On insurrection and rebellion against the U.S. CONSTITUTION


So, we have some nucking futts zealots who claim that their particular brand of religion supersedes the United States Constitution. It doesn’t.

Full disclosure: I am a U.S. Navy Veteran who freely took my Oath to Protect Our Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic. I am happily married to my Darling Wife. I take my Oath (sworn upon a copy of Our Constitution on Jan. 18, 1979) far more seriously than 468/535 of Our Congresscritters do. The actual words of Our Constitution ARE the supreme Law of the land. This is evidenced by the Fact that the several States Ratified it entire and reaffirmed that Ratification with the Ratification of the 14th Amendment. Legally this means that the several States explicitly agreed to be legally bound by by all the strictures upon government power over Citizens. States may legally offer more protections and Rights to all Citizens but may not offer fewer protections and Rights than Federal Law allows.

There is a technical term for this in Our Constitution: “Insurrection or rebellion against the United States Constitution.” It’s found in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment and it makes the Oath which these people took a Legally Binding one. The penalty for this High Crime of Treason against Our Constitution  (look up insurrection) is to be forever BANNED from holding ANY government position State or Federal, Appointed or Elected. It’s about damned time We start ENFORCING THIS LAW! There’s one single exception to this in the actual words of Our Constitution, and that is IF such changes are offered as an Amendment (with all the protections inherent in that process) then the legislators are protected from such charges. But to try and pass a “law” by fiat (without an amendment) is just flat criminal under Our Constitution. Such acts should be treated as the High Crime that they are.

On a final note to those who claim the “protection” of Protected Debate…
Debate = Discussion
Voting = Action
Action =/= Discussion
Voting =/= Debate EVER.
This Fact is absolutely blatantly obvious to anyone who’s ever attended, or been a part of, a working session of any corporate Board of Directors.

Bottom line here is that I, and many other Veterans still take Our Oaths as sacred. This TREASON against Our Constitution shall NOT stand. You will not deny the same Rights which you and I have use of to ANY of my fellow Citizens.
If you insist on doing that you’re more than welcome to go live in a Nation which permits such insanity. The USA is NOT such a nation, and never will be if I have anything to say about it.

Here’s the moral side of the issue…
A short, ugly, inconvenient, treatise on Morals – http://wp.me/p4Ym9d-cU