An elegant Solution.

My @Quora post: An elegant solution.

I have an insanely simple solution for this bullshit of allowing OUR Public Officials to be Bribed by corporate fascists both before and after they take Office: ENFORCE existing Law: 18 USC 201a and b on Bribery of Public Officials
and RICO because that bribery and extortion is organizational. Both of these Laws were purpose written to deal with the exact situations we’re facing now in “Our” bribed government and it’s entirely too cozy arrangements with the Wealthy and Big Business. That coziness gives us this:
Which gives us this because Congresscritters like to line their pockets at OUR expense.

Congress, and the Courts (notably in Citizens United and McCutcheson) has been blatantly and intentionally ignoring these twin laws by obfuscation for 40 years now and We The People are fed up with their obfuscation and evasion. THIS is why I’m voting AGAINST BOTH major parties in ’16 and for Bernie Sanders… especially if I have to write him in.

From this Citizen’s perspective, after watching the game for over 40 years, the Voter’s “choice” between RNC and DNC candidates is directly equivalent to ordering a Reuben and being offered a “choice” between a Shit Sandwich on rye with thousand, or a Shit Sandwich on white with mayo. It’s STILL a F’ing Shit Sandwich.

HRC, in all the votes which matter*, voted to support and increase the profits of her corporate fascist bribers. She supports Obummer and his grand Orwellian lies of TPP and “Patriot” reauthorizations. She might as well be Boehner for her votes and actions.
*Corporate Bribers of OUR Public Officials (See the actual, completely ignored, words of 18 USC 201 in the link above) don’t give an odorless fart, from a rats’ ass, in a high wind, about human issues like gay marriage, or anything else which doesn’t directly affect their Prophet of Profits.

I firmly believe these Facts are why over 45%** of Citizens won’t even show up for presidential elections and +60% won’t show up for interim elections.

**This 45% no show number is FAR larger than either Party can lay claim to. The +60% number is more than Double what either Party can legitimately lay claim to. Oops!

Now… Here’s the really fun part for me:
We saw just a taste of those no show voters waking up and voting in 2008 for Obama. I was one of the ones who almost said “Fuck it, there’s no point.” after Shrub. Yet when just a few percentage points of those folks woke up, we saw a double digit win for Obama because he also pulled the true moderates and liberals from BOTH parties and the middle. (Independent Voters… which, BTW, are now the largest voter “group” for the first time)

So; Here we are again with Bernie Sanders and there’s one major difference between him and Obummer: Bernie is NOT bribed by the Bank, Insurance, and Medical Mafia Triad the way Obama was and Clinton IS.
What’s a guy to do? The only thing I can short of showing up in D.C. with a few million others, tar and feathers in hand; I’m writing in Bernie Sanders. FTW! Screw BOTH Parties. With a vengeance.

Last, but not least, I’m addressing the meme both Parties use to try and FORCE Us into Hobson’s “choice” between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: This meme is complete and utter bullshit on the same level that theists claim the “Your MUST believe as We do.” Seriously?! meh. There’s been some 2857 versions of “god” and every last one makes the claim that belief in their version is required to avoid hell. The upshot here is that these kinds of memes only work IF We accept that they’re true. When we stand on Our hind legs and reject such claims for the power play they are, to Vote Our Consciences, that game falls apart at the seams.

So… if you’ve looked at Bernie Sanders and found Good: Vote for that; Follow your moral code. If the candidates don’t reflect Good for Our society REJECT them and DEMAND better. I for one flat refuse to order another Shit Sandwich because that’s the only F’ing thing on the menu. I’ll go home and eat first.

Finally: Words from a man I respect: “We’ve given you a Democratic Republic, Madam, IF you can keep it.”
Help Us Keep It.

Update, we now find out that we’re not alone… apparently dome 61% of Citizens would be pissed at the false “choice” of HRC vs. JEB.

Bottom line: We’ve been ordering Reuben Sandwiches for 3 decades now snd the only “choice” we’re offered is a Shit sandwich on rye with thousand vs a Shit sandwich on white with mayo. Thanks DNC and RNC, no thanks. I’m going to a different diner. Or I’ll just eat at home.