Bald Truth about so called Republicans and Our economy.

My @Quora answer to The overall economy does better with Republicans in charge, but it’s all concentrated in the top…

I’m going to start by responding to your question in line, then I’ll support the Why with commentary and Citations.
Before we get started note that when I’m talking about “corporations” I am talking about multinational corporations and not small or medium U.S. corporations. Those small and medium corporations provide over 85% of all jobs in the US and are being screwed over the exact same way, for the exact same reasons, that individual Citizens are being screwed over. It is the multinational corporations and the multinational wealthy which are the entire problem here.

The overall economy does better with Republicans in charge,

Um… no. That’s straight out of Fox “News” which spelt accurately would be Faux News. In common parlance the above statement is referred to as as “Pants On Fire Lie.” 

Here’s the Facts on that assertion:
Except for Obama, who (much as I despise him for other reasons) was handed an unfunded $4 Trillion war, a bail out of fraudulent criminal bankers (all of whom belong in prison for their intentional fraud), and a completely tanked economy, the market, and G.D.P. does substantially better under democratic governance..

Now, Fox “News” lies constantly and loudly.  In fact their lies are so blatant that a website was started just to refute their lies, and set the record straight! 
I would also note that in 2003 and again in 2011 Fox was denied a broadcast permit in Canada because Canada, unlike the US, mandates that News programing contain actual verifiable facts! (thus the addition of “and Entertainment” to their name in 2003)

Also Please Note: It’s not just Faux News which does this… it’s ALL mainstream “news” media.  The difference is that most of the mainstream “news” media uses lies of omission rather than lies of comission as Faux News does. 
Like this:

but it’s all concentrated in the top .1%.

Ever wonder how the HELL Wall Street got bailed out? I do….
I call this Treason in exchange for corporate Bribery.

​See that? The periods when Our nation actually worked for everyone are the periods when wealth inequality was the lowest… why? Because the middle class are the actual job creators in Our “Consumer Driven Economy.” It is only our demand for products and services which creates a situation where business can’t provide what their customers are demanding with their existing crews… and that’s the only time jobs get created!

With a Democrat (in control), the numbers are a little bit smaller,

Actually it’s just the reverse. When we have republicans in control most off the economic “growth” is created by being in a war, and that’s a much smaller growth rate for the overall economy because it removes money from the true job creators (the middle class and poor) and gives it to those who create the fewest jobs per dollar.

but everyone does well, with a thriving middle class.

Yes, the economy grows faster, and everyone does better when the middle class is healthy, however that also puts a damper on corporate and super wealthy greed because you can’t have a healthy middle class when money is being sequestered (parked in the stock market or off shore) because that money isn’t moving around where it actually boosts the hundreds of millions who spend the bulk of their income. This is called a “Consumer Driven Economy” and the US has been one for well over 150 years now.
Here’s the results of what has been done over the past 80 years by our bribed and treasonous Congresscritters.

​This is called a wealth transfer, and it’s from the poor to the wealthy. And from the poor to the multinational corporations…

See that little flip starting in 1955 between collection from corporations and wage earners? That was intentional, and paid for with corporate bribery of Our F’ing Congresscritters.

Because of that blatant bribery, and the use of great roaring waterfalls of corporate money to silence the voices of Citizens, we get this:

and this:  Note that the term “fixed” here is a sports usage… as in “The game is fixed (rigged)!” Or “The fix is in!”

Is this why there is disagreement about who is better?

No. Any “disagreement” is a complete sham… a puppet show for the masses to keep all +300 million of Us from noticing that 500/535 Congresscritters are working exclusively for the wealthy and multinational corporations which bribe them.

Neither party actually works for Citizens, Our Nation or Our Constitution at all.

Doubt me? GOOD!
Look up the actions of Congresscritters over the last 50+ years and ask yourself “Cui Bono assholes?!” (Who profits from this?).

Here’s a few tool to aid you in that Quest. (More are available in my long Bio)

You might also read the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act which specifically prohibit corporations and trusts owning any stock in other corporations while thinking a bit about how Wall Street operates.

The “problem” isn’t the law, the problem is that “Our” bribed and treasonous Congresscritters carve out “exemptions” for their bribers without any regard for their Oath of Office, Our Constitution, or the direct damage they do to Our Nation and Her Citizens that they ostensibly work for.

While considering that, also consider this:

Then take a long hard look at this chart… See the “problem”?

Even more egregiously we already have the tested and Constitutional laws on the books (R.I.C.O., Sherman, Clayton, Section 3 of the 14th Amendment and more) to resolve these Congresscritter created problems in Our nation; yet Congress, and our Department of “Justice” utterly and “with great diligence and care”,”very conveniently” ignore them ALL.

Note: If you’re as utterly outraged by the blatant treason for money of Our Congresscritters, please don’t just sit and fume about it… do something!

Here’s a few suggestions:
Take this post viral by tweeting it out, posting it everywhere, and emailing it to Your Congresscritters, and State Legislators. We The People desperately need to get back to the days when government was afraid of the ire of Ctitzens.

Don’t know who your Congresscritters are or their addresses? Find them here:

If a few thousand do this it will be ignored. If a few hundred thousand do this they will notice and dismiss it as a blip on the radar. If a few million do this they will sit up and pay attention. If a few tens of millions do this they will start acting to correct the problems which they created out of whole cloth in the service of their corporate bribers.

Nick is right… the pitchforks and the tar and feathers are coming! I’m truly hoping things start shifting back before the lid on the societal pressure cooker blows off. Once it blows it’ll be too damned late, and the results will be world wide; making the French Revolution look like a spat in a kindergarten school yard.

Congress would do well to heed the prophetic advice of Mr. Heinlein:
“Be vary careful when you’re trying take anything from a man with nothing left to loose, he may just kill you.”

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