… nor are We even permitted to discuss any of these historically valid concerns openly without being branded “wearers of tin foil hats.”

This state of affairs seems, at best, to be conveniently and intentionally ignorant as well as intentionally disengenuious.

On opposition to the Iran deal: Big Picture.

My @Quora answer to What can be done to stop the US politicians from getting us into yet another war?

Run/ TL;DR
We need to either get big money out of politics or change the Public Official metrics back to one where getting caught being Bribed has a far higher cost than any potential profits.
There was a time when we, as a nation used tar and feathers for the latter half of the equation. Not a bad idea, but I’m not sure it would fly today.
End/ TL;DR

The problem with the Iran Accord on Nuclear Weapons isn’t one of what the legislators (or Citizens) actually think of the deal. Even Schumer, who’s a bit of a hawk, supported it until very recently. The problem is that these corporate fascists:
which encompass everything from weapons to health care and banking, derive massive unfettered profits from wars.

So… why did Schumer change his mind? Money. Someone  (very quietly so as not to get caught violating 18 USC 201 made it clear to him that his support for this deal would result in his campaign receipts going to “the other guy” starting now if he didn’t “change his mind.”  So, he did what any pragmatist would do and “changed” his mind to protect his livelihood.

Back to those war profiteers: So they get these profits and then use those a portion of those profits to bribe Our Public Officials for more of the same.
Like this:

​Didja catch that? The Pharma industry, due to the Shrub Medicare “Reform” Act (and Obama leaving it intact in PPACA) got an ROI of 77,000% Woo F’ing Whoo! All I’d need would be 2 years of that and I’d never have to work again.

​In 1973 our then SCOTUS recognized this pattern and installed a negative feedback loop to limit such Bribery of Public Officials by limiting EVERY entity, Citizens and corporations alike, to $2500 per year which was 10% of the median income for private Citizens. They did this on the legitimate theory that our Constitution says Our Government is supposed to serve Citizens and Nation and that this 10% of median income was the most any reasonable person earning a median income would give to support political issues and candidates.

Since then, this reasonable limit, imposed across the board, has been progressively weakened by lawsuits from… corporations and the wealthy who WANT to be able to own legislators… Until Citizens United and McCutcheson, which removed the last vestiges of these 1973 limitations through an end run around the Constitution to declare that corporations = Citizens and money = speech.

Those SCOTUS decisions gave us this:

Here’s a print version for those who dislike YouTube:

So… now we know why Citizens are being ignored on this and so many other critical (to Us) issues. Congresscritters seem to like the arrangements, corporations and the wealthy certainly like them a lot (after all they purchased them, and had judges installed to support them).  What’s the answer for Citizens who get stuck paying for it all?

Be a smart voter. Know the game going on and ignore the words of ANY politician because those words are, almost exclusively designed by professional, highly paid, handlers, to protect politicians wallets.
Go to sites like,,, POGO.ORG and to find our how the politician ACTED (voted) and who profited from that. This will tell you precisely who or what that politician is actually servicing.
Register and VOTE! Every election, every issue.
Organize and band together to speak up regardless of “Party” lines. I don’t much care what your politics are. If you’re an ordinary Citizen, the simple reality is that you have far more in common with the “other” working stiffs across the aisle, than either of you have in common with some yahoo who gets $50 k to half a million for an hour speech! This MSM planted idea that we are “different” because: Party Lines is utter bullshit because we ALL have to worry about work, food, mortgage or rent, car payment, kids to college,… We’re not that F’ing different. Get the Party rhetoric out of the way and there’s far more common ground than not. Look for that common ground.
Look up this is a National movement to state clearly in an amendment that corporations are NOT Citizens on any level and that money does not equal any form of protected speech. Join up and help move it forward while watching out for Congress to coopt that process to subvert it into a service for their bribers.
Take a look at Bernie Sanders. He’s an ardent Constitutionalist who, like myself, believes that the as written words of Our Constitution mean precisely what they say, and that government is legally bound by it to work exclusively for Citizens, and Nation. Yes, he’s a democratic socialist but that just means he supports EVERYONE helping to pay for the things we can’t provide effectively on a smaller scale. Things like Roads, Libraries, Schools, medical care, Fire and Police services, social welfare so the poor don’t F’ing riot…. His positions won’t satisfy everyone, but he’s consistently done what his Oath demands: Protect Our Constitution from ALL enemies foreign and domestic. The Fact that both parties dismiss him in spite of the Fact that he’s pulling bigger crowds than all other candidates combined should be a good hint that the bribers behind both parties would be highly upset if he won. That one thing is enough for me to say “Come hell or high water I’m voting for Bernie.” Neither party is working for Us, and I see no valid reason to continue playing with them. So I’m playing a different game: Serve ordinary Citizens or fuck off.
Recap: You may believe that abortion or gay marriage is wrong, and I may believe that these are issues best left to the individual involved, but recognize that these, on a national, political, level are distractions (stalking horses used to distract Citizens from noticing that virtually all of these Congresscritters are not working for us. (468/535 Voted for the last “Patriot” Act reauthorizations)  Why a Stalking horse? These are very real issues for us ordinary Citizens, but the wealthy and the corporations don’t give a rats ass about them because they don’t affect corporate profits either way.
Know THAT one Fact and you’re free from the Party rhetoric bullshit and can see through the lies… of both parties.