Churches “required” to perform gay marriages? Not So Much.

My @Quora answer to Will marriage equality force churches and other religious institutions to perform marriages for …

I’m going to be exceedingly polite here as I think that’s necessary in this case.

Sorry, Matt Walsh is being intentionally alarmist in his claim that “Marriage Equality will force Churches to perform gay marriages.” He’s doing this with the purpose of continuing Jerry Falwells’ meme of “The War on Christians.”
His assertion is complete, utter, made up, bullcrap, which couldn’t stand up legally even if it were to be tried.*

Here’s Why it’s bullcrap:
The First Amendment to the Constitution cuts BOTH ways in that it specifically prohibits Congress from using Law to speak about Religion. That it cuts both ways is intentionally made even clearer by the second phrase which tells government that they may NOT interfere with your Rights to believe as you will.

We have no need or desire to force any church to perform gay marriages…. (Nor could we under the strict limitations of the First Amendment).


1) There are PLENTY of churches which will. Buddhist, Unitarian Universalist, even some xtian sects…

2) Attrition will take care of the rest over time. The fact is folks are trending towards enlightened self interest, those few who refuse to come along for the ride will end up in the same position into which they keep trying to cram minorities.

3) Because of the shifting nature of society’s views on morality many churches are becoming much more liberal on their own in order to keep their existing members from walking away to more liberal congregations (like U.U.).

This move to liberalism is notable enough that the Southern Baptist Convention cut ties with Westborough Baptist Church because their unreasonable stances on several issues were causing controversy within the Convention.

*Were Congress to attempt such an idiotic law, I and many atheists would be right beside believers in the battle to strike it down.