The worst corporate fascists

My @Quora answer to What are the worst corporate offences of all time?
For my money it’s the treasonous, ongoing bribery and gas lighting of Our Congress which got the Sherman Act gutted, removed Glass Stegal from law, created the War on Drugs, and in 1981 got this little bit of international Three Card Monte “declared” legal:

Oh… you meant specifics?
(Not in any particular order)
Ford Pinto
Ford Pick up truck 15 years later
Blackwater exposing our soldiers to hexavalent chromium, and then having our government cover it up in court by asserting “national security issues.”
Halliburtons’ multi-billion dollar frauds and having smoking gun evidence buried by a federal court.
Bophal India where oil companies murdered thousands and maimed tens of thousands.
B.P. “oops” spilling oil due to a blowout preventer that they knew full well was insufficient, and drilling at +2000 feet deeper than their permit allowed.
B.P. trying repeatedly to get the “settlement” on this spill which they asked for, set aside, without retrial, because (sniffle, whine) “it’s just too expensive.”
The K.X.L. pipeline.  This pipeline would move (and leak massive amounts) of oil from Canada tar sands across some of our most sensitive and massive aquafirs, for shipping to the far east. It would use eminent domain and would give the Nation and Her Citizens precisely zero but a couple of dozen jobs. Worse, it would exempt the company from paying cleanup costs when (not if… when) there is a spill… There’s that corporate bribery of a treasonous Congress hard at work again.