It bears repeating: The “election” game IS utterly rigged by corporate fascist bribers.

My @Quora answer to Why wouldn’t you vote for Donald Trump for president?

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Because of this Intentional Cognitive Dissonance on the part of Quora in flat refusing to deal with this issue I’ve started a B Log at and am in the process of migrating all my several thousand Answers there.
*dismayed, disappointed, and disgusted*

Answering in line for sanity.

“Donald Trump is smart, successful, driven”

I’ll grant you the driven part, not so much the smart and successfull… consider 4 bankruptcies (of casinos no less) and a pair of Federal Fraud charges. Plus family convicted of Fraud  (where do you think she learned it from?) I’m sorry,  but if you can’t make a profit in one of the only businesses where people give you money while knowing that you’re keeping it for nothing…

“and sincere about returning America to its former prominence.”

Not so much. He’s far more interested in serving his own profit, self aggrandaizing, and requiring that every one else does too.

“Why wouldn’t you vote for him as our next president?”

Four bankruptcies, two Fraud charges, and one family member convicted of Fraud in a company related to his businesses.

I’ve had quite enough of 40 years of pre- selected criminals, and corporate fascists, bidding defiance to Our Constitution, Our laws, and their oaths.

I hereby propose this as his Official Campaign Theme Song:

I’ve also suggested this as the Official US Presidential Election Theme Song (only half joking. the game IS rigged):

Hey! Easy there… it’s only cynical if it’s without cause.

I’m writing in Bernie.